How much does it cost to install a range hood?

National Average Range:
$500 - $1,000

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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A kitchen range hood, also called an exhaust hood or kitchen exhaust fan, is designed to keep the air in your kitchen clean. It pulls grease, smoke, and particles generated when you cook out of the range area. Many styles of range hood are available, from commercial-grade to unobtrusive.

The average homeowner typically spends between $500 and $1,000 on a range hood. Installing a new ductless, under-cabinet hood or a replacement vented hood costs around $714. The prices vary depending on the hood size and type. A wall-mounted ductless hood, installed into an existing outlet, can be completed for just $427, while a concealed cabinet hood with new ducts and a custom cover costs around $1,539.

Range Hood Cost

Range Hood Installation Cost
National average cost$714
Average range$500-$1,000

Range Hood Prices by Type

Range hoods can be found in many types, from wall-mounted hoods to those installed under cabinets or over islands. The type of hood you choose has an impact on your project’s final cost. The table below shows common hood types, along with their average costs:

Range Hood Cost Chart (mobile)

Type of HoodAverage Costs (Material Only)
Under-Cabinet$200 - $500
Wall-Mount$200 - $500
Island Hood$300 - $900
Cabinet Insert$400 - $1,000
Down-Draft$1,000 - $2,500

Under-Cabinet Range Hood

An under-cabinet range hood is fitted on the underside of a cabinet. They are a great choice if you have cabinets or cupboards installed over the cooker, making the most of the space and maintaining extra storage while getting the benefits of a hood. Costs for an under-cabinet range hood cost between $200 and $500.

Wall-Mount Range Hood

Wall-mount range hoods are among the most common types. They are mounted onto the kitchen wall above the cooker to capture cooking fumes and keep your kitchen fresh. They are often the best choice when your cooker is up against the wall, without any cabinets above it. They come in several shapes and styles, ranging from $200 to $500.

Island Range Hood

Island range hoods are designed to be fitted over island installations in your kitchen. So if you have a large kitchen with a cooker based on an island, you need to opt for an island hood away from the walls. These hoods serve as a great centerpiece for the room, but because they are not mounted on the wall, they usually need to be stronger, with a higher CFM rating to draw the fumes up. Island hoods cost more, at $300 to $900, and may require complex installation.

Cabinet Insert Range Hood

A cabinet insert hood is designed to fit in with the rest of your cabinetry. These types of hoods have the advantage of usually being hidden by custom-made cabinets, blending in with the rest of your kitchen, rather than standing out. They are a good choice for people with more rustic or country-style kitchens or for those who do not want a large metal hood to be visible in their cooking space. They come at a higher cost than standard hoods, with prices ranging from $400 to $1,000.

Down-Draft Range Hood

Down-draft hoods are more modern, being popular in many contemporary homes. These hoods are much smaller and sleeker than classic range hoods of the past. They suck air and fumes down into a vent, rather than up, like traditional hoods. Down-draft hoods are less effective because the rules of physics state that hot air and fumes rise. These hoods are quite expensive, costing between $1,000 and $2,500, but they take up less space in the kitchen and look minimalistic.

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Range Hood Cost by Exhaust Style

The appearance and location of the hood is one factor to consider when purchasing a hood. The way the exhaust is handled and how it is transported also play a role in the type of hood you purchase and its installation cost:

Range Hood Installation Cost

Exhaust StyleAverage Costs (Material Only)
Ductless$100 - $300
Vented/ducted$100 - $1,000
Convertible$200 - $1,000

Ductless Range Hood

Ductless hoods are not connected to any duct or vent system. Instead, they absorb steam and fumes from the cooker, filter out some of the oil, grease, and odors, and then recirculate the hot air back out around the kitchen. Many ductless range hoods use a charcoal or carbon filter to remove smells and freshen the kitchen, but ductless models are less effective than ducted hoods since the hot air and fumes are not being removed. They are the cheapest option, at $100 to $300.

Ducted Range Hood

Ducted range hoods are connected to ductwork in the walls or ceiling of your home and work to take the cooking fumes, grease, and bad smells out of the house through the ducts. These hoods are much more effective at getting rid of smells and heat than ductless models, keeping the kitchen clean and fresh. However, they may require more complicated installation due to the ductwork. Expect prices to range from $100 to $1,000.

Convertible Range Hood

A convertible range hood offers the features and functionality of both ducted and ductless models. It can be converted between ducted and ductless modes, offering the best of both worlds. These hoods can be installed like ducted hoods, connected to ducts leading out of your home via the walls or ceiling, but they also have a special air recirculating kit. When you switch to ducted mode, the hot air is filtered and passed through the recirculating kit to be dispersed back around the home. Costs for convertible range hoods are between $200 and $1,000.

Range Hood Prices by Finish

Range hoods can be found in various colors, styles, and finishes, giving you many options to choose from. With such a wide range of styles, it is easy to find a range hood that blends in with the rest of your kitchen. Ultra-modern homes might opt for a glass hood, while those with white cabinets can get a white hood to match. Different finishes have different prices, and the table below shows common finishes, complete with average costs:

Range Hood Prices (mobile)

FinishAverage Costs (Material Only)
Bisque (off-white)$100 - $750
Black$100 - $1,000
White$100 - $1,000
Copper$250 - $1,250
Oil-rubbed bronze$250 - $1,500
Stainless steel$300 - $1,500
Glass$300 - $1,500

Bisque Range Hood

Bisque range hoods are among the most common. They come in a neutral, off-white color that blends in well with many different kitchen styles, and they are among the cheapest option you can buy, ranging from $100 to $750.

Black Range Hood

Pure black range hoods are a popular choice in modern homes, blending well with black cookers and appliances. They have a clean, tidy look because any stains or marks are harder to spot on the black surface. Black range hoods cost $100 to $1,000.

White Range Hood

White range hoods help make your kitchen feel light and airy, and they work well when positioned over white cookers or beside white cabinets. They need regular cleaning because grease stains can ruin the clean white look quickly. Expect to pay between $100 and $1,000.

Copper Range Hood

Copper range hoods are becoming increasingly popular in modern times, working equally well in industrial, rustic, and modern kitchens. They serve as centerpieces or features for your kitchen, especially when installed over islands. Copper range hoods cost between $250 and $1,250.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Range Hood

An oil-rubbed bronze range hood is good if you like a bold, metallic look in the kitchen. These hoods work nicely in various kitchen styles and stand out when positioned above high-end metal ranges. They have an average cost of $250 to $1,500.

Stainless Steel Range Hood

Stainless steel is highly resistant, long-lasting, and able to serve for years without repair or replacement. Stainless steel stays clean over the long-term and adds a modern touch to any kitchen. Expect to pay between $300 and $1,500 for this hood type.

Glass Range Hood

Glass range hoods are among the most expensive options, but they can also be classed among the most aesthetically pleasing. They usually feature a curved or straight pane of glass connected to a stainless steel frame, so they are not entirely made of glass. They work well in contemporary kitchens, costing between $300 and $1,500 on average.

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How Many CFMs for a Range Hood?

Every range hood has a CFM rating, which refers to the number of cubic feet of air it moves per minute. This is sized to your kitchen, meaning larger spaces require a higher CFM than smaller ones.

To determine your room’s CFM, measure the height, length, and width of the kitchen to determine its total cubic area. For example, a 10x10-foot room with 8-foot ceilings has a cubic area of 800. Multiply this number by 8, the number of times the air needs to exchange per hour, and divide that number by 60, the number of minutes in an hour. In this scenario, it is 107 CFM.

Next, determine the British Thermal Units (BTUs) of your range, which may be displayed somewhere near the burner. This is largely determined by the stove type and number of burners. For example, a 4-burner electric range has 12,000 BTUs. Divide this number by 100, and add the result to your cubic area CFM calculation. In this example, we have 120 + 107 for a total CFM rating of 227. This is the minimum CFM rating your hood requires for a kitchen this size with a 4-burner electric range.

For the same kitchen with a gas range, the calculation would be slightly higher because a 4-burner gas range has approximately 28,000 BTUs. The range hood needs a minimum of a total CFM rating of 387 (280 + 107).

Modern range hood installed

Range Hood Installation Cost

Labor costs for the hood installation vary depending on the exhaust system, whether there are existing ducts, and if existing outlet/electrical wiring is in place.

There are several professionals who can install range hoods, from electricians to contractors. In general, it is best to find a builder or contractor with experience in fitting kitchen appliances and range hoods because it can be complicated. Electricians may be needed to help out with the wiring, but most range hoods come with extension cords and can be plugged in and switched on.

For a replacement hood, labor costs run around $300 on average. If you have an under-cabinet hood connected to your existing ductwork, expect to pay around $450 for the hood and $300 for the installation, totaling $750. Fitting a new ductless hood with fresh wiring costs around $300, on average.

Ducted Range Hood Installation

If new ducts are required, installation costs rise, with the duct’s length driving the price. Longer runs cost more to install. Expect to pay about $500 in labor fees to install a vented hood if new ductwork is required.

Island Range Hood Installation

When installing an island range hood, the installation process is more complicated. Since island range hoods are connected to the ceiling, not the walls, more ductwork is usually required. This leads to higher costs of up to $900 for a new hood with new ductwork. However, if you already have existing ductwork and need the new hood installed, it should be around $300.

Black range hood on a white brick wall

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation Process

Installation of the hood depends on the hood type, location, and exhaust style. The type impacts installation regarding where it is mounted. The location influences which areas may be affected by electrical wiring and the ducts when using a vented hood.

When installing a vented hood, ducts must be run from the hood to outside. In most cases, this involves cutting straight through the masonry, but it may involve running the ducts through various parts of the home. The longer the duct must run, the more involved the installation. Ductless hoods are easier to install because no holes need to be cut in the walls. The hood is secured and wired.

Depending on these factors, the installation time ranges from 1 to 4 hours.

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Cost to Vent a Range Hood Outside

If you choose to install a ducted range hood, it needs to be fitted to ductwork and vents leading outside the home. The kitchen fumes, hot air, and odors can be carried out of the room and house through the ductwork. The cost varies depending on how much ductwork needs to be installed and what route it has to take. It might go straight out of the wall or lead up and out via the roof. In general, expect to pay between $300 and $900 for installing a range hood with ductwork leading outside.


Most hoods are fairly easy to maintain. For ducted hoods, you may want to have it professionally cleaned every few years to ensure there is no buildup of grease and particles inside. This costs $150. For ductless hoods, replace the charcoal filter regularly. This is determined by the brand, filter type, and how often you use your cooktop.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs


Most hoods today include the option of a built-in light, illuminating your range better. This is an increasingly common feature not impacting the hood’s cost because it is now standard.

Kitchen Exhaust Vent Cover

If you have a ducted range hood installed with a vent on the outside of your home to take the hot air out, it may be wise to install a cover over that vent. This protects your home from the elements, regulating the airflow more efficiently, and preventing rain or bits of debris from flowing into the ducts from outside. These covers can be purchased for around $10 to $50.

Range Installation

A range hood is designed to be fitted above a range, absorbing and removing the steam, odors, and fumes from your cooking. Ranges or cooktops add versatility to a kitchen, giving you new ways to cook. They can be found in a wide range of styles, sizes, and types, and installing a range should cost around $550, on average.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • If you do not have existing ducts in your kitchen, use a ductless hood or pay additional fees to install ducts.
  • Exhaust fans are noisy, which is difficult for some people to tolerate. Some hoods boast sound absorption as one of their features, so they may be quieter to run.
  • If you relocate your range hood, factor in the costs of patching up or repairing the wall or cabinets where the old hood was installed.
  • A kitchen hood can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen’s design, and there are many styles and types to choose from. Since there are so many options, it is easy to find a range hood that blends in with your existing cabinets and kitchen color scheme. But you can also opt for one that stands out to serve as a key feature or centerpiece.
  • Some grease cleaners may damage the finish of some range hoods. Always use a cleanser recommended by the manufacturer to avoid this issue.


  • Do I need to have a hood over a stove?

In most areas, having some exhaust system is required by code. However, you can choose to use a microwave with an exhaust system instead of a hood.

  • How far should the range hood be from cooktop?

In general, the hood should be located 24 inches above the cooktop, but some gas ranges may require 30 inches.

  • Do range hoods have to be vented outside?

No, ductless and convertible hoods use filters to clean the air instead.

  • Is the range hood wider than the cooktop?

Yes, the hood must be 6 inches wider than the cooktop, 3 inches on either side.

  • Do gas ranges require venting?

You are not legally obligated to install venting for a gas range, but it is recommended because gas cooking can produce odors, fumes, and grease in the air. A range hood removes those unwanted elements and keeps your kitchen fresh.