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Shower Door Installation Cost

Shower Door Installation Cost

National average
(36-inch frameless single swing door with standard glass installed)
Low: $600

(framed swing door with standard glass)

High: $1,400

(continuous-swing, frameless door with easy-to-clean, no-iron glass)

Cost to install a shower door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from shower door and enclosure contractors in your city.

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Shower Door Installation Cost

National average
(36-inch frameless single swing door with standard glass installed)
Low: $600

(framed swing door with standard glass)

High: $1,400

(continuous-swing, frameless door with easy-to-clean, no-iron glass)

Cost to install a shower door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from shower door and enclosure contractors in your city.

The average cost of installing a shower door is $800.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower Door?

Shower doors help contain water in the bathroom while allowing an unimpeded view of the tile beyond. Glass doors are hygienic, long-lasting, and can enhance the appearance and value of your bathroom.

Glass shower doors come in many shapes, sizes, and options including stock and custom models. Single and bypass doors are the most common, but it is possible to build inset, French, and a wide variety of other door types to suit your bathroom’s needs. Each door has a different price point. For the average shower door installation of 36 inches, a single-swing, frameless glass door costs around $800.


The biggest factor in determining the cost of a shower door lies in its type, followed closely by the size of the door itself. Shower doors come in numerous configurations, with many companies also offering custom door styles that can also meet your needs:




Less expensive

Many styles to choose from

Less likely to leak

May corrode

Harder to clean



Ideal for small showers

Contemporary appearance

May have fitted panel for steam

May leak

May sag

Often heavy

Hinged 1


Less likely to leak

Available in a range of sizes

Works with some inline panels

Less contemporary in style

Fewer design options



Fits tubs or large showers

May be framed or semi-frameless

Can jump track

Not as many options available

More likely to shatter



No track to jump

Contemporary appearance



May leak

May sag



Contemporary look

Minimal hardware


Many styles available

May leak





Contemporary look


Fits tubs or showers

May leak

May sag




Fits curved or corner showers

Custom fits available


May leak



Many custom looks available

Fits large spaces

Can be fitted for steam


May leak

Door w/return panel


Custom appearance

Good for large showers or bathrooms

Many styles available


May leak over time


The choices for shower materials are not endless, but many options are available for those that do not like the standard, green-tinted glass or aluminum frames:

  • Glass: You have two basic choices when it comes to glass, either standard glass, which contains iron and has a green tint, or iron-free glass. This glass has been ultra-heated to remove the iron, resulting in crystal-clear glass. The glass itself may have various finishes, such as frosting, bubble, wave, and even custom etched patterns.
  • Frame: The frame of the door or the hardware if the door is frameless, typically comes in aluminum, which is lightweight and can be colored in a variety of finishes using a powder coat. Some companies may offer a stainless steel frame as well, but these are less common as well as more expensive.
  • Hardware: In addition to the hinges 1, some shower doors may have other hardware such as door pulls and towel rails 2. These may also be aluminum, but more frequently, they are made of acrylic, which is easy to care for and hard to break.

Door Size

After the type of shower door, the size of the door itself is the next biggest contributing factor to the cost of the project. Even within door styles, there is a range of associated costs for the variously sized doors. Larger doors and shower enclosures cost more than smaller doors.

Each style of door is usually available in a range of stock sizes, and any door can also be custom made to accommodate oddly sized openings or bathrooms. Standard door widths start at 24 inches and go as high as 60 inches for bypass doors. Inline panels can be added starting at 15 inches to help make up the difference in door sizes. For example, if you have a 72-inch opening, you may want to use an inline panel to make up 42 inches and have a 30-inch door that swings open.


Shower doors are the last component to go into a new shower. This means that the surround, tray, and all other components must be installed first. Also, the tile needs to be completely cured if being used for the shower walls. If there is an old shower in place, this can be removed at the time the new doors are installed.

Typically, measurements are taken of the space first. For custom work, this will likely include a template, where the installer will create a frame of your exact shower dimensions to use in cutting the glass.

After the measurements or template has been taken and the style chosen, the door is then made to your specifications if custom. Otherwise, stock doors are readied with the necessary hardware or details.

If frameless, the hinges 1 or brackets 3 are drilled directly into the wall to hold the door. Otherwise, the frame is screwed into place. The glass is set, then a silicone sealant is used to hold the door or panel in location. The door is leveled, and all the hardware is secured. The entire process takes about 2 to 3 hours.


In many cases, the cost of installing a shower door is factored into the total cost. In other cases, the price is a flat rate in addition to the cost of the door. Installation costs between $300 and $500 on average, with frameless doors and full enclosures costing more to install than single, framed, or bypass doors.


Shower doors are made of glass and, therefore, may be cleaned with typical glass cleaners. However, the most effective way to clean and maintain a shower door, and to prevent mineral or soap scum buildup on the door, is to squeegee it dry after every shower. By using the squeegee, you prevent spots and soap scum buildup and keep the door in good condition.

The aluminum brackets, hinges, or tracks may be cleaned with general bathroom cleaners. Always test new cleaners in an inconspicuous area to make sure they do not harm the metal before continuing with the remaining surfaces.

Shower Curtain vs Shower Door

There are alternatives to a shower door, including having a wet room, using a splash panel, and hanging a shower curtain. Of these options, the shower curtain is by far the most common.

Shower doors can be expensive to install, may shatter, and can be time-consuming to clean. However, they allow an unobstructed view of the shower beyond, have a very clean and contemporary appearance, and do not stick to the user if you brush against them.

Shower curtains are cheaper and available in a range of colors and styles. They block the view of the shower, which means that custom tile jobs will also be blocked. They are harder to keep clean and may grow mold or mildew easily, but because they are so much cheaper, $10 to $100 on average, they can be more easily replaced.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Tinted Coatings

Coatings are available that can change the color of the glass or make it easier to clean. They range in cost between $40 and $300, depending on the color and type of coating.

Anti-glare Doors

It is also possible to have a coating put on the glass that reduces glare. This makes it easier to see the tile job inside the shower. This coating costs between $70 and $100 on average.

Anti-microbial Doors

If you wish to make the door easier to clean and reduce the buildup of particles that can lead to mold growth, it is possible to get a coating put on the door for this as well. Typical coatings of this nature cost between $200 and $300.

Old Door Removal

Most shower door companies will remove your old door for a fee at the time of install. This can range from $50 to $100, depending on the size and condition of the old door.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Due to the fragile nature of the glass and the precise nature of the work, shower door installation is usually best left to the professionals.
  • If you do decide to DIY the job, take extra care not to scratch or crack the glass.
  • Small bathrooms may be more difficult to navigate a large glass panel in without damage. Some tight bathroom corners may also be an issue.
  • Shower doors installed on tub/shower units may require additional time for install than a traditional shower door. Likewise, inline doors and shower enclosures made of frameless glass may also take more time to install.
  • All shower doors may shatter at some point in time, some without any impact. Always read the warranties and cautions by the manufacturer to see what is covered and what steps you may take to protect yourself and your family.


  • What is the standard size of a frameless glass shower door?

There is no one standard size for a frameless glass door. Standard sizes start at 24 inches and go up to 60 inches for bypass and French doors.

  • Are glass shower doors dangerous?

All glass shower doors can shatter, some without any impact. However, the glass used is usually designed to break into pieces that are less likely to cut if they hit you.​

  • Are glass shower doors hard to keep clean?

Glass shower doors are not difficult to keep clean but may be slightly time-consuming. It is recommended that you squeegee them after each use to dry them and keep them clean. ​

  • Are frameless shower doors safe?

Frameless shower doors are just as safe as framed doors. All shower doors may shatter, even without impact. ​​

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glossary term picture Hinge 1 Hinged: A type of joint that attaches two items together but allows one of them to swing back and forth, such as a door attached to a door frame
2 Rails: A long bar designed for a person to hold onto, giving them support. They are usually found on the sides of staircases, and can also be found in bathrooms, for example, to help persons with disabilities
glossary term picture Bracket 3 Brackets: A support that projects outward from one surface to hold another surface to it, such as attaching a shelf to a wall or piece of furniture. Brackets can also be used to strengthen joins between two materials

Cost to install a shower door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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