How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Sprinkler System?

Average range: $100 - $400
Average Cost
(Repairing broken piping and two sprinkler heads)

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Maintaining your lawn and garden is a challenge, and it takes time and effort to regularly water the grass and plants. Sprinkler systems are a great way to keep your lawn in shape. They take the inconvenience out of watering the lawn with timers and controllers to control the flow automatically. Unfortunately, issues can arise with a sprinkler system that may require repairs. Heads clog, pipes crack, and other components break down.

The national cost average for sprinkler repairs is between $100 and $400. Most homeowners spend around $200 to repair broken piping and two sprinkler heads. This project’s low cost is $50 for cleaning or unblocking a single sprinkler head. The high cost is $850 for replacing a backflow preventer.

Sprinkler Repair Cost

Sprinkler System Repair Prices
National average cost$200
Average cost$100-$400
Minimum cost$50
Maximum cost$850

Repair Sprinkler System Cost by Project Range

Cleaning or unblocking a single sprinkler head
Average Cost
Repairing broken piping and two sprinkler heads
Replacing a backflow preventer

Sprinkler System Repair Cost by Type of System

A range of factors influence your system’s repair cost, with the system type being one. Sprinklers come in two types: above-ground and in-ground. The table below shows the average repair costs for each:

Average Cost to Repair an Above-Ground or In-Ground Sprinkler System

Average Cost to Repair an Above-Ground or In-Ground Sprinkler System

Type of Sprinkler SystemAverage Repair Costs
Above-Ground$50 - $350
In-Ground$50 - $500

Above-Ground Sprinkler System Repair Cost

Repairs for an above-ground sprinkler system 1 cost between $50 and $350. Above-ground systems are easier for repair workers to access because the heads and pipes are above the ground, so there is no need to dig and worry about landscaping costs.

In-Ground Sprinkler System Repair Cost

Repairs for an in-ground sprinkler system range from $50 to $500. The key difference with an in-ground system is that many parts are underground, so the repair workers must dig to access the damaged components. This results in longer repair times and higher bills.

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Sprinkler Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Sprinkler systems can be complex with many parts, including heads, valves, lines, and pipes. Issues can arise with each, and some parts are more expensive and time-consuming to repair. The table below shows common sprinkler system repairs and the average cost for each:

Cost to Repair Sprinkler System by Type of Repair: Head, Wire, Box, Valve, Timer, Pipe, Pump...

Cost to Repair Sprinkler System by Type of Repair: Head, Wire, Box, Valve, Timer, Pipe, Pump...

Type of RepairAverage Repair Costs
Head$50 - $85
Wiring$50 - $85
Box$50 - $85
Valve$75 - $125
Solenoid$75 - $125
Timer$75 - $175
Manifold$75 - $200
Line$75 - $400
Pipe$75 - $400
Pump$100 - $200

Sprinkler Head Repair Cost

Sprinkler head repairs average $50 to $85. Heads are regularly exposed to elements and dirt, so it is normal for them to wear, but they do not always need to be replaced. Sometimes, heads only need to be cleaned or pop-up heads might be blocked from dirt or grass, which may need to be cleared away.

Sprinkler System Wire Repair Cost

Repairing wiring for your sprinkler system costs between $50 and $85. Wires provide energy to the system but loosen, disconnect, or fray over time. Damaged wires can often be repaired with new covers or simple adjustments and reconnection.

Sprinkler Box Repair Cost

Repairing a sprinkler valve box averages $50 to $85. The valve box covers your system’s control valves for protection and easy access for adjustments, repairs, or replacements. These boxes can become cracked or damaged, so they may need patching.

Sprinkler Valve Repair Cost

Sprinkler valve 2 repairs range from $75 to $125. Several valves throughout the sprinkler system control the flow through the pipes and to the heads. Valves can become loose and leaky over time or may get cracked or damaged. A repairman may tighten a loose valve or use plumber’s tape on minor issues, but more heavily damaged valves need replacement.

Solenoid Sprinkler Repair Cost

Repairing a sprinkler solenoid costs between $75 and $125. The sprinkler solenoid is a wire coil connected to the controller. When activated, it generates a magnetic force that controls a little plunger inside the valve so that the valve opens and plays a key part in controlling the pressure for the system. It can get blocked with sand, dirt, or even bugs, so a repairman’s first action is usually to inspect and clean the solenoid.

Sprinkler Timer Repair Cost

Repairing a sprinkler system timer or controller averages $75 to $175. Various issues might arise with your timer. You may notice the sprinklers activate at the wrong times, or they run for too long. A repairman can make the necessary adjustments to your timer’s settings and handle other minor repairs like rewiring and installing new batteries.

Sprinkler Manifold Repair Cost

Repairing a sprinkler system manifold costs between $75 and $200. The manifold is a pipe with several openings, allowing water to branch into different lines and head off to different valves. Like other parts of piping, manifolds can crack and damage from exposure. They may need patching for minor damage.

Sprinkler Line Repair Cost

Repairing a broken sprinkler line costs $75 to $400. The price depends on how much of the line is affected and the work required. Sprinkler lines can become cracked and damaged, but it may be possible to patch the damage without replacements.

Sprinkler System Pipe Repair Cost

Repairing sprinkler system pipes ranges from $75 to $400. PVC piping is used in the sprinkler system. While this piping lasts for many years, it can crack, break, or freeze. The repair cost depends on the pipe type and thickness, how easy it is to access, and the extent of the damage.

Sprinkler Pump Repair Cost

Repairing a sprinkler pump 3 costs between $100 and $200. Pumps control pressure in the pipes to control the flow, but several issues may arise with them. Fuses blow, wires disconnect, or the settings of the pump’s motor might not be configured correctly. A repairman can look at the pump and make necessary adjustments, including fitting new fuses, adjusting the voltage, or reconnecting loose wires.

Sprinkler System Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

In some cases, the parts of your sprinkler system might be so damaged that simple repairs are impossible or inefficient. In these situations, it is better for the parts to be replaced. The cost of replacing sprinkler parts depends on the component and how much work is required to install the new one. The table below provides common examples of sprinkler system replacement.

Cost to Repair Sprinkler System by Type of Replacement: Head, Nozzle, Valve, Manifold, Controller, Pump, Backflow Preventer...

Cost to Repair Sprinkler System by Type of Replacement: Head, Nozzle, Valve, Manifold, Controller, Pump, Backflow Preventer...

Type of ReplacementAverage Replacement Costs (Parts and Labor)
Head$65 - $100
Nozzle$65 - $100
Valve Box$75 - $125
Filter$75 - $150
Solenoid$85 - $150
Valve$85 - $150
Manifold$100 - $225
Controller$100 - $300
Pump$200 - $500
Backflow Preventer$250 - $850

Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost

Replacing sprinkler heads costs between $65 and $100 per head. This is one of the most common sprinkler repair types because heads get damaged and broken from accidents or gradual wear. To replace a head, the old one must be removed, and the difficulty depends on how accessible the head is.

Sprinkler Nozzle Replacement Cost

Replacing a sprinkler nozzle costs $65 to $100. Nozzles are fitted to sprinkler heads to spray the water in set patterns, and homeowners may want to purchase new nozzles to adjust the spray for more even coverage. Old nozzles can also break and become less reliable, so they may have to be replaced.

Replace Sprinkler Valve Box Cost

Replacing the valve box for your sprinkler system ranges from $75 to $125. Material costs for new valve boxes are cheap, but there may be labor involved to get the old one out and perform the necessary landscaping before fitting the new box.

Sprinkler Filter Replacement Cost

Replacing a filter for your sprinkler system costs between $75 and 150. Irrigation filters in the sprinkler system prevent dirt and debris from entering the system and causing damage and blockages, so they can be very important.

Sprinkler Solenoid Replacement Cost

Replacing a solenoid costs $85 to $150. Solenoids sometimes overheat and burn out, requiring replacement, or they might be damaged beyond repair. In this case, the old solenoid must be removed and a new one fitted.

Cost to Replace a Sprinkler Valve

Replacing a sprinkler valve ranges from $85 to $150 per valve. Several valves might need replacing in your sprinkler system, including the sprinkler shut-off valve, check valve, and ball valve. The material costs for most valves are similar, but some valves may be easier to access than others, which impacts the duration and labor costs.

Replace a Sprinkler Manifold Cost

Replacing a manifold in your sprinkler system costs between $100 and $225. Material costs for manifolds are high because of their unique nature, and labor costs vary depending on your system’s layout and design. Some manifolds are easier to install than others.

Cost to Replace a Sprinkler Controller

Replacing a sprinkler controller averages $100 to $300. The controller is critical for the system because it controls when the valves open and the sprinkler heads turn. If it stops working, the entire system becomes unreliable or inoperable. In some cases, you might think your controller is broken, but it may only need new batteries for $5 to $10.

Sprinkler Pump Replacement Cost

The cost to replace a sprinkler water pump ranges from $200 to $500. Removing an old pump and fitting a new one should not take a professional long, but the material costs for pumps can be high, especially for a large and powerful model.

Cost to Replace a Sprinkler Backflow Preventer

Replacing a backflow preventer costs between $250 and $850. The backflow preventer is one of the most important parts of the sprinkler system because it prevents dirty and contaminated water from flowing back in the pipes leading to your home. It protects you from dirty backflow water coming out of your kitchen and bathroom faucets.

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Sprinkler Repair Prices by Type of Problem

Many issues may arise with your sprinkler system. You might notice the water pressure changing unexpectedly, frozen pipes, or clogged sprinkler heads. The repair costs vary greatly, depending on the problem. The table below shows common issues and average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair Sprinkler System by Type of Problem: Clogged Head, Heads Won't Retract, Not Enough Water Pressure, High Pressure, Overspray...

Cost to Repair Sprinkler System by Type of Problem: Clogged Head, Heads Won't Retract, Not Enough Water Pressure, High Pressure, Overspray...

Type of ProblemAverage Repair Costs
Clogged Head$50 - $85
Heads Will Not Retract$50 - $90
Heads Will Not Rotate$50 - $90
High Pressure$50 - $400
Low Pressure$50 - $500
Overspray$50 - $500
Cracked Valve$75 - $150
Humming Noise in the System$75 - $150
Leak$75 - $750
Frozen Pipes$150 - $400

Clogged Sprinkler Head

Fixing a clogged sprinkler head costs between $50 and $85. Repairmen usually offer a quantity discount if you have several clogged heads that need cleaning. Heads get clogged with things like roots, grass, dirt, and bugs.

Sprinkler Heads Will Not Retract

Fixing sprinkler heads that do not retract costs $50 to $90. Many sprinkler systems feature pop-up or retractable heads that remain in the ground most of the time and pop up when spraying. If the heads stay upright, they may need cleaning from dirt and debris clogging the space they retract to. They may also be damaged and need replacing.

Sprinkler Head Will Not Rotate

Fixing sprinkler heads that do not rotate ranges from $50 to $90 per head. Discounts are typically available if multiple heads need repairing. Heads usually rotate to spray the water around evenly, but some parts might get soaked while others get none if they stop rotating. Dirt and debris usually cause this issue, so the head must be cleaned or replaced.

Sprinkler System Water Pressure Too High

Fixing a sprinkler system with very high water pressure costs between $50 and $400. There may be several possible causes for this. It might be that the valves are malfunctioning and interfering with the pressure levels, so they may need repairing or replacing. It could also be caused by a blockage in the pipes or issues with the heads.

Not Enough Water Pressure for Sprinklers

Fixing a sprinkler system with low water pressure costs $50 to $500. There are a few potential causes of this problem. It might be that the backflow preventer valve is not fully open and must be adjusted. It could also be caused by a problem with the tank, dirty or clogged sprinkler heads, or a pump problem. A professional must inspect the system to find the root cause.

Sprinkler Is Overspraying

Fixing sprinklers that are overspraying ranges from $50 to $500. This is a common issue that many owners deal with, leading to a lot of wasted water. Overspray is when the water is spraying out too far, beyond the lawn and onto streets, sidewalks, fences, or driveways. It can be caused by factors like using the wrong nozzles, high pressure in the system, or issues with positioning. You might need new heads fitted or heads repositioned or have the pump and piping looked at for pressure problems.

Cracked Sprinkler Valve

Repairing a cracked valve costs between $75 and $150. Valves can crack from accidents and impacts, and this can lead to water dripping out. It may also affect the system’s pressure. Minor cracks can be patched up, but cracked valves usually must be removed and replaced.

Sprinkler System Humming Noise

Fixing a sprinkler that makes a humming noise costs $75 to $150. This sound is often caused by an issue with the solenoid valve. The valve makes a natural humming sound when it operates from the AC current and magnetic field. If the humming is very loud, it could be an issue with the wiring, undervoltage, or loose parts.

Sprinkler Leak Repair Cost

Repairing a sprinkler system leak ranges from $75 to $750. The reason for this wide price range is that leaks can vary in severity. Some are minor and may involve basic repairs. Others affect multiple zones and lead to yard damage that requires landscaping work to fix. If you have leaks in multiple zones, you pay a higher price.

Frozen Sprinkler Pipes

Fixing frozen sprinkler pipes costs between $150 and $400. Pipes may freeze in your sprinkler system during the winter in very cold and icy temperatures. A repairman can thaw the pipes and deal with ice blockages in a few ways. Fix frozen pipes quickly because ice can do a lot of damage and lead to cracks and leaks.

Sprinkler Repair Cost per Hour

Sprinkler repair companies and workers often charge a set fee per hour for labor. Most repairmen charge between $50 and $100per hour, and many sprinkler repair jobs can be completed within a couple of hours. For example, the work for a sprinkler head replacement should be done in under an hour. Labor costs are $50 to $100, plus material costs of around $5 to $15 for the new head, for a total of $55 to $115.

Emergency Sprinkler Repair Cost

Sometimes, you may find yourself dealing with a sprinkler emergency, such as a leak causing water to pool around your lawn or sprinklers that do not retract or turn off. You may have to pay an extra $100 to $200 for these emergency repairs.

Automatic Sprinkler System Watering a Lawn

Sprinkler System Maintenance Cost

A good way to reduce the risks of sprinkler issues and repairs is to keep your system well maintained. You can do this yourself or contact a professional for regular checkups and maintenance. Proper maintenance includes checking the various parts like the heads and valves for issues, cleaning the heads and valves, and checking the valve box for damage. You can spend around $20 to $50 on cleaning supplies and basic tools to look after your system each year. You can also contact a company to perform checkups, which cost around $75.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Sprinkler System Winterizing

Very low winter temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and damage your sprinkler system, so it is recommended to winterize it in the fall before the cold winter weather arrives. Winterizing essentially involves draining the water from the system to prevent it from freezing inside the pipes and valves. The average cost is between $60 and $100.

Sprinkler System Removal Costs

You may want to have the sprinkler system removed due to a change in circumstances at your property or if you are planning to completely change the layout of your yard. You might also want to remove a system if the parts keep breaking down or the system is very old, in excess of 20 years.

The costs vary greatly, depending on how the job is done and the system size. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 per hour for the service. Some professionals might only remove the heads and other visible components and leave the pipes underground to save time and money. Others dig out the pipes and other underground components, leading to more work and higher bills.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • DIY. It is possible to carry out some basic sprinkler repairs and maintenance on your own. Many homeowners can clean the heads or valves. If you have any doubts, it is best to contact a professional.
  • Discounts. Repair companies usually offer a discount if multiple parts need fixing. For example, if you need several sprinkler heads replaced, they typically do not charge a set fee for every head. Instead, they calculate the time required for the work and then present a fair price.
  • Timing. Spring and summer are when you use your sprinkler system the most, so it is wise to have the system repaired early on, either in the late winter or early spring, to ensure it is fully functional for the peak months. During the summer, sprinkler repairs are much more in demand, so prices may rise in your location.
  • Signs. There are various warning signs you can watch out for to detect issues with your sprinkler system. You may notice high utility bills, which could be a sign of wasted water in the system. Or, you might see uneven growth of your lawn if certain areas are getting more water than others due to uneven heads or broken controllers.
  • Maintenance. Basic maintenance for your sprinkler system includes cleaning the heads and valves, checking for any dirt or blockages around the heads, and observing the system to check that it is functioning correctly and the water pressure is adequate.
  • Travel. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay extra for sprinkler repairs. If repair workers have to drive a long distance to get to your home, they might add these travel costs onto the final bill. This might be a set fee of around $10 to $15, or it could be calculated per mile.
  • Call-out fee. Many workers charge a minimum call-out fee for visiting your home and carrying out repairs or maintenance. These fees are usually around $50 to $60.
  • License. In several states, people repairing or installing sprinkler systems need an irrigation contracting license. Check the rules in your state before seeking repairs and always work with an approved licensed professional.


  • How long do sprinkler systems last?

On average, expect a sprinkler system 1 to last around 15 to 20 years. However, repairs may be needed within the first few years of installing your system.

  • How do I know if my sprinkler system is leaking?

If you have an above-ground system, it should be quite simple to spot water coming out of the pipes. With in-ground systems, you may notice changes in water pressure, water pooling or bubbling up around the lawn, or small holes around the yard.

  • Why is one sprinkler zone not working?

There are various possible reasons for this. It might be that the heads have become clogged or broken. It could also be an issue with the lines or valves leading to that zone.

  • Are lawn sprinkler systems worth it?

Lawn sprinkler systems offer many advantages to homeowners regarding saving time and keeping your lawn healthy and attractive. They are especially worthwhile in hot and dry areas where watering the lawn is necessary on a regular basis.

  • How much does it cost to install a new sprinkler system?

Installing a new sprinkler system costs around $4,000 to $7,000 on average. The exact cost depends on several factors like the size and system type.

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glossary term picture Sprinkler System 1 Sprinkler system: Set of equipment used to irrigate lawns
glossary term picture Sprinkler Valve 2 Sprinkler valve: Device used to deliver pressured water to the sprinkler heads when watering a lawn
glossary term picture Pump 3 Pump: A device used to move air, liquid, or gas by mechanical means

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