How much does it cost to build a patio?

National Average Range:
$3,000 - $8,000

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Patios increase your home’s living area and provide options for outdoor living. With a patio, you get a bonus area that can be a bistro table, entertainment area for friends, or an outdoor living room. Many people add patios to their homes to increase their yard’s livability and provide a place for features like seating, firepits, and outdoor kitchens. Patios come in many shapes, sizes, and styles and can be built using a range of materials. They can be covered or open, shaded or sunny, and used and enjoyed by people of all ages.

The national average cost range for installing a patio is $3,000 to $8,000, with most homeowners spending around $6,000 for a 20’ x 20’ patio laid with pavers in an intricate design and two levels. This project’s low cost is around $860 for a 12’ x 12’ single-level patio made of plain concrete. The high cost is $26,000 for an 18’ x 24’ flagstone patio in an elaborate layout with a retaining wall and pergola cover.

Price to Build a Patio

Patio Costs
National average cost$6,000
Average range$3,000-$8,000

Patio Cost per Square Foot

Patios come in a wide range of styles, materials, and costs. Your patio can be simple and made of gravel or poured concrete, or it can be elaborate and laid in pavers or stamped concrete patterns. The cost of a patio per square foot ranges from $6 to $30, depending on the layout and materials. The more elaborate the layout and the more costly the material, the higher the overall costs. The most popular materials and installations fall between $10 and $20 a square foot. However, patios can fall outside this range, depending on the location and scope.

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Patio Construction Cost by Size

There is no one size that fits all for patio construction. Patio size can be dictated by the amount of area you have for the project, what you intend to use the space for, and the other features you have in your yard. However, some recommended sizes can be based on what you want to do with the space. For example, if you want a bistro eating area, you should allocate at least 42 sq.ft. because this gives you enough room for a table, chairs, and extra space to navigate around. An outdoor living room may need as much as 216 sq.ft. to accommodate what you want to do there. You need to enlarge the area if you plan on using the space for several activities. Below are the average sizes and associated costs for creating patios based on the most common uses.

Cost and Common Use of a 6' x 7', 12' x 12', 12' x 14', 12' x 18', 18' x 24', and 24' x 36' Patio (mobile)

SizeCommon UseCost
6’ x 7’Bistro$250 - $1,300
12’ x 12’Outdoor Sunroom$860 - $4,300
12’ x 14’Dining Room$1,000 - $5,000
12’ x 18’Living Room$1,300 - $6,500
18’ x 24’Living and Dining Room$2,600 - $13,000
24’ x 36’Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Room$5,200 - $26,000

Bistro Patio

A bistro patio costs between $250 and $1,300. This is a very small patio, measuring just 6’ x 7’ or 42 sq.ft. on average. It is large enough to hold a small table and is designed for small family gatherings and outdoor meals. This is a great addition if you do not have much outdoor space. It adds function and interest without taking up much room. You can use any material on this patio. You may want to consider a subtle layout without many intricate patterns to make it look large.

Outdoor Sunroom

An outdoor sunroom patio ranges from $860 to $4,300. This patio is 12’ x 12’ or 144 sq.ft. and large enough to arrange chairs for relaxing or a quiet conversation when entertaining. This patio typically has a cover, but this is not strictly necessary. If you decide to use a cover, you may choose a pergola for partial shade, a pavilion for full shade, or an awning for versatility. The area can be screened but is typically not. This patio often uses outdoor tile or pavers for the flooring. This creates a space bridging between indoors and outdoors.

Dining Room Patio

The cost of a dining room patio averages $1,000 to $5,000. Dining room patios are roughly the size of an indoor dining room. The most common measurements are 12’ x 14’ or 168 sq.ft. This patio is designed for larger meals and more people than the smaller bistro patio, which is also designed for dining. It can hold a full-sized table with chairs or a smaller table and chairs with additional seating. Dining room patios are usually more formal than others. Intricate paver or stamped concrete designs are common.

Living Room Patio

The cost of a living room patio is between $1,300 and $6,500. Living room patios are generally smaller than an indoor living room but still provide plenty of space for relaxing outside. The most common measurements are 12’ x 18’ or 216 sq.ft. This size is large enough for various uses, and you can include a fire pit, seating areas, or a small dining area with nearby seating. This patio can include nearly any material or design, depending on your style preferences.

Living Room/Dining Room Patio

The cost of a combined living room/dining room patio averages $2,600 to $13,000. This is a larger patio designed to give you space for various activities and is a good addition to large yards and for families who do a lot of entertaining. Typical measurements are 18’ x 24’ or 432 sq.ft. This patio may not be strictly rectangular or oval but may be L-shaped or U-shaped to show the different areas distinctly. This patio can have seating, dining areas, a fire pit, or other entertainment spaces. It is large enough to add a full-sized hot tub and still has space left over for entertaining.

Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Patio

The cost of a patio large enough to hold an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area ranges from $5,200 to $26,000. This is a large, spacious patio that can be used for several things. Typical measurements are 24’ x 36’ or 864 sq.ft. This patio can be shaped in multiple ways to designate the various areas and help separate their use. The kitchen may be located on one side, typically closer to the home, while a fire pit, seating areas, or hot tub may be on another. It is common for this patio to have pattern or elevation changes to designate various areas and create a visual separation. L-shapes, U-shapes, and other layouts can be common with patios of this size. They may also wrap the corner of the home.

Cost to Build a Patio by Construction Type

Just as patios can be built using various materials and in several sizes, they can also have different construction types. This can include a ground-level patio with only a single level, a raised patio with two levels or lifted off the ground, and covered patios. Ground patios are popular because they can be the least expensive to build if your yard is fairly level. However, if your yard is not level, a raised patio or a partially raised patio with two levels can be less expensive to build than leveling the entire yard. Regardless of the level, covered patios have become much more popular of late. Adding a roof or shade can improve the patio’s versatility and appearance. Each patio type can have a range of construction costs, depending on the material, size, style, and layout. Below are the average costs for a 12’ x 18’ patio built in different styles.

Cost to Build a Ground, Raised, and Covered 12' x 18' Patio (mobile)

Construction TypeCosts for a 12' x 18' Patio
Ground$1,296 - $6,480
Raised$2,160 - $8,640
Covered$4,000 - $12,000

Build a Ground Patio

The typical ground patio costs between $1,296 and $6,480 for a 12’ x 18’ patio fully installed. This is the most common patio type and is often the one that most people picture when they think of a patio. It is installed on the ground in your backyard. The area is cleared and leveled, then laid with the patio material. It can be located outside your back door or a distance away, such as near a pool or other area. You must have a relatively flat area for this patio, so leveling may be involved, depending on your landscaping.

Raised Patio

The cost to build a fully installed raised patio ranges from $2,160 to $8,640 for a 12’ x 18’ patio. On average, raised patios cost between $4 and $10 more per square foot than ground patios. A raised patio lifts the patio, sometimes with a retaining wall at one end or one or two surrounding rows of concrete blocks. There are many reasons why you may want to add a raised patio, from a ground that is not level to wanting to eliminate a step from the house onto the patio. You can use the same patio materials for a raised patio. Many people raise part of the patio to avoid leveling the ground or separating different areas. If your ground is not level, you may find the patio only needs to be “raised” with a short retaining wall section at one end, while the rest can sit on the elevated section of land.

Build a Covered Patio

The average cost to build a covered patio is $4,000 to $12,000 for a 12’ x 18’ patio. Covered patios are a great way to add shade to your yard. The cover can be created in many ways, from using an awning to building a structure like a pergola or pavilion. The cover’s roof can also be made from many materials, including cloth, aluminum, insulated aluminum, and wood. Many patio covers are custom built and include retractable screens, roofs, and panels. This means there is a very wide range of associated costs for building a covered patio. You also have the standard costs associated with the patio.

Patio Costs by Material

Your patio can be built from many materials. These can give your patio a range of appearances and influence maintenance and longevity. The least expensive of these are gravel and poured concrete. These are also the materials that require the most maintenance and have the shortest lifespan. Other materials, such as brick, stone, and pavers, are more expensive but hold better long-term. This means you should consider cost, appearance, time, and money you may need to spend on maintenance when choosing your patio material. Below are the most common materials for patio flooring and the average costs per square foot installed.

Cost per Sq.Ft. to Build a Patio by Material: Gravel, Concrete, Paver, Brick, Stone... (mobile)

MaterialCost per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Gravel$6 - $14
Concrete$6 - $17
Paver$10 - $25
Brick$12 - $20
Tile$15 - $20
Stone$15 - $30
Stamped Concrete$15 - $30
Slate$15 - $30
Flagstone$16 - $30
Bluestone$18 - $30

Gravel Patio

The average cost to build a gravel patio is between $6 and $14 a square foot. Gravel patios are often the least expensive but require the highest maintenance. Like all patios, the area must be cleared and leveled, which accounts for a large part of the cost. Gravel is used in nearly all patios as a base layer with your finished material on top, helping hold the gravel in place. If you use gravel alone, it can migrate. This means you need to refresh the amount of gravel periodically and rake it back into position.

Build a Concrete Patio

The cost to build a poured concrete patio averages $6 to $17 a square foot. Poured concrete patios are fairly common, particularly for small spaces. This is a fast-and-easy patio to build. It is also lower maintenance than gravel while remaining inexpensive. Concrete patios can be stained in different colors. They should be sealed to prevent staining. Concrete does better in hot climates than climates with freeze/thaw cycles. Your concrete patio can crack significantly if you live in a cold climate.

Build a Paver Patio

The cost to build a paver patio ranges from $10 to $25 a square foot. The word paver can mean any large block of material, including brick, stone, or cast concrete. This can mean they have a range of costs associated with the material they are made from. Pavers come in a range of shapes and sizes. In the case of stone pavers, they are thicker and larger than other materials. Pavers are set in a bed of sand or gravel. Sand is pushed between the joints to fill them. With the different available paver sizes and shapes, you can lay them in different patterns and configurations. This creates various styles and appearances for a patio.

Build a Brick Patio

The cost to build a brick patio ranges from $12 to $20 a square foot. Brick patios are not as common as pavers but can create a range of looks and styles. The bricks most commonly used are thinner than full bricks, but brick pavers can be used in patios. They are laid in a bed of sand and gravel with sand between the joints. Bricks weather well and are available in a range of colors and textures. You can create many designs with bricks to enhance the patio’s look.

Patio Tile Installation

The cost to install a tile patio ranges from $15 to $20 a square foot. Patio tiles can be made of many materials. This includes quarry pavers, brick tiles, porcelain, and stone tile. They can be found in several sizes and textures. Cleft surfaces, rustic tiles, and lightly textured surfaces are very common for patios. All tiles used outdoors on a patio must be rated for outdoor use. This often means the tiles are thicker and nonporous, in the case of man-made materials. The tiles are laid in a bed of sand or gravel and usually have sand packed between the joints.

Build a Stone Patio

The average cost to build a stone patio is between $15 and $30 a square foot. Many types of stone can be used to build a patio. This can range from loose landscaping stones to large bluestone pavers. Natural stone has variation and beauty that cannot be duplicated. This means your stone patio is unique in color, veining, and stone size and texture. This is true regardless of the stone type and if they are loose or in a paver shape. Stone used in freeze/thaw climates must be thicker than stone in warmer climates to avoid cracking.

Stamped Concrete Patio

The cost of a stamped concrete patio averages $15 to $30 a square foot. Stamped concrete provides the look of many materials, including pavers, stone, wood, and other looks. The patio is first made with poured concrete that is colored and pressed with molds to resemble other materials. It is very durable and does not need joints packed with sand. This can mean it is lower maintenance long term than other materials. Like standard poured concrete, it does better in warmer climates unless it is poured thickly to avoid cracking.

Slate Patio

The average costs of an installed slate patio are between $15 and $30 a square foot. Slate is a unique material that naturally splits along clefts. It can be formed into precise pavers and tiles or roughly split into ungauged pieces that can vary in thickness with a natural cleft surface. The machined pieces have clean edges with straight lines that are relatively easy to install. The ungauged pieces are irregular and need more installation expertise. Both are laid in a bed of sand or gravel and have sand packed between the joints.

Install a Flagstone Patio

The cost to install a flagstone patio is $16 to $30 a square foot. Flagstones are large flat stone pieces. The stone shape and size are irregular, as is the color and tone of each. They must be individually fitted like a puzzle or mosaic on the patio, meaning they may have higher labor costs than other materials. The joints between them must be larger to make up for the irregular edges. These joints are filled with sand for a finished appearance. Flagstones often come in several colors, sometimes within one piece, giving the patio a varied appearance.

Install a Bluestone Patio

The cost to build a bluestone patio averages $18 to $30 a square foot. Bluestone pavers are large, thick, flat stone rectangles or squares. They have a rich, blue/gray color that gives them their name. The flags or pavers are very heavy and may be slightly irregular in size or shape. They can also vary in texture, with some having natural cleft sections and others having a sandblasted surface. They are laid in a bed of sand or gravel and have sand pushed between the joints. Bluestone flags are often very large, which can give your patio a more subtle look versus smaller pavers with a busier appearance.

Labor Costs to Install Patio by Material

The labor costs to install a patio varies depending on the material. Labor costs range from $5 to $10 a square foot for most patios, but intricate and labor-intensive materials, including flagstones and stamped concrete patios, can cost $25 a square foot. Because the ground must be cleared and leveled for most patios, this can also impact your final labor cost. Your labor costs are much higher if your yard needs work before laying the material than if the area is mildly level.

Patios are generally built in layers, with gravel put down first and the final patio material followed by sand to pack in the joints. Some may also require additional layers for drainage, influencing costs. Below are the average labor costs per square foot for the most common patio materials.

Labor Cost per Sq.Ft. to Build a Patio by Material: Gravel, Poured Concrete, Stamped Concrete... (mobile)

Patio MaterialLabor Cost per Sq.Ft.
Gravel$5 - $6
Poured Concrete$5 - $10
Pavers$5 - $10
Brick$5 - $10
Tile$5 - $10
Stone$5 - $10
Slate$10 - $25
Bluestone$10 - $25
Stamped Concrete$15 - $25
Flagstone$15 - $25

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Patio Shapes

Just as there are many uses for patios, they can take many shapes. The most common are rectangles because these are generally the least expensive to create. Circular and oval patios are popular for their appearance and because they do not use as much space. If you have a larger patio or patio with several uses, you may find that other shapes are also useful. These include the L-shape patio with two perpendicular sections joining in a corner to form an L. This is a great patio for bridging two areas or wrapping the corner of a home.

Another good choice for multi-use patios is the U-shape. This patio wraps three sides of a home or extends from the home on two sides with a straight section joining in the middle. This can designate areas for different purposes more easily. You can also build a custom shape designed for your patio if you want something to work with your landscaping. This can follow your natural landscaping for an organic appearance.

Paver Patio With a Fire Pit

Patio Drainage Options Cost

Drainage is an important part of every patio design, regardless of the shape or material. Patios may appear level and flat but slightly graded to slope away from your home. Completely flat patios can collect water, causing cracking or sinking. They can also allow water to collect near your foundation, causing additional issues. Most patios are designed for a slight slope drainage, which is calculated into your project’s cost.

However, some patios are located on landscaping that wants to drain back toward the house. Creating a small slope may put your patio at odds with the landscaping. In these cases, you may need to install a French or trench drain. This is a perforated pipe installed beneath the patio. It carries excess water away to another part of the yard, usually in a lower area away from the house. French drains require more labor, excavation, and trenching, increasing your costs regardless of the material. Below are the average costs for building a 12’ x 18’ patio using a slope drain method and French drain.

Cost to Build a 12' x 18' Patio With Drainage Slope or a French Drain (mobile)

Drainage OptionCost of a 12’ x 18’ Patio With Drainage (Installed)
Drainage Slope$1,296 - $6,480
French Drain$3,296 - $9,480

Patio Lighting Cost

If you intend to use your patio in the evening and nighttime, lighting can enhance the area and make it easier and more versatile. There are many ways to illuminate a patio. You can use outdoor landscaping lighting or specific patio lights, such as string lights or lanterns. You may also have the option of using recessed lights if you have a covered patio, depending on the cover material. Many people combine different lighting for the best results. You can also combine your landscaping lighting with patio lighting to light your entire yard. Solar lights are a popular addition to many patios, particularly those not located beside your home. They cost the least to install because they do not connect to your home’s electrical system.

String lights and lanterns are also popular additions to patios for the ambiance they bring. String lights are also relatively inexpensive and require no professional installation. They require you to have an exterior outlet located near the patio. Lanterns come in many shapes and types, including those that can be hung and those that can be installed on posts nearby. You can install them on the patio perimeter to help better delineate the area. Recessed lights work best in patios with hard permanent covers. They are the most subtle during the day but provide the most ambient light at night. Below are the average costs for installing each type.

Cost of Solar, String, Lanterns, and Recessed Lights for a Patio (mobile)

Patio Lighting TypeCost (Unit Only)
Solar Lights$10 - $150
String Lights$30 - $100
Lanterns$45 - $200
Recessed Lights$100 - $200

Patio Upgrades Cost

While your patio can be fully functional once built, you can make many additions to enhance its use and versatility. Many patio upgrades improve the appearance while others add comfort and enjoyment. Many of these are entirely optional, and the patio can be used without them, but adding them can make the entire area easier and more pleasurable. Some require no installation, such as furniture or a heater, while others should be considered when your patio is built, such as a sitting wall or fire pit, so that they can better coordinate with the finished area. Below are the most common additions to a patio and their average costs installed.

Cost to Install Patio Upgrades by Project: Roof, Sitting Wall, Heater, Furniture, Fire Pit, Walkway... (mobile)

UpgradeAverage Cost (Installed)
Roof$5 - $59/sq.ft.
Sitting Wall$40 - $60/linear foot
Heater$100 - $500
Furniture$200 - $2,000
Fire Pit$300 - $1,400
Walkway$500 - $1,000
Pergola$1,900 - $6,500
Hot Tub$4,000 - $8,500
Outdoor Kitchen$7,000 - $20,000

Build a Patio Roof

The cost to build a patio roof averages $5 to $59 per square foot installed, depending on the material and style. Patio roofs are a type of patio cover and are considered a permanent addition to the patio. Rather than a softcover like an awning, this is a permanent hardcover closely resembling a pavilion. These roofs can be made of many materials, with wood and aluminum being the two most common. You can also build a patio roof and shingle it to resemble your home’s roof. All patio roofs come in a range of styles, pitches, and sizes.

Patio Sitting Wall

The cost of installing a patio sitting wall is between $40 and $60 per linear foot. Patio sitting walls are usually constructed of the same or a similar material to your patio. If you use pavers, you can have a wall constructed of the same material as the pavers, usually slightly larger. The sitting wall usually encompasses one end of the patio and can also wrap the entire area if desired. They can separate the patio from other areas, define the space, or be used near a dining area, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit for extra seating. Because they are custom-made, the exact cost depends on the length and material. If needed, you may sometimes build a retaining wall at one end of the patio that doubles as a sitting wall.

Patio Heater

The cost of a patio heater averages $100 to $500. Patio heaters are a great way to extend the use of your patio into the cooler months. Patio heaters are typically tall, thin heaters that put out enough heat to adequately warm the space around them. They come in many sizes and BTUs. Larger patios may need a larger heater, or you may need to invest in two heaters to place one at either end for the best results. They can be powered by gas, propane, or electricity, depending on your needs and their placement. Most heaters are portable, but some may be added permanently.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture costs between $200 and $2,000. Patio furniture comes in many forms. It can be inexpensive plastic chairs and table sets or have elaborate upholstered couches, chairs, and glass and metal tables. When choosing a patio set, keep several things in mind, including who uses it and in what climate. Families with young children might want to start with cheap items and invest in higher quality later. Sturdier items used year-round cost more than things you might only bring out in the warmer months, which may impact your decision and costs.

A Patio with a Fire Pit

The cost of adding a fire pit to your patio ranges from $300 to $1,400. There are many ways to add a fire pit to your patio. You can purchase a ready-made pit made of ready-to-use metal or other fireproof materials. You can also purchase a kit and build one yourself or have a fire pit built for you. Fire pits can burn wood or use fuel from your gas line. You need to run a new line to the yard if you use gas, increasing costs. Fire pits come in a range of sizes and styles. Consider its placement on the patio and seating and walking space around it when choosing and adding a fire pit.

Patio Walkway

The cost of adding a patio walkway is between $500 and $1,000. There are many reasons why you may want to add a walkway to or from your patio. If your patio is not beside your home, you may need a way to get to it. If you have other landscaping features, you can add walkways from the patio to reach them. For example, you may want a walkway to a pool, fountain, garden, or other feature. Walkways can also extend to the front of your home, allowing guests quick and easy access without needing to enter your home. Your walkway’s cost is determined by its length and material.

Pergola Patio

The average cost of a pergola ranges from $1,900 to $6,500. Pergolas add definition, style, and shade to your patio and are one of the most popular patio cover types. Depending on the pergola you choose, you can have louvered slats that add varying amounts of shade, sailcloth, vines, or even UV-blocking plexiglass on top. The pergola can be built of many materials, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Pergolas are completely open on the sides so that they add shade without enclosing your patio. They can be freestanding or attached to your home, allowing you to use them no matter where the patio is located.

Outdoor Patio with a Hot Tub

The cost of a hot tub for your patio is between $4,000 and $8,500. Hot tubs come in several shapes, sizes, and styles. Because patios are often located beside the home, adding a hot tub to the patio means it can be more easily wired to your home’s electrical supply. Ensure it is large enough to comfortably seat your family and guests and have enough space on the patio to move around it. Hot tubs come in a wide range of materials, so you can easily match the appearance to the rest of your patio and landscaping. They can also be added at any time, provided you have the space, but planning for the addition from the start ensures the layout is ideal.

Outdoor Kitchen and Patio

The average cost of adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio ranges from $7,000 to $20,000. Outdoor kitchens add function to your patio area and the outdoor living space as a whole. They are great for entertaining and prevent children and guests from constantly entering and exiting the house during the warmer months. Outdoor kitchens come in many shapes and sizes. They can be simple and have only a few appliances or fully fitted to include barbecues or pizza ovens. They can be built of the same material as your patio for a cohesive look.

Raised Garden Patio With Wooden Floor Decorated With a Sofa and a Coffee Table

Deck vs Patio

If you are interested in adding an area for outdoor living and entertainment to your property, both decks and patios can be great additions. These two spaces are often used similarly and occupy similar areas within the yard, but are built very differently and have different appearances.

Decks are generally elevated structures attached to your home, but some decks are lower and located farther from the home. They are generally constructed of a frame with some type of plank flooring and stairs to the yard. They are typically accessed from within the house and are a great addition if you do not walk right out to the ground outside.

Patios are generally installed at ground level and usually accessed from within the home. They are a better choice if your home opens right out onto the yard, but they can be elevated slightly. They are generally made with a harder material, such as concrete or pavers, rather than composite or wood planks like decks. Decks tend to be more expensive per square foot regardless of the size. Below are the average costs to install both structures on your home.

Comparison of the Cost to Build a Patio and a Deck (mobile)

ProjectAverage Cost (Installed)
Patio$3,000 - $8,000
Deck$5,500 - $16,000

Patio vs Porch

Another addition you can make to your home’s exterior for additional outdoor living space is a porch. While patios and decks are typically installed on the back or side of the home, porches are installed on the front, but they may wrap one or more sides of the home. A porch is a framed addition like a deck but with a roof matching your home. This means the porch is always covered, while patios are often left open or may have temporary or partial covers.

Patios are usually installed on the ground level to be walked out onto from the back or side of the home. Porches are usually the main entrance to the home, even if they are also used for outdoor activities. Porches can also enhance the curb appeal of a home because of their placement, while patios do not because they are not seen from the road. Porches tend to be the more expensive project. Below are the average costs to build both structures on your home.

Comparison of the Cost to Build a Patio and a Porch (mobile)

ProjectAverage Costs (Installed)
Patio$3,000 - $8,000
Porch$15,000 - $35,000

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Extend a Roof Over a Patio

You can extend your home’s roof over your patio. This costs an average of $9 to $11 a square foot for the framing, plus the cost of the shingles and their installation, which can range from $5 to $30 a square foot, depending on the material. The exact cost depends on the roof’s shape, size, and materials.

Sundek Patio

You can resurface a faded or stained concrete patio rather than replace it. Sundek makes an option to resurface and protect existing concrete patios. This colors and seals the concrete for a new look and extends its life. The cost of a Sundek patio usually ranges from $850 to $3,500.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Sun exposure. When planning your patio position, consider the sun’s position and how much sun or shade the area receives. Choose a section with good sun exposure or a shady area for dining and relaxing if you live in a hot climate.
  • Soil. If you have shifting soil in your yard, consider using poured concrete because pavers are not the best option. Speak to an engineer about stabilizing the area if you are concerned.
  • ROI. Patios can have an ROI of up to 80%, depending on the area and material.
  • Drainage. Due to drainage and water flow, do not install your patio in a low spot on your property. This could cause it to collect water.
  • Removal. When removing an old patio before installing a new one, add in additional labor costs. Most demolition costs an additional $2 to $6 a square foot, plus disposal fees.


  • Do I need a permit to build a patio?

In most areas, yes, you need a permit because the patio is considered a permanent addition to the home. Speak to your local municipality for more information.

  • How much does it cost to extend a patio?

The total cost to extend a patio varies depending on the excavation costs and materials. Expect prices to fall between $6 and $30 a square foot for the finished work.

  • Is it cheaper to build a deck or a patio?

Patios are generally less expensive than decks. Patios cost between $3,000 and $8,000, while decks range from $5,500 to $16,000.

  • Do patios increase home value?

Patios can increase home values between 8% and 10% with an ROI of roughly 80% in most cases.

  • How long does it take to lay a patio?

This depends on the patio type, size, and ground condition. It could take a few days to a few weeks to complete. The more leveling and clearing that must be done to start, the longer the build takes.