How much does it cost to install vinyl sheet flooring?

National Average Range:
$800 - $1,200

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Updated: August 17, 2022

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Vinyl sheet flooring is one of the least expensive flooring materials. This durable and long-lasting material has been around since the 1930s and rose to the height of its popularity in the mid-twentieth century. Newer materials quickly eclipsed it in popularity, but new technologies have given it new life. Sheet vinyl is durable, waterproof, and comes in many colors and styles. It can mimic the look of wood planks or stone floors, but it has no seams or separate pieces where dirt or moisture can collect. This makes it ideal for many areas of the home, including bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

The national average cost range to install sheet vinyl flooring is $800 to $1,200, with most people paying around $950 for 200 sq.ft. of installed 2 mm printed sheet vinyl flooring. This project’s low cost is $600 to install 200 sq.ft. of 1.2 mm printed sheet vinyl. The high cost is $1,400 for 200 sq.ft. of installed 2.5 mm inlaid sheet vinyl in a room with multiple angles.

Cost to Install Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Sheets Price
National average cost$950
Average range$800-$1,200

What is Sheet Vinyl?

Sheet vinyl flooring is a type of polyvinyl chloride flooring made in very large rolls or cut into pre-sized “sheets.” It is made up of several layers of flexible vinyl material, including a base layer, cushion layer, pattern layer, wear layer, and a top layer. The base layer is usually felt or fiberglass. The cushion layer makes the material comfortable to walk on. The pattern layer can be inlaid or printed, depending on the quality. The wear layer protects the pattern, and the top layer gives it a sheen or texture and makes it easy to clean.

Sheet vinyl is produced in very long rolls, typically about 6’ to 15’ wide. The material is bulky, but it can be produced quickly and in very large quantities, keeping costs down.

Sometimes, it may be pre-cut into smaller sections, ideal for small rooms like bathrooms and pantries.

The material is glued down and then pressed with a heavy roller. So while the material is less expensive than vinyl tiles or planks, it can cost more per square foot to install. Once down, the adhesive grows stronger over time. This means that vinyl sheet flooring may be in place for decades without ever coming loose, curling, or bunching on the floor.

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Vinyl Sheet Flooring Cost per Square Foot

Sheet vinyl flooring costs between $1 and $2 a square foot on average for the material. Thinner flooring and printed flooring cost the least, while thicker materials and inlaid patterns cost the most. If you purchase it by the roll, it is usually less expensive than purchasing by the sheet. For this reason, small pre-cut sheets are usually reserved for small rooms and not large spaces.

The cost to install vinyl sheet flooring is $2 to $5 a square foot, making the total cost range $3 to $7 a square foot for most installations.

Cost to Install 100, 200, 300, 500, or 1,000 Sq.Ft. of Vinyl Sheet Flooring (mobile)

SizeAverage Costs (Installed)
100 sq.ft.$300 - $700
200 sq.ft.$600 - $1,400
300 sq.ft.$900 - $2,100
500 sq.ft.$1,500 - $3,500
1,000 sq.ft.$3,000 - $7,000

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Cost by Type

Sheet vinyl comes in two types - rolls and pre-cut sheets. The large, bulky rolls can be cut to fit any space. Pre-cut sheets come in sections that are 6’ to 12’ wide. Pre-cut sheets are more expensive per square foot than rolls. Rolls are generally used for very large areas, meaning you must purchase more material than you need for a small space. This means that pre-cut sheets make the most sense for small rooms, while rolls are better for larger spaces. Below are the average costs per square foot for each of the two materials uninstalled.

Cost per Sq.Ft. of Roll or Pre-Cut Vinyl Sheet Flooring (mobile)

TypeAverage Cost per Sq.Ft. (Material Only)
Rolls$0.50 - $1.50
Pre-Cut Sheet$1 - $2

Sheet Vinyl Cost by Pattern

Sheet vinyl comes in many distinct patterns and styles. It can mimic the look of tiles with a repeating pattern, natural stone, mosaics, and wood plank flooring. The pattern types are produced in two ways - printing and inlaying. Printing a pattern on vinyl is the least expensive method. In this method, the pattern layer is made of paper and is printed with the color or design. Inlaying the layer is less common for sheet vinyl flooring, but it can give you dramatically different results, adding texture to the floor. The more realistic-looking the floor, the more likely it was inlaid. Inlaying is generally more expensive. Below are the average costs for the different pattern types.

Cost per Sq.Ft. of Printed or Inlaid Vinyl Sheet Flooring (mobile)

Pattern TypeAverage Cost per Sq.Ft. (Material Only)
Printed$0.50 - $1.50
Inlaid$1 - $2.50

Vinyl Flooring Sheets Price by Brand

Many companies produce vinyl sheet flooring. Most companies with different vinyl products, including vinyl tiles and planks, also have a line of sheet flooring. In addition, a few companies specialize in sheet vinyl. This provides a range of colors, sizes, thicknesses, and patterns to choose from. Below are some of the most popular brands of sheet vinyl flooring and their average costs per square foot.

Cost per Sq.Ft. of Armstrong, TrafficMaster, Lifeproof, Congoleum, or Mannington Vinyl Sheet Flooring (mobile)

BrandAverage Cost per Sq.Ft. (Material Only)
Armstrong$0.75 - $2
TrafficMaster$0.75 - $2.75
Lifeproof$1 - $2
Congoleum$1 - $2.50
Mannington$1.50 - $2.50


The cost of Armstrong sheet vinyl is $0.75 to $2 a sq.ft. Armstrong makes several sheet vinyl types and thicknesses. This includes a very basic 1.3 mm sheet vinyl and a more luxurious 2.45 mm sheet vinyl. Their more durable and luxury collections have warranties of 25 years or more. Their basic collections have warranties of about 10 years. Each collection has several patterns and colors to choose from.


The cost of TrafficMaster sheet vinyl averages $0.75 to $2.75 a sq.ft. TrafficMaster is available at most Home Depots, making it a very accessible flooring material. They also have a wide range of qualities for their sheet vinyl flooring. This includes a 1.3 mm vinyl and a thicker, more comfortable 2.28 mm flooring. TrafficMaster also has varying warranties on its material based on the thickness. Their thinner materials have a warranty of about 10 years, while their thicker materials have warranties of 25 years.


The cost of Lifeproof vinyl sheet flooring ranges from $1 to $2 a sq.ft. Lifeproof sheet flooring is available exclusively at Home Depot. This is a good mid-range line of vinyl flooring. It comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and thicknesses. Most are stocked at Home Depot locations in sheets, so it is readily available and easy to find. They have many different lines, ranging from contemporary to traditional in style.


The cost of Congoleum sheet flooring is between $1 and $2.50 a sq.ft. Congoleum has been making vinyl sheet flooring since the 1940s. They have some of the widest selections in terms of color, quality, pattern, and durability. Their warranties range from 5 years for their thinner, basic materials to lifetime for their best-quality floors. Several lines are designed to be very comfortable underfoot with a thicker cushion layer. They also have lines that contain small amounts of silver for antibacterial protection.

Mannington Sheet Vinyl

The cost of Mannington sheet vinyl averages $1.50 to $2.50 a sq.ft. Mannington is a manufacturer of luxury sheet vinyl flooring. Their flooring is thicker than average, making it very soft and comfortable to walk on. They also have a wide range of inlaid patterns to choose from, including many styles and finishes that resemble plank flooring or stone. Their flooring comes in several pre-cut sizes, making it easy to install in different rooms.

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Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation Cost

Sheet vinyl can be installed in two ways. Small sheets can have adhesive placed around the edges and then rolled to adhere them to the flooring. However, the most common method involves gluing the entire sheet or roll to the floor and then using a heavy roller to adhere it. This is more time-consuming and difficult than installing vinyl planks or tiles. This is particularly true if the room has many angles or cabinets to cut around because it makes the installation more difficult. The average cost to install sheet vinyl is $2 to $5 a square foot. Thicker sheet vinyl is generally easier to install than very thin sheet vinyl. So while you may pay more for the material, you pay less for installation. But very complex rooms may have higher installation costs. Small rooms where only the edges of the material must be adhered and rolled tend to have the lowest costs per square foot for installation.


Sheet vinyl is very easy to maintain. It is completely water-resistant, and many types are also scuff-resistant. If scuffs appear, they can generally be removed with a pencil eraser. Otherwise, the only care these floors need is to be swept clean of debris and mopped as needed. The longer the sheet vinyl is in place, the stronger the adhesive becomes. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the material coming loose over time.

Beautiful House Interior With Vinyl Sheet Flooring, a Bedroom and a Wooden Table

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Sheets

Sheet vinyl is one of the least expensive flooring options available. It comes in many colors and patterns and can be soft and comfortable underfoot when in a thicker material. It is completely water-resistant with few-to-no seams, depending on the room size. This makes it very easy to care for and maintain.

The adhesive that installs vinyl sheeting gets stronger over time. This means that if you want to remove the flooring after time has passed, this can be a very difficult and expensive undertaking. And while it comes in many colors and patterns, including those mimicking plank and stone flooring, it does not look exactly the same. For this reason, it may not have the resale value other flooring options have.

Sheet Vinyl vs Vinyl Plank

Sheet vinyl and vinyl planks are made of the same basic material. Sheet vinyl tends to be thinner and made in large rolls, while the planks are usually a little thicker and made to be installed individually. The planks click lock together, meaning they are easier to install and remove.

Of the two, sheet vinyl is most likely to have a printed pattern, while planks are more likely to be inlaid. This means the planks are more costly, but they usually have a better, more realistic texture and finish than sheet flooring. Of the two, sheet vinyl is slightly easier to care for. It has no seams or joints where debris or moisture can get trapped. Planks are very easy to care for, but you need to be aware of possible trapped debris or moisture.

Below are the average costs for each material installed in a 200 sq.ft. room.

Comparison of the Cost to Install Vinyl Sheet or Plank Flooring (mobile)

MaterialAverage Costs (Installed)
Sheet$800 - $1,200
Plank$800 - $2,400

Sheet Vinyl vs Vinyl Tile

Another vinyl flooring option is vinyl tile, which is very similar to vinyl plank flooring in how it is made and installed. The difference is mostly in its appearance. Vinyl tile is more likely to resemble stone or ceramic tile, while plank more closely resembles wood. Vinyl sheet flooring may resemble any of these as well as some mosaic patterns.

Vinyl tile has similar costs to vinyl planks and the same installation type and maintenance. This makes the tile easier to install than sheet flooring, while the sheet is slightly easier to maintain.

Vinyl tile has one other option available that is not seen in sheet or plank. This is a type of groutable vinyl. The joints between the tiles are filled with a special type of grout. This gives the vinyl tile a more realistic tile appearance with all the water-resistant benefits and easy care of regular vinyl. This can increase the costs of the installation slightly, but it often provides better-looking results. Like vinyl planks, there is a wide range of costs, with many types costing more than sheet vinyl. Below is the average cost of each material installed in a 200 sq.ft room.

Comparison of the Cost to Install Vinyl Sheet or Tile Flooring (mobile)

MaterialAverage Costs (Installed)
Sheet$800 - $1,200
Tile$800 - $2,400

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Smoother Transitions

If you install your vinyl sheet flooring in a room that abuts a room with different flooring, you will want to install a transition strip between the two rooms. Multiple materials and styles can be used for this purpose with costs of between $5 and $30 each for a threshold.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating can be installed beneath sheet vinyl. Radiant flooring heats the people and objects in the room directly, making for more efficient heating. The cost of radiant heating is $10 to $25 a sq.ft.

Vinyl Vapor Barrier

When installing sheet vinyl in a basement or other damp area, you may want to install a vapor barrier first. Vapor barriers help prevent moisture from building up beneath the flooring, helping prevent the growth of mold and mildew. The average cost of a vapor barrier is $100 to $150 per room.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Thickness. Vinyl sheet flooring comes in many thicknesses. Generally, thicknesses greater than 2 mm are more expensive but more comfortable underfoot.
  • Pets. Sheet vinyl is a great material to use with pets. It is not affected by urine or pet claws and can be easily swept and mopped clean.
  • Sustainability. Sheet vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride. This is not considered a sustainable material and cannot be recycled after use.
  • Warranties. Most sheet vinyl has warranties of between 10 and 25 years. However, some thinner products have warranties of only 5 years, while some luxury vinyl has lifetime warranties.
  • Underlayment. Vinyl sheet flooring should not be installed over an underlayment except for a vapor barrier in wet areas.
  • Lifespan. Sheet vinyl can easily last 50 years or more. This is a very durable material that does not come up easily.


  • How much does it cost to install sheet vinyl per square foot?

This ranges from $3 to $7 a sq.ft on average, depending on the sheeting type and how it is installed.

  • Do you need an underlay for sheet vinyl?

No, sheet vinyl should not be installed with an underlayment. The only exception is a vapor barrier for use in damp areas.

  • What is a good thickness for vinyl sheet flooring?

Anything over 2 mm will be more comfortable underfoot.

  • What is sheet vinyl used for?

Sheet vinyl can be used for any room in the home. It is water-resistant and easy to maintain, so it makes a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms.

  • How long does vinyl sheet flooring last?

Sheet vinyl flooring may last 50 years or more. It is very durable and difficult to remove once installed.