How much does it cost to install recycled glass countertops?

National Average Range:
$3,600 - $5,400

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Many different considerations go into choosing a new kitchen or bathroom countertop. And for those who want something environmentally friendly, attractive, and durable, one choice that stands out from the rest is recycled glass countertops.

Recycled glass countertops contain anywhere from 60% to 100% post-consumer recycled material. Depending on the style and manufacturer, they may be made of pure glass or mixed with ash, porcelain, cement, acrylic, or resins. Each one can be a work of art with a variety of beautiful colors and styles.

With so many variations in makeup and style comes a wide cost range. The national average cost for installing a recycled glass countertop is between $3,600 and $5,400, with most homeowners paying $4,500 for a 30 sq.ft. crushed glass slab countertop with an undermounted sink and eased edge. The low cost for this project is $1,000 for a 10 sq.ft. crushed glass slab countertop for a bathroom vanity. This project’s high cost is $7,500 for a 30 sq.ft. 3-cm solid glass custom countertop.

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost

Cost to Install Recycled Glass Countertops
National average cost$4,500
Average range$3,600-$5,400

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost per Square Foot

Recycled glass countertops have a wide cost range, depending on the style and manufacturer. Average costs range from $100 to $250 a square foot installed. Material costs start at around $50 to $175 a square foot, with fabrication and installation making up the remainder.

Cost of a 10, 20, 30, or 40 Sq.Ft. Recycled Glass Countertop (mobile)

Countertop SizeAverage Costs
10 sq.ft.$1,000 - $2,500
20 sq.ft.$2,000 - $5,000
30 sq.ft.$3,000 - $7,500
40 sq.ft.$4,000 - $10,000

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Recycled Glass Countertops Cost by Location

Recycled glass countertops are beautiful, eco-friendly, and durable. They can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms of all styles. Because the glass comes in so many different patterns, colors, and types, a glass countertop can fit in with nearly any home type or style.

The project cost is influenced by the countertop area and size, with larger spaces having higher costs on average.

Cost of Recycled Glass Countertops in the Bathroom or Kitchen (mobile)

LocationAverage Cots
Bathroom$600 - $3,000
Kitchen$3,000 - $10,000

Recycled Glass Bathroom Countertops

The cost of a recycled glass bathroom countertop is $600 to $3,000. Most bathroom countertops need between 6 and 12 square feet of material. However, it is possible to have a countertop that needs more or less material, which means your costs can be different. Recycled glass does very well in the bathroom. If you choose a solid slab countertop, it is possible to “slump” the glass to make an integral sink for some smaller countertops. This creates a very modern and sleek bathroom countertop design.

Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops

Recycled glass countertops for the kitchen average $3,000 to $10,000. Most kitchens have around 30 sq.ft. of countertops, with some having up to 40 sq.ft. It is possible to have a smaller galley-style kitchen or a kitchen with islands or peninsulas, which require more material, meaning costs vary. Most kitchens use crushed glass recycled countertops, although some use solid. Both make a beautiful addition to the room, with various colors and styles to choose from. Of the two, crushed glass stands up better to the average kitchen use.

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost by Type

There are two types of recycled glass countertops. The first uses nothing but glass that is melted and poured into a mold to create the countertop. It can have multiple thicknesses, be a solid color or a mixture of colors, and can have smaller glass pieces embedded in it for extra color. This is sometimes called a custom recycled glass countertop because you need to have them poured to order. This type is more common for bathrooms and small slabs than kitchens, mostly due to the cost and manufacturing.

The second type is far more common. This is known as either a terrazzo style or a crushed glass countertop. It uses recycled glass in a binder - cement and resin being the two most common. These countertops might use 60% to 100% recycled glass, but they may use only glass with the binder or have a mixture of other materials, such as ash and quartz or porcelain with the glass.

Average Costs per Sq.Ft. to Install a Crushed or Solid Recycled Glass Countertop (mobile)

Countertop TypeAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Crushed Glass$100 - $175
Solid Glass$200 - $250

Recycled Crushed Glass Countertop

The cost of crushed glass recycled countertops ranges from $100to $175 a square foot installed. These countertops use a mixture of glass and potentially other materials together in a binder. The binder is usually a type of resin - frequently acrylic. A few companies also make their binders of concrete. This binder helps hold the crushed glass in place, and in the case of the resin, it makes it impervious to things like stains and scratches. All crushed glass countertops are heat-resistant and very durable.

Solid Recycled Glass Countertop

The cost of a solid glass countertop averages $200 to $250 a square foot installed. This countertop is made of glass without a binder. It can be a solid color or blend of colors, depending on how it is made. It can be translucent or opaque and come in many styles and thicknesses. Because of the way it is formed, it can be difficult to transport large sections. For that reason, people most frequently choose to use this countertop in the bathroom. It makes a stunning addition to kitchens as well.

Crushed Glass Countertops Price by Type of Binder

All crushed glass countertops require a binder to hold the material together. This binder is usually acrylic resin but can be made of concrete as well. This depends largely on the manufacturer. Of the two, resin tends to be more durable and require less maintenance, although the two have similar cost ranges, depending on the company and color you choose.

Cost per Sq.Ft. of Concrete or Resin Binded Crushed Glass Recycled Countertops (mobile)

Binder TypeAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Material Only)
Concrete$60 - $100
Resin$60 - $120

Recycled Glass Concrete Countertops

The cost of a glass countertop with a concrete binder is between $60 and $100 a square foot. This countertop is becoming rarer as most manufacturers switch over to resins. The concrete can stain and requires you to seal the countertop regularly. However, this countertop provides the most realistic-looking terrazzo-style countertop. These countertops come in a wide range of glass colors, suspended in a standard gray concrete. The concrete may be polished or matte, depending on the style and manufacturer.

Resin Binder Recycled Glass Countertops

The cost of a recycled glass countertop with a resin binder averages $60 to $120 a square foot. Resin binders are usually proprietary to the manufacturer making them. This means that each company has its own resin, pigments, and formula. Some are guaranteed for life, so they never require sealing. Others benefit from additional maintenance over time. In general, the resin helps resist staining, scratching, and other issues better than concrete. Some resin types can also be invisible so that the colors of the glass are all you see. Others provide more of a terrazzo appearance, depending on the style.

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Recycled Glass Countertop Edging

Recycled glass countertops can be given the same edge types as other countertop materials. Crushed glass countertops are formed in slabs like quartz and natural stone like granite and marble. This means it can be finished the same way, including with the same edges. Solid glass countertops are formed in a mold so that they can be cast with any edge type. While most people opt for a square or eased edge with glass, it is possible to get a more decorative edge.

Cost per Linear Foot of Recycled Glass Countertop Edge Options: Square, Eased, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Bevel, Ogee, Dupont... (mobile)

EdgeAverage Cost per Linear Foot
SquareNo additional cost
EasedNo additional cost
Half Bullnose$10 - $12
Full Bullnose$10 - $12
Bevel$10 - $12
Ogee$20 - $25
Dupont$20 - $25
Mitre$20 - $25
Quirk$20 - $25
French Cove$30 - $35

Recycled Glass Countertops Installation Cost

The installation cost for recycled glass countertops depends on the fabricator, style, and overall shape and layout of your kitchen or bathroom. Installation generally runs $40 to $75 a square foot, although it can be higher if you have a very complex project. Many fabricators provide one cost for the entire project, which includes the fabrication, templating, transport, installation, and removal and disposal of your old countertops. However, this depends entirely on the fabricator.

Recycled Glass Countertops Price by Manufacturer

Several companies make recycled glass countertops. Each one has proprietary colors, styles, and binder types. They all have different formulas, including how much recycled content goes into each slab and where they source their material. In addition, they also have varying prices to consider.

Cost per Sq.Ft. of IceStone, Curava, Geos, Environite, ECO, or Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops (mobile)

BrandAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Material Only)
IceStone$40 - $54
Curava$50 - $70
GEOS$50 - $85
Environite$50 - $125
ECO$55 - $65
Vetrazzo$85 - $165

IceStone Countertops

The cost of IceStone countertops ranges from $40 to $54 a square foot. IceStone uses a mixture of recycled glass and a cement binder. Their binder has a proprietary sealant in it. This means it does not need additional sealing or special care after it leaves the factory. IceStone uses 100% recycled glass in its mixtures. They have numerous colors and color blends to choose from, as well as several styles.

Curava Recycled Glass Countertops

The cost of Curava recycled glass countertops averages $50 to $70 a square foot. Curava uses a proprietary blend of glass, quartz, and resin. Their countertops contain roughly 60% recycled glass, 30% natural quartz, and 10% resin binder. They also have lines that contain other things in their countertops. This includes seashells and sea glass. Combined with larger-than-average glass pieces, this gives their countertops a unique look.

GEOS Recycled Glass Countertops

The cost of GEOS recycled glass countertops is $50 to $85 a square foot. This company uses a blend of 100% recycled glass in an acrylic resin binder. This binder means that the material is stain and scratch-resistant. Because they source their glass from numerous places, they recommend viewing slabs in person. This is because the different glass types that go into each slab can have varying tones, hues, colors, and textures. This means samples are not a reliable indicator of what you will receive.

Environite Countertops

The cost of Environite countertops ranges from $50 to $125 a square foot. Environite is not a true recycled glass countertop. Instead, this is a solid-surface countertop that contains some recycled glass. It also contains other types of post-consumer waste. Each color and mixture may have varying amounts of recycled and post-consumer waste content. The entire mixture is held together with resin. This makes the countertops completely non-porous and fairly easy to maintain.

ECO by Cosentino

The cost of an ECO countertop is between $55 and $65 a square foot. ECO by Cosentino is not a true recycled glass countertop. It is a recycled countertop that contains a percentage of glass and recycled porcelain, ash, mirror, earthenware, and other materials. These materials are bound together in a resin binder, making the countertop stain and scratch-resistant. Rather than having the glass show on these countertops, the colors are more homogeneous than a true crushed glass countertop. ECO countertops contain roughly 74% recycled content.

Vetrazzo Countertops

The cost of Vetrazzo countertops averages $85 to $165 a square foot. Vetrazzo is one of the first companies to produce a crushed glass recycled countertop. Their material is made from a blend of cement, aggregate, and recycled glass. The glass is taken from several sources, including beer bottles and stained glass. Their countertops have a look reminiscent of terrazzo, with many colors and sizes of glass showing. The amount of glass and colors vary from countertop to countertop, so view the slabs in person.

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When purchasing a countertop that contains recycled glass, keep in mind several factors. The first is that color is proprietary. If you find a color you like, it will likely only be produced by one company, making it hard to shop around for varying prices.

Due to the recycled content, you need to see most slabs in person. They vary in color and texture from one slab to the next, so if you see a color you like in a sample, make sure you see if the slab looks the same way.

Below are popular colors of recycled glass countertops and the companies producing them.

Cost per Sq.Ft. of Alpine White, Sky Pearl, Himalaya, or Bretagne Blue Recycled Glass Countertops (mobile)

ColorAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Material Only)Producer
Alpine White$40 - $54IceStone
Sky Pearl$40 - $54IceStone
Himalaya$50 - $70Curava
Bretagne Blue$85 - $165Vetrazzo

Alpine White Recycled Glass Countertop

Alpine White recycled glass countertops average $40 to $54 a square foot. IceStone makes Alpine White. It contains 75% recycled glass content in a concrete binder. The countertop is factory-treated against stains, scratches, and heat, meaning it is a fairly low-maintenance material. Alpine White has a bright white background with a variety of white, off-white, and clear pieces of glass. The glass flecks are relatively small, giving it a sparkling quality.

Sky Pearl Recycled Glass Countertop

The cost of Sky Pearl recycled glass countertops is $40 to $54 a square foot. Sky Pearl is made by IceStone. Sky Pearl contains roughly 75% recycled material. It is made of glass and mother of pearl in a concrete binder. It is factory-treated to resist heat, stains, and scratches. Sky Pearl has an off-white background, with flecks of sky blue and white glass and small pieces of mother of pearl.

Himalaya Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertop

The cost of a Himalaya recycled glass countertop ranges from $50 to $70 a square foot. Curava makes Himalaya. It contains roughly 60% recycled glass, 30% natural quartz stone, and 10% resin as a binder. This material has a white background. The glass and quartz are featured as varying shades of white and off-white flecks, made to look like sparkling snow. These countertops are resistant to heat, scratches, and stains.

Bretagne Blue Recycled Glass Countertops

The cost of Bretagne Blue recycled glass countertops is $85 to $165 a square foot. Bretagne Blue is made by Vetrazzo. Bretagne Blue is made with a blend of architectural glass and oyster shells in a cement binder. The countertop background is off-white, while the glass has several hues of blue and blue/green. The oyster shells add flecks of white and tan to the mix, as well as varying textures. It is heat and UV-resistant but can stain, so it requires sealing.

Recycled Glass Countertops Pros and Cons

Recycled glass countertops make a stunning addition to any room. They are considered a green material and help homes qualify for LEED certification. They can give your home a unique appearance because every countertop is slightly different.

Some recycled glass countertops are easy to care for and have no maintenance. However, others require sealing, or they may stain. This is because every company makes a very different product. Do your due diligence and learn exactly what goes into the countertop you choose. Some have as much as 100% recycled glass, and some have far less. This makes different countertops react differently, even within one company. For example, a countertop containing oyster shells has more limited finishes than one that does not.

Recycled glass countertops can be expensive when compared to other slab countertops. Costs vary by manufacturer and fabricator, so shop around to find a better price.

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Recycled Glass Countertops Maintenance

The maintenance your recycled glass countertop needs depends on the manufacturer and what it contains. Those that are factory-treated or use a resin binder are fairly low-maintenance. Wash them with a soft, lint-free cloth and your favorite cleaner.

Those using a cement or concrete binder may require more maintenance unless they are factory-sealed. This can mean sealing them yearly and being alert to spills so that you can wipe them up before they have a chance to stain. Some countertops containing natural materials, such as shells or mother of pearl, may need pH-neutral cleaners to avoid damaging the countertop.

Because every brand has different specifications, consult the manufacturer’s care guide for your countertop to ensure it continues to look its best.

Recycled Glass Countertops vs Quartz

Some recycled glass countertops have much in common with quartz countertops. Some even contain quartz in their makeup. All quartz countertops contain roughly 93% natural quartz in a resin. However, recycled glass countertops can contain numerous materials, including glass, quartz, earthenware, porcelain, and ash. They can be in a resin or cement binder. This means that while quartz countertops are fairly easy to understand and compare across brands, recycled glass countertops are not. Each company has its own blend, so research that company to determine the content of the countertop and how to care for it.

While quartz countertops can have a range of costs, recycled glass countertops have a much wider range, making it harder to budget for.

Average Cost per Sq.Ft. to Install Quartz or Recycled Glass Countertops (mobile)

MaterialAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Quartz$40 - $100
Recycled Glass$100 - $250

Recycled Glass Countertops vs Granite Cost

Recycled glass countertops and granite both have a wide range of costs, appearances, and styles. Recycled glass countertops are made by many different companies, each with their own method, material, and binder.

Granite is a natural stone, but it can be quarried from many different areas, with rare or hard-to-quarry stones costing more than those that are more common or easier to produce.

Both materials should be seen in person when selecting your countertop. This is because both materials have a wide range of differences in color and style from one slab to the next.

Average Cost per Sq.Ft. to Install Granite or Recycled Glass Countertops (mobile)

MaterialAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Granite$40 - $200
Recycled Glass$100 - $250

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Cooktop Installation

Crushed glass recycled countertops can have a cooktop undermounted like granite and quartz countertops. This will include a cutout fee of $200 for the countertop, plus the cooktop and installation, running $500 to $1,000.

Old Countertop Removal

When replacing your current countertop, it needs to be removed before the new one can be installed. Most companies factor in the cost of removal and disposal into the cost of the new countertop. Those who do not may charge between $50 and $200.

Cabinetry Installation

Updating your countertop is just one way to give your kitchen a new look. You may also consider updating your cabinets. A run of new cabinets averages $6,450.

Sink Installation

Adding a sink to your new countertop can be done at installation. The cutout fee is around $100 per sink. In addition, you need the new sink hooked up by a plumber about 24 hours after installation. The sink costs between $200 and $1,000 extra.

Backsplash Installation

Installing a new countertop is a great time to update your backsplash as well. The backsplash can coordinate with the countertop to create a beautiful display. Consider choosing a glass tile to pick up the color in your new countertop. New backsplashes cost around $1,500 on average.

Island Installation

Another way to update your kitchen is to have a new island installed. Islands increase the amount of storage and countertop space you have in the kitchen. The average island costs $3,000 to $7,000 to install.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Countertop care. Every recycled glass countertop is different. Some resist heat and stains, while others cannot. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and care.
  • 100% recycled glass. If you are interested in a solid glass countertop made from 100% recycled glass, consider Bio-Glass. These are unique countertops made entirely of recycled glass with no resins or binders. They are made to order, so contact the company for pricing.
  • Green homes. Recycled glass countertops count toward LEED credits and can be used in certified green homes. This means they can enhance the value of a green home.
  • Sealant. If your countertop manufacturer recommends sealing, the average frequency is 1 to 2 times a year, but check with the manufacturer for more information.
  • Installation. The fabricator must install recycled glass countertops. They are measured and cut to order, and purchasing without installation voids the warranty.


  • Are recycled glass countertops environmentally friendly?

Yes, recycled glass countertops are a green material and count toward LEED credits in a green home.

  • Are recycled glass countertops durable?

Yes, these are durable because the glass is mixed with a binder, either cement or resin. The durability depends on the manufacturer.

  • Is recycled granite or composite glass the same thing as recycled glass?

Many different materials go by the name recycled glass. Some contain stone and other materials as well. Check with the manufacturer to determine the amount of post-consumer material in each product.

  • Are recycled glass countertops heat-resistant?

This depends largely on the manufacturer. Most are heat-resistant, but some are not. Every brand has its own blend, which impacts the use of the material. Always check the user guide of the product to get the best information.