How Much Does It Cost to Install a French Door In Your Home?

National Average Range:
$1,599 - $2,976

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French Door Installation Cost Guide

Updated: January 2, 2024

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Tradition says that French doors were invented around 700 years ago because people in France wanted more sunlight in their homes. Since French doors typically have more glass than other materials, they don’t fail in delivering. But they’re also found inside the house, where they allow natural light to filter throughout.

The average price to install a French door is $1,599 to $2,976, depending on the door's cost. On the low end, you can install a standard-size French door slab yourself for $211. On the high end, you can have a professional artisan install a custom-made telescoping French door for $15,000. This cost guide walks you through the factors influencing this project cost.

Cost to install a French door

National average cost


Average range

$1,599 - $2,976





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Cost factors that influence a French door installation 

Various factors affect the cost of a French door installation. They include the cost of the door and the labor, but the door prices vary depending on the type and style of the door and the material it’s made of. Below, we look at these factors more in-depth.


French doors come in several different types, depending on the space, size of the door opening, and location in the home. Here is a list of different types of French doors and their applications.

  • Single, inswing – A single door that swings into the room.
  • Double, inswing – Two doors, hinged at opposite sides, that swing into the room.
  • Double, outswing – Two doors, hinged at opposite sides, that swing out of the room.
  • Double, center-hinged – Two doors, hinged at adjoining sides, one door swings into the room.
  • Sliding – Similar to a sliding glass patio door, this version has gridded panes to give the appearance of a traditional French door. One side is fixed, and the other slides, so they’re often called single sliding doors. Inside the home, you can install a single French door as a sliding pocket or barn-style door.
  • Telescoping – Typically a custom install, this style includes multiple sliding glass doors that telescope behind each other to open a large portion of a wall up to the outside.


While a French door is made primarily of glass panels, the rest is made of various materials. The type of material will impact the cost of the door.

  • Wood doors
  • Vinyl doors
  • Aluminum doors
  • Steel doors
  • Fiberglass


The amount of wood or trim, the size and shape, and the hardware for making a French door create different styles to complement your home. From French country and Victorian to Craftsman or Prairie-style, the style of door you choose could affect the replacement cost.


Exterior French doors will have a different price point than interior French doors because exterior doors must be energy efficient. Increased efficiency is accomplished with heavier materials, insulation, and double or triple-pane glass. Also, ornately designed front doors can cost more than exterior doors that open to a patio or deck.


The defining difference between French and other types of doors is the glass. Because French doors are mostly glass, the type of glass is a huge factor when calculating cost. Interior French doors typically have a single pane of glass. Exterior doors will have double or triple-paned glass to improve their efficiency. According to International Residential Code, all glass in doors large enough for a 3-inch sphere to pass through must be safety coated by tempering or laminating.


The labor to install a new prehung interior French door ranges from $56 to $161, depending on the door size and your location.

The labor to install a new prehung exterior French door ranges from $78 to $302, depending on the door size and your location.

If you don’t install your French door yourself, the labor cost adds to the overall price tag. Labor costs vary depending on the following factors.

  • The size and type of the door
  • Whether it’s a prehung or slab-only installation
  • The location in the home–interior vs. exterior

Additional factors

A few other items that contribute to the total cost of a French door installation include:

  • Custom vs. standard size – If the doors in your home aren’t standard sizes, you’ll need to have one custom-made. Custom work will increase the cost of your project.
  • Hardware – Door hardware can cost as little as a $10 door knob to a $400 smart door set.

Average French door installation costs

The cost to install French doors depends mainly on the cost of the materials and how many doors you will install. Below, we’ve broken down the installation cost into three pricing tiers to help you understand what you can afford based on your budget. That way, you can quickly see what installation level is right for you.

Budget-friendly French door installation

The price range of a budget-friendly DIY French door replacement is $211 to $843, excluding the cost to paint or stain.

The lowest pricing tier includes a DIY installation of a slab only. That means you will keep the existing door frame, jamb, and trim around the door. In addition to the door's cost, expect to purchase a quart of paint and primer per door, sandpaper, masking tape, and brushes.

Mid-range French door installation

A mid-range French door replacement costs $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the door's size, type, and location.

Bigger budgets mean more extensive and better projects. In this pricing tier, you have more options. Whether you install a single exterior wood door and stain to match the home’s woodwork or two sets of double doors inside, you can afford much more in this pricing category. Here are a few ideas to get your door design juices flowing.

French doors you can afford on a mid-range budget

  • Having a professional install a single exterior wood French door costs $736 to $1,438.
  • Installing two double French doors inside your home costs $1,459 for stain-grade wood to $5,858 for 8-foot tall metal-frame doors.
  • Installing a storm door on your exterior French door costs $217 to $741.

High-end French door installation

The cost range for a luxury French door installation is $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the door's size, type, and location.

Luxury homes call for custom millwork. And in this budget tier, you can afford it. Of course, the cost of custom doors depends on many variables. But on average, you can afford the following options in this pricing tier.

French doors you can afford on a luxury budget

  • Multiple sets of exterior doors in either wood or aluminum.
  • Non-standard sizes.
  • Professional installation.
  • Triple-pane glazing on exterior doors.
  • Decorative glass on either interior or exterior doors.

Pros and cons of French doors


  • Increased natural light – Because the door is predominantly glass, it allows more natural light to filter through the home.
  • Improved aesthetics – French doors take a home up a notch, from average to alluring in design and style.
  • Versatility – French doors are appropriate for both interior and exterior use. They come in various types and styles to complement any decor.
  • Improves home functionality – When closed, French doors maintain the illusion of an open floor plan while offering privacy for a home office.


  • Take up space – When separating rooms with doors, you need to allow space for the door to swing. Or, you could install them as sliding barn-style doors.
  • Higher cost – French doors command a higher price point than other types of doors due to the cost of the glass.
  • Security – Home intruders more easily break glass doors than solid-core exterior doors.

Can I DIY a French door installation?

If you have experience hanging doors, you can tackle hanging your French door. However, a French door will be much heavier than your typical hollow-core interior door, so having a friend help hold it is a good idea.

If you have standard-sized doors, a prehung kit will make the job easier. However, if you don’t have standard-side doors, you’ll have to have a custom-made door and framing, which will be more challenging to install.

Paying for your new French door 

Whether replacing an existing French door or installing a new one, the project can cost a few thousand dollars. If you don’t have the cash on hand, you may wonder how you will pay for this project. Here are a few options to consider.

  • Withdraw funds from your HELOC. Establishing a home equity line of credit doesn’t cost you anything. And when you need it, the funds for home improvement projects are ready and waiting. If you haven’t opened a HELOC, speak with a lender to get one started. 
  • Use a retailer credit card: Large home improvement retailers frequently offer payment options like two years with no interest or five percent off every purchase. And, if you’re not an account holder, they periodically offer incentives for opening one. If you need a standard-sized door, consider purchasing from one of these retailers to take advantage of these offers.

Ways to save money on a French door 

  • Combine projects. Few trade professionals have the bandwidth to take on small jobs like one-door installation. But if you roll your door into a larger project or install more than one French door, you’re more likely to get their attention and possibly pay less for the labor. 
  • Shop around. Large home improvement retailers like Home Depot sell budget-friendly doors in standard sizes. But if you need something custom-made, secure quotes from several door manufacturers.
  • Choose less costly French door materials.
  • Look for a used door at construction salvage retailers like Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.
  • DIY what you feel comfortable doing.

Your new door

While this guide gives you a jumping-off point to figure out the cost of French doors, you want to call a local professional because these costs are estimates based on national averages. Let us help you find someone to replace your old door with a beautiful new one.

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