How much does it cost to install custom cabinets?

National Average Range:
$15,000 - $25,000

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Updated: October 3, 2022

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Custom cabinets are built for your space. Unlike readily-available stock options, a custom cabinet is built after measurement and options like material, style, and finish are selected. They can be used in any room and are often built to fit unique spaces, such as around appliances or in tight spaces. They may be used in conjunction with standard cabinets or on their own and may be mounted on walls or the floor.

Custom cabinet prices vary depending on the cabinet’s type, size, material, finish, and location. There can be a wide range of costs associated with this project. The national average range for custom cabinetry is $15,000 to $25,000, with most homeowners paying around $18,600 for 30 linear feet of cabinetry with maple wood, raised panel doors, and a paint finish. This project’s low cost is around $5,000 for custom bathroom cabinetry, including a vanity and linen tower in a clear finish. The high cost is $40,000 for 40 linear feet of cherry cabinetry with mitered and raised panel doors, a glazed finish, and appliance panels.

Custom Cabinets Cost

Custom Cabinets Installation Cost
National average cost$18,600
Average range$15,000-$25,000

Cost of Custom Cabinets per Linear Foot

The total average cost per linear foot for custom cabinetry is around $550 to $570. However, this can be a slightly misleading number because of the way that cabinets are priced. They are priced differently than the finished furnishings. They cost roughly $400 a linear foot, not including doors, finish, or moldings. This adds another $150 to $170 a linear foot, depending on what you choose. You may find custom cabinets costing $400 a linear foot but receive a final bill that breaks down much higher.

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Custom Cabinets Cost by Location

Most people have custom cabinets made for their kitchen, but custom cabinetry can be installed in many other areas. It is not uncommon to have them installed in the bathroom, laundry room, or home office. The reason to use a custom cabinet over stock or semi-custom option comes down to size. Custom cabinets can be made to fit unusually sized areas and may offer more storage solutions to suit your needs. For example, you may want them built into your laundry room between and around the washer and dryer for detergents, stacks of linens, and other useful items. Costs for the various areas vary mostly by the amount of cabinetry needed. Kitchens typically need the most, while laundry rooms and bathrooms generally need less.

Cost of Bathroom, Laundry Room, Home Office, Garage, or Kitchen Custom Cabinets (mobile)

LocationAverage Costs (Installed)
Bathroom$2,500 - $7,500
Laundry Room$2,500 - $7,500
Home Office$5,000 - $10,000
Garage$5,000 - $10,000
Kitchen$15,000 - $25,000

Custom Bathroom Vanity

The cost of bathroom cabinets averages $2,500 to $7,500. Custom vanities come in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes. They include things like pull-out baskets and organizers and can have one or two sinks. It is common to add in towers on top of the vanity if you have a 6 foot or larger model or include a stand-alone linen tower. The most common reason to choose custom in this location is to personalize storage space. Making the most of the room’s layout and the storage with the cabinets can make the space more functional.

Custom Laundry Room Cabinets

The average cost of custom laundry room cabinets is between $2,500 and $7,500. Laundry rooms have a wide range of cabinet types and configurations. You can build in your appliances with cabinets around them or separate. You may have wall cabinets, base cabinets, or a combination. You can also include a linen tower if you need additional storage. Custom cabinetry can make the most of a laundry room, adding them to oddly shaped areas.

Custom Home Office Cabinets

Custom cabinets for a home office range from $5,000 to $10,000 on average. It is common to have them installed as a “workstation” or fill a space along a wall. Cabinets for offices are usually base cabinets installed on the floor, but they work well on the wall, too. Sometimes, you can arrange them with a countertop with an opening between the cabinets for a desk area. They may also include shelving for books and other items. Custom cabinets in a home office can make the most of the space, offering increased storage.

Custom Garage Cabinets

The average cost of custom garage cabinets is between $5,000 and $10,000. They vary in height and size. It is common to have several shorter base cabinets and some taller ones for storage. Wall cabinets are less common in garages but can add more storage. Garage ones tend to have smooth, flat finishes and often use bolder colors. Materials are usually different as well, with metal and plastics being more common than wood.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The cost for custom kitchen cabinets averages $15,000 to $25,000. They usually include the upper and lower cabinets. They can also include appliance panels, spice racks, pull-out organizers, moldings, and pantry cabinets. They can also have specialized sink base cabinets. This allows you to have oversized sinks, farmhouse sinks, and other specialized items. Custom cabinets may also be taller or shorter than average to meet your needs.

Cost of Built-in Cabinets by Type

The sky is the limit with custom cabinetry, which is why people choose it over a stock item. In addition to standard cabinet pieces, custom cabinetry is found in a range of other items. This allows you to outfit an entire room in perfectly fitted cabinets that meet your needs:

Cosf of Built-in Cabinet Types: Spice Cabinet, Garage Storage System, Appliance Panel, Short Wall, Wall-Hung... (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs per Unit
Spice Cabinet$100 - $300
Garage Storage System$100 - $2,000
Appliance Panel$120 - $1,000
Short Wall$350 - $450
Wall-Hung$600 - $850
Base$650 - $900
Kitchen Sink Base$800 - $1,200
Glass Door Cabinet$850 - $1,200
Linen Tower$1,000 - $5,000
Pantry Tower$1,000 - $5,000
Vanity Base$1,200 - $5,000
Drawer Base$1,200 - $5,000
Pantry Cabinet$2,000 - $8,000

Custom Spice Cabinet

Custom spice cabinets typically cost between $100 and $300 each. They are generally quite small. They can slide out, meaning that the cabinet does not open but pulls straight out, or be a much thinner standard cabinet. Typically, they have the same height as a standard wall cabinet. They can be anywhere from 2 to 6 inches in width, depending on the type, but custom cabinets can be any size. They usually install directly beside the stove for easy access.

Custom Garage Storage System

Custom garage storage cabinets cost between $100 and $2,000 each, depending on the size and style. Garage cabinets are typically larger than kitchen ones but are made of different materials. Rather than wood, they are usually made with metal and plastics. This means that the cost range can be much broader per cabinet. It is not uncommon to use a range of cabinet sizes in the garage for storage. This creates a modular system that allows for flexibility over time.

Custom Appliance Panel

The cost of appliance panels is $120 to $1,000 per panel. Appliance panels are designed to hide your appliances so that they blend into your cabinets. They are essentially the cabinet’s door portion, without the box and frame. So for a smaller panel, costs can be much lower than a cabinet. However, you can get very decorative with larger panels. You can create an elaborate kitchen panel with costs much higher than cabinets.

Short Wall Cabinet

Short wall cabinets cost between $350 and $450 apiece on average. A short wall cabinet is roughly half the length of a typical cabinet. It is designed to install above things like refrigerators and microwaves. This gives you added storage in areas that may otherwise be unused. While these cabinets are smaller, they have the same features as the other cabinets in the space. This keeps the room’s look cohesive while adding extra storage.

Custom Wall Cabinet

The cost of a custom wall cabinet averages $600 to $850 per cabinet. Wall cabinets come in many sizes. They typically hang on the wall roughly 18 inches above the countertop below. Their height varies depending on how high your ceilings are. This is one benefit of custom cabinets. If you have very tall ceilings, you can invest in taller cabinets. This fills the space more effectively and provides a more custom appearance.

Custom Base Cabinets

Custom base cabinets typically cost between $650 and $900 each. They come in several widths and heights and they are usually deeper than wall cabinets, which is why they cost more. They are also a good addition to kitchens for people who need a different height cabinet than standard. People who are taller than average or use wheelchairs benefit from custom base cabinets, even if they use stock elsewhere in the kitchen. They can also fit oddly sized walls, where you may need the cabinets slightly larger or more narrow to fit evenly.

Custom Kitchen Sink Cabinet

A custom sink base cabinet ranges from $800 to $1,200 on average. Sink base cabinets are larger than ordinary ones because they house your sink and plumbing. Typically, they are roughly 3 inches wider than the sink. If you want an extra-large or farmhouse sink, you need a custom cabinet. Many people choose custom sink base cabinets even if they use stock cabinets elsewhere in the kitchen. Sink base cabinets have custom options added like tilt-down storage at the top or slide-out baskets for trash.

Custom Glass Door Cabinet

The cost of a custom glass door cabinet averages $850 to $1,200. Typically, only wall cabinets have glass doors. You can use a wide range of glass types, from plain to frosted or etched. It is very common to mix glass doors with solid doors so that the glass becomes an accent. Like other custom cabinets, glass door units come in many sizes. Costs increase considerably for larger glass cabinets than larger solid door options because the glass must be thicker as it gets larger.

Custom Bathroom Linen Cabinets

The average cost of bathroom linen towers is between $1,000 and $5,000. Linen towers make great additions to bathrooms that need extra storage. If your bathroom does not have a linen closet or one nearby, a linen tower makes keeping towels on hand easier. Usually, the linen tower has the same door style and finish as the other bathroom cabinets. Half towers are also available, which sit on top of the vanity. These are generally reserved for very large vanities, measuring 6 feet or more in length.

Pantry Tower

The cost of a pantry tower ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 on average. A pantry tower is a smaller, thinner version of a pantry closet. It is typically installed at the end of a run of cabinets rather than in its own area. It can hold non-perishables and contain custom organizers. Behind the door, organizers hold things like brooms and other tall items. Depending on the tower, you can have a range of shelving, drawer, and basket items inside.

Custom Vanity Base

Vanity base cabinets average $1,200 to $5,000. This is the vanity’s main section. Some hold a single sink, while others are large enough to hold two sinks. They may also have other attributes like pull-out drawers beneath the sink base, curved fronts, shelves, or feet. They can be plain or incredibly decorative. The vanity base can be added onto either side for an even larger run of cabinetry if desired.

Custom Drawer Cabinet

The cost of a custom drawer cabinet ranges from $1,200 to $5,000. A drawer base is a lower cabinet containing a set of drawers. This is different from a lower cabinet with a single drawer at the top or bottom and a door taking up the rest of the space. Drawers come in multiple widths and styles. They can be constructed in several ways and have features like soft-close runners. The more complex the drawer construction, the higher the costs.

Custom Pantry Cabinet

The cost of a pantry cabinet is between $2,000 and $8,000 on average. A pantry cabinet is different from a pantry tower. This is a much larger cabinet. It is often twice the width of a tower and may include additional storage on the inside. They may have drawers and shelves on the lower half. They may also contain custom organization materials, including baskets and pull-outs.

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Average Cost of Custom Cabinets by Material

The cabinet material has a significant impact on its final price. Some materials, such as rare or difficult-to-work-with wood species, have much higher costs for the same cabinet as one made with a more common or less difficult wood. The majority of custom cabinets are made from solid wood, which means a hardwood plywood box, but some may be made from MDF or stainless steel. Each material has a different price point, with custom plywood cabinets having a cost range, depending on the species of wood. The costs below are for the cabinet box only, based on different materials available. These costs do not include the doors, hardware, or moldings, all added separately, and do not include installation.

Cost per Square Linear Foot of MDF, Maple, Birch, White Oak, Cherry, or Steel Custom Cabinets (mobile)

MaterialAverage Material Cost per Square Linear Foot
MDF$300 - $400
Maple$300 - $400
Birch$300 - $400
White Oak$400 - $600
Cherry$500 - $700
Steel$1,000 - $1,500

MDF Custom Cabinets

Material costs for MDF custom cabinets are between $300 and $400 a square linear foot. MDF is a mixture of wood pulp and resins and is sometimes known as laminate cabinets. This is the least expensive way to get custom cabinets. However, your options are much more limited with MDF. The material takes paint well and is a good option if you want them painted. However, it cannot be stained and is difficult to repair.

Custom Maple Cabinets

Material costs for custom maple cabinets average $300 to $400 a square linear foot. Maple is a very popular material for light-colored cabinets. It can have a clear, minimal grain or a prominent “curly” grain. Color ranges from a very light, golden brown to a deeper, richer honey color. Maple is a medium-density hardwood. It is tough and durable, but not so hard to work with that it dramatically increases your cabinet costs.

Birch Custom Cabinets

Material costs for birch cabinets are between $300 and $400 a square linear foot. Birch is one of the most common cabinet materials. It has an even grain and solid color. It is easy to work with and fairly readily available. It is so popular for bathroom cabinets that it is one of the most requested materials for vanities. Birch is also a medium-density hardwood. It is durable but easy enough to work with that it does not raise your costs.

White Oak Custom Cabinets

The cost of materials for white oak custom cabinets ranges from $400 to $600 a square linear foot. White oak is often considered slightly more favorable than red oak. White oak has a natural blue/gray undertone to the wood. This differs from red oak, which has a pink undertone. It has a prominent grain but takes stain well. Cabinet makers often prefer oak because it is easy to work with.

Custom Cherry Cabinets

The cost of materials for custom cherry cabinets is $500 to $700 a square linear foot. Cherry is one of the most popular woods with homeowners. It has a rich, reddish hue that gets darker with time, sunlight, and humidity. Because of this, many people who have kitchens with direct sunlight on some cabinets choose to stain their cherry cabinets darker. This prevents them from aging unevenly, with those that get direct sunlight becoming darker over time. Cherry has a straight, even grain and takes stains well for a range of hues.

Custom Steel Cabinets

The cost of material for custom steel cabinets average $1,000 and $1,500 a square linear foot. This makes them the most expensive custom cabinetry. While the cost of material tends to be much higher, the cost of fabrication is usually comparable to the other options. Steel units must meet certain regulations for thickness, which impacts costs. Depending on how the steel is pressed, you may find that less expensive steel cabinets are thinner in the corners, lowering quality. It is usually best to invest in thicker steel for longer-lasting materials.

Custom Cabinet Door Cost

The style and type of door you choose also influences the final costs. The more intricate the door style, the higher the costs. Doors can be slabs, which are a single piece of wood, or they can have panels. A flat panel has an overlay around the edges with a flat panel in the center. A shaker door is an example of a flat panel. Mitred doors and raised panel doors have an overlay but a more intricate panel in the center that moves toward you rather than lying flat. You can also replace the interior panel with glass on some doors for a different look.

Cost of Slab, Flat Panel, Shaker, Mitred, Raised Panel, Plain Glass Inset Panel, or Mullioned Glass Inset Panel Cabinet Doors (mobile)

DoorAverage Costs per Door (Door Only)
Slab$20 - $50
Flat Panel$25 - $55
Shaker$25 - $55
Mitred$40 - $80
Raised Panel$40 - $80
Plain Glass Inset Panel$80 - $120
Mullioned Glass Inset Panel$100 - $200

Custom Cabinets Sizes

One of the benefits of purchasing custom cabinetry is getting different sized or styled cabinets than what is available in stock. When you have a custom cabinet built, it is made to your exact dimensions. If you have very tall ceilings and need longer cabinets or do not have a lot of space and need shallow ones, these can be accommodated. Some of the most common changes in cabinet size are in depth. While a standard base cabinet is 24-inches deep, it could be as little as 12 inches in shallow spaces. While standard wall cabinets are 12 inches, they may be reduced to 6 inches or expanded to 24.

Changing the cabinet’s size by a few inches does not heavily impact costs. However, your costs may increase when altering the size dramatically.

For example, a cabinet measuring 24 inches in height costs about $225 per linear foot, while a cabinet measuring 36 inches in height is $315.

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Custom Cabinets Design

Beyond size, the other reason to consider custom cabinets has to do with style and design. Custom units have more flexibility and options for unique looks. For example, you can mix and match different bases, use decorative end panels, or include moldings or carvings to enhance the look. You can also ask for unique finishes rather than accepting what is on display.

Custom Rustic Cabinets

Rustic cabinets are sometimes described as distressed. The wood is often given “pinholes” by burning the wood. It may be struck or sanded unevenly. The wood used may also not be sanded to as smooth a finish. Sometimes, reclaimed wood can create the cabinets. They can be stained or painted, or the paint may be sanded off the corners for a rustic appearance.

Modern Kitchen With Custom Rustic Cabinets Installed

Custom Modern Cabinets

Modern cabinets are often given a slab door. They also usually have a glossy or smooth surface. It is common to find modern cabinets with bright, bold colors as accents. For example, you may have a white kitchen with a row of three upper cabinets in bright blue or orange. Stainless steel is also frequently used in modern cabinets. Occasionally, modern cabinets use a flat panel with a wider than average overlay. This creates more depth and dimension in the design.

Black and White Kitchen With Custom Modern Cabinets, Rustic Ceiling and Brick Effect Tiles

Custom Tuscan Cabinets

Tuscan style involves natural materials and colors found in Tuscany. That means you can have a wide range of cabinets. They can be painted, glazed, or have a natural wood finish. The most prominent way to give them a more Tuscan appearance is not with the cabinets but the hardware you pair them with. Wrought iron and wood are commonly used in Tuscan design. Using wrought iron hinges and pulls on your wood cabinets help create this design.

Luxury Wood Kitchen With Custom Tuscan Cabinets and Granite Countertop

Custom Cottage Cabinets

Cottagecore is a very popular style. To achieve it, you could use a style with an interior panel with a beadboard pattern rather than a flat or raised panel. The cabinets may be rustic or traditional. They are most commonly white, but it is common to use blue, gray, and other shades. Sometimes, the perimeter cabinets may be white, while the island is blue/gray. Replacing some of the cabinets with shelves is also an option for this design.

Interior Kitchen With Custom Cottage Cabinets

Labor Cost to Install Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinetry can be built in a few ways. Generally, the process begins similarly. You meet with a designer or carpenter to discuss what you want, choose finishes and wood species, and take measurements.

When working with a kitchen designer, this process is part of the overall renovation. If you are hiring a carpenter directly, they generally visit your home to view the space and see your needs.

The cabinets may be built on-site but are often built at the manufacturer or carpenter’s workspace and transported to your home. Because custom cabinets may be used in unconventional spaces or with oddly sized appliances, it is customary to provide the cabinet maker with the dimensions of your appliances, and manufacturers usually have specific dimensions they can send. You also need to send the size of the sink you use in the sink base cabinet. When installing a farmhouse sink, a template must be taken of the sink.

From the time the order is placed to when the cabinets are ready for installation, it usually requires 10-12 weeks. This is because a custom order is built for you, while stock or semi-custom options may be available sooner. Once they are ready, they are delivered to your home and unboxed. The base cabinets are set into place and leveled. They are screwed together at the walls or stiles for stability. Then, the wall cabinets are installed and leveled on the walls. Your plumbing, counter, and backsplash are installed later. In most cases, the kitchen’s flooring should be in place and walls finished before the cabinets go in.

The cabinets themselves cost roughly $100 to $200 per linear foot to install. This cost is roughly the same regardless of cabinet type. Each company that makes and installs custom cabinets handles its labor differently. Construction costs of the cabinets themselves make up roughly 75% of the cabinet costs, with material accounting for the remaining 25%. This means that for 30 linear feet of cabinets, you will pay roughly $3,000 to $6,000 in installation costs, plus $12,000 to $19,000 for the cabinets, doors, and moldings, of which $9,000 to $14,250 is construction and $3,000 to $4,750 is the materials for a total cost of $15,000 to $25,000 for your cabinets, installed.

Cost Breakdown to Install Custom Cabinets: Materials, Construction, Installation, and Total Cost (mobile)

Installation BreakdownCost
Materials$3,000 - $4,750
Construction$9,000 - $14,250
Installation$3,000 - $6,000
Total$15,000 - $25,000

Comparing Types of Cabinets

Custom cabinets are not the only option you have when choosing cabinetry for your home. Some people use custom options alongside a mix of stock and semi-custom, while others choose one option. All three types have pros and cons.

Stock cabinets are the least expensive and fastest to install. They are readily available at most big box stores. What you see is what you get, and there are no changes inside or outside. If they do not fit or you do not like the finish, there is not much you can do.

Semi-custom cabinets take longer to get and cost more. These are usually stock boxes that can be customized with different finishes and accessories. This is a good choice if you need something different than stock but do not want to wait for custom. Semi-custom takes 6-8 weeks on average.

Custom kitchens give you complete control over the cabinets and kitchen. You can change the cabinet’s size, shape, finish, interiors, and accessories. They take the longest to receive - 10-12 weeks on average - and cost the most. You can mix custom and semi-custom to keep costs down.

Elegant Kitchen With Wooden Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets Accessories

Most people only think of the cabinet, including its style, size, and function, when planning the design. Many other components go into the cabinet, all of which have options to choose from, such as door hardware, moldings, and accessories. These things impact costs. Many custom cabinet makers predrill for the hardware you choose, and some doors and drawers may not require any additional hardware to operate.

Cost of Custom Cabinets Accessories: Molding, Drawer Organizers, Shoe Rail, End or Side Panels, Plate Dividers, Wine Cradles... (mobile)

AccesoryAverage Costs
Moldings$10 - $80/linear foot
Drawer Organizers$10 - $100/each
Shoe Rail$20 - $100/each
End or Side Panels$80 - $200/each
Plate Dividers$100 - $200/each
Wine Cradles$100 - $400/each
Hidden Drawers$150 - $200/each
Slide-Out Organizers$400 - $500/each
Pull-Out Unit$400 - $500/each
Wardrobe Lift$500 - $750/each
Appliance Lift$500 - $750/each

Cabinet Hardware

In addition to any accessories, your cabinets also need hardware. These are the hinges, knobs, and pulls that make them functional. They come in a wide range of finishes and styles, and you can mix and match things like knobs and pulls. Your hinges are dictated partly by the cabinet. Full overlay doors can use concealed hinges, while partial overlay doors use partial inset hinges, and inset doors need exposed hinges.

Cost of Exposed Hinges, Knobs and Pulls, Partial Inset Cabinet Hinges, or Concealed Hinges Hardware for Cabinets (mobile)

HardwareAverage Cost Range per Unit
Exposed Hinges$1 - $5
Knobs and Pulls$1 - $100
Partial Inset Cabinet Hinge$5 - $10
Concealed Hinges$10 - $15

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Countertop Installation

Most cabinets require a counter to cover the top. This counter can be made of laminate, wood, stone, quartz, glass, concrete, or metal, and the template for the counter is made after the cabinets are installed. Counters cost between $500 and $1,500 on average.

Sink Installation

If your cabinets are being installed in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or bar area, you also need a sink. Sinks come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations, and costs range from $200 to $1,000, depending on the model.

Lighting Installation

Under-cabinet lighting is a common addition to new cabinetry. You may want a toe-kick area lit or the underside of upper cabinets. This lighting starts at around $200 per light installed.

Shoe Rail

Cabinets for laundry rooms, bedrooms, and mudrooms may have a shoe rail to organize and hold shoes. These costs usually start around $20 each and can go as high as $100.

Appliance Storage

Cabinets can be used to house dishwashers, microwaves, warming drawers, wall ovens, and other appliances. While these are not as expensive as the cabinets themselves, they can still cost around $300 per linear foot to construct.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Most contemporary cabinets are premade in modular units you fit together. This is why opting for custom often provides more options.
  • No customization is available for stock cabinetry. Semi-custom has some options but adds to the lead time.
  • Custom cabinetry is made to order and takes up to 12 weeks to complete before installation can occur.
  • When installing a sink, you need a plumber on hand after the counter is installed.
  • Stock and semi-custom cabinets are a lower-cost alternative to custom ones, coming in at around $3,560 on average.
  • Custom cabinets may have varying warranties, depending on who builds them. Always ask to find out what is covered.
  • Depending on the remodel’s extent, installing your cabinets may involve moving appliances, which means moving electric, gas, plumbing, and vents. Your designer or cabinet maker should help you make these determinations before construction starts.
  • Custom cabinets should always be installed by professionals. This is not a DIY job unless you are an experienced carpenter.
  • When replacing old cabinetry, you may need to pay a removal fee of between $100 and $500, depending on how many cabinets you are removing.


  • Are custom kitchen cabinets worth the price?

This depends on your aim. If you need cabinets of a different height or width, then yes, they can be invaluable. If you just want good-looking cabinets, no, they do not offer as big an ROI as semi-custom.

  • Is building cabinets cheaper than buying?

If you have carpentry skills, yes. When hiring someone else to build them, no, it costs more.

  • How much do custom cabinets cost per foot?

The average cost per foot is around $400 a linear foot for the cabinets.

  • Does IKEA make custom cabinets?

No, they do not. You can change the fronts and hardware to customize their appearance, but they do not make custom cabinets.

  • Does Home Depot do custom cabinets?

While Home Depot does not make custom cabinets, they work with companies that do, such as Omega. You can order custom kitchen cabinets through Home Depot.