How much does it cost to install a garage organizer system?

National Average Range:
$2,500 - $5,000

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Updated: August 18, 2022

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Garages benefit many homeowners, providing them with a safe space to store vehicles, extra storage room for tools, gardening supplies, and many other items. Unfortunately, most homeowners struggle to keep their garages tidy and organized, failing to use the space efficiently. Garage storage and organizer systems make the most of your space, keep all your items organized, and free your space of clutter.

The price of garage storage depends on the garage’s size, the storage required, and installation. Most homeowners spend between $2,500 and $5,000. A medium-sized garage organizer system with a workbench, shelves, cabinets, hooks, and overhead storage costs around $3,500 when professionally installed. On the low end, you can buy a simple prefab shelving unit for a small garage and install it yourself for around $75. On the high-end, you could have a large, custom-made garage organizer system installed for around $13,000, including a workstation, rails, racks, hooks, shelves, and drawers, plus new wiring and power outlets.

Garage Organization Costs

Garage Storage Prices
National average cost$3,500
Average range$2,500-$5,000

Prefab vs Custom Garage Storage Prices

Homeowners can choose between premade organizers in stores or online and custom systems uniquely designed and produced to suit your exact measurements and specific needs. The costs of custom-made systems are usually higher than premade organizers because there is more labor involved in creating custom systems than mass-produced alternatives. The table below shows the average costs to organize a garage using prefab and custom items.

Comparison of the Cost of Prefab and Custom Organizer Systems for a Whole Garage (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs for a Whole Garage (Material Only)
Premade$2,300 - $6,300
Custom$2,900 - $8,200

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Garage Storage Prices by Element

Your storage system may require all sorts of products, from shelves and cabinets to hooks and baskets. You may want drawers to store your tools and some ceiling equipment to hang your bicycles. Perhaps you would like a workbench and some cabinets to match. These items are easy to find and buy. However, you may benefit from the trained eye of an installer who is used to putting storage systems together like a jigsaw puzzle to maximize space, efficiency, and versatility.

Cost of Prefab and Custom Garage Storage by Element: Shelving, Cabinets, Hooks, Baskets, Monkey Bars, Drawers, Tool Storage... (mobile)

ElementAverage Costs Prefab (Materials Only)Average Costs Custom (Materials Only)
Hooks$1 - $25N/A
Baskets$10 - $125N/A
Monkey Bars$50 - $200N/A
Sport Rack$25 - $250$75 - $650
Drawers$50 - $750$150 - $3,000
Shelving$50 - $1,000$100 - $4,000
Tool Storage$50 - $1,000$100 - $4,000
Overhead Storage$75 - $400$300 - $1,000
Slatwall Rails$75 - $1,000$325 - $1,250
Cabinets$100 - $2,000$200 - $8,000
Workbench$150 - $1,500$400 - $1,750


You will pay between $1 and $25 for each hook, with the price based on the size and the amount of weight it can hold. Hooks are among the cheapest storage accessories you can buy. They are simple and come in many sizes, colors, and materials. Make sure you find hooks that can support whatever you need. This might be coats, clothes, tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, and bikes. Hooks are easy to move, too, so you can modify your storage as your needs change over time.

Storage Baskets

The average cost for a storage basket is between $10 and $125. Baskets are one of the most common components of garage storage solutions. They can often be positioned on shelves or overhead racks to store whatever you need. One of the benefits of using baskets is that they are portable, which means you can rearrange them and move them around whenever you wish.

Monkey Bar Storage

You will pay between $50 and $200 for one set of Monkey Bars, which is a system of steel wall racks that you can use to store virtually anything on your garage walls. One set of monkey bars is four feet wide and is designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds. You can also pair hooks and accessories with Monkey Bars shelving for excellent versatility. They are also a great choice if you are working with limited space and need to store several items.

Sports Rack

A sports rack costs between $25 and $250, with the cost depending on the size and type of rack you purchase. Custom racks range from $75 to $650. The garage is usually the best place to store sporting goods like bikes, kayaks, golf clubs, and fishing rods. It is also a convenient home for sporting goods since you can easily transport your equipment from your storage racks to your vehicles when you head out for a game.

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers for your garage cost between $50 and $750 and are an ideal place for all sorts of items. You can get a custom set of drawers made for between $150 and $3,000. Drawers come in many sizes and styles, from simple plastic racks on wheels to stronger metal units that fit with your cabinets. They are good at storing tools and small accessories, making them popular with DIY enthusiasts, and can store all kinds of other smaller items. You might purchase them as part of a set alongside matching racks and other garage storage features.

Garage Shelving

Costs for garage shelving range from $50 to $1,000, with custom work ranging from $100 to $4,000. Shelving is a very popular storage option for storage, and it comes in many forms. You can opt for freestanding shelving units, add-on units for cabinets and structures, and wall-mounted shelves to store items. Wall-mounted shelves are popular for small spaces when you must maximize your available space. They are also convenient for displaying items to make them easy to find.

Tool Storage

Average costs range from $50 to $1,000 for garage tool storage. A custom tool storage arrangement costs between $100 and $4,000. Most people keep tools in their garages, and you can buy premade tool storage solutions for your hammers, drills, and screwdrivers. These storage systems range in size and style. Some are simply small drawer units. Others are made in the style of a slat wall panel or pegboard with built-in hooks and hangers. Tool storage options often feature locking mechanisms to keep valuable tools safe from theft.

Overhead Storage

Prices for overhead garage storage are $75 to $400. Custom work for overhead storage increases to $300 to $1,000. You may want to think vertically to make the most of your space. Many garages incorporate overhead racks and shelves for ceiling storage solutions. These racks can store bikes, kayaks, sporting equipment, and larger tools but can take the weight of heavier items. Your professional storage system installer can help you calculate the weight of the items you expect to store on your ceiling racks.

Slatwall Rails

Prices for slatwall rails range from $75 to $1,000. Custom slatwall rails cost between $325 and $1,250. Slatwall rails are very popular for their convenience and versatility. They function like pegboards but with horizontal slits and rails for different tools and items, rather than holes for hooks and pegs. You can customize slatwall panels in many ways with colors and materials that match your other storage equipment, as well as the width and length of the slats.

Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets cost between $100 and $2,000 and come in a wide range of sizes and styles, including freestanding cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets. These cabinets can store many items, from tools and gardening equipment to clothes and toys. Custom cabinets cost a fair amount more at $200 to $8,000 but help you maximize your space best by offering sizes that perfectly match your available area.


Prices for workbenches vary from $150 to $1,500. Custom benches cost between $400 and $1,750. Many people like to make DIY projects in the garage, and a workbench or workstation helps those projects. It provides a sturdy surface for sawing, drilling, and sanding. Some workbenches are simple, just a piece of wood and four strong legs. Others incorporate drawers, pegboards, and tool hooks. A workbench pairs well with tool storage and helps you create a small workshop out of your garage where you can work on vehicle parts, build furniture, or take up any other hobby you want.

Garage Sport Organizer Cost by Type

Sports items, accessories, and equipment are commonly kept in garages because these items tend to be large, dirty, and difficult to store. Because of this, many stores and organization specialists offer a range of products for storing sports items like kayaks and snowboards. Manufacturers offer an incredible array of prefab options for their garage sports organization. You will often find the ideal component that fits in your garage, even if it takes some searching through extensive product listings. Your contractor is a great resource, too, for product choice, size, and design. Custom work typically is not necessary due to a wide selection of existing products. Most companies do not even offer custom products. The table below shows some common garage sports organizers, along with average costs for each one.

Cost of Prefab Garage Sport Organizers: Kayak and Bike Racks, Snowboard Rack, Rod Holder, Surf Racks, Golf Bag Storage, Basketball Storage... (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs Prefab (Materials Only)
Sports Ball Organizer$25 - $100
Basketball Storage$25 - $150
Golf Bag Storage$25 - $150
Surf Racks$25 - $250
Rod Holder$25 - $250
Snowboard Rack$50 - $300
Kayak Rack$50 - $300
Bike Rack$50 - $500

Sports Ball Organizer

You will pay between $25 and $100 for a sports ball organizer where you can store most types of sports balls. If you coach a soccer team, a rack to keep track of the soccer balls and equipment might help you keep things in order. If you are a tennis enthusiast, you might want a rack or organizer that makes your tennis balls easy to access when you head out to practice.

Basketball Storage

Garage basketball storage costs between $25 and $150 and is one of the best ways to store basketballs to keep them from rolling under cars and getting in the way when they are not in use. Basketball storage options are available as bags or racks. The more expensive storage options tend to offer helpful features like wheels.

Golf Bag Storage

Storing your golf bag and its contents costs between $25 and $150. Golf clubs, bags, and equipment run the gamut from budget-friendly to outrageously expensive, but it is always a good idea to create a dedicated storage space for your clubs. A wall mount is one creative golf bag storage solution. Cabinets are a popular storage option, too.

Surf Racks

You will find that surf racks for your garage storage cost between $25 and $250 and help you get your surfboards where they belong: off the floor. Surfboards and related equipment like stand-up paddleboards are usually quite large, which means hanging them up out of the way helps prevent damage and maximizes available space.

Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing rod holders usually cost between $25 and $250 and are essential because rods that are allowed to rest on the floor become bent due to gravity. Rod holders keep your rods safe and unbroken. They are also a great way to display the equipment of your favorite hobby. Racks run the gamut from simple and straightforward to complex and elaborate.

Snowboard Rack

A snowboard rack for your garage costs between $50 and $300. Snowboards take up a fair amount of room and can get bent or misshapen like surfboards and fishing rods when stored improperly. If you are a snow enthusiast, you may be able to find a rack that combines storage for skis, snowboards, poles, and boots.

Kayak Rack

Kayak racks run from $50 to $300 and take up a fair amount of real estate. One of the most significant items you might store in your garage that is not a car is a kayak. Fortunately, racks are available that help you keep your kayak on the wall or even above your head, helping you store your kayak even if your garage is small and limited on space.

Bike Rack

Bike racks vary significantly in price, with a cost of $50 to $500. Some bicycles represent an incredible investment, which means safe storage options are necessary. Bicycle racks vary from simple hooks on the wall to more complex arrangements with locks and other features that help prevent theft. Hoists and devices that allow you to lift the bicycle to its storage spot are also available.

Workshop Professional Garage With a Large Set of Tools

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Labor Costs to Organize a Garage

In addition to the cost of purchasing a garage organization system, you may also need to factor in labor costs. Garage storage installation costs vary and depend on the overall complexity of the job. Freestanding cabinets and a workbench might take less time and effort to install than a custom rack hung from the ceiling and custom cabinets attached to the walls.

Your professional installer can quote you for everything related to the installation, from design to parts to installation. Some installers provide you with an itemized list of services, and others offer a comprehensive bid for the project. The company you select may or may not charge a fee of around $100 for the inspection and work proposal.

You can also pay to have professionals install the various parts of your garage storage system, such as cabinets, bike racks, and overhead units. A handyman can handle most of these jobs, with average prices ranging from $50 to $100 per hour. Depending on the amount of labor required, expect to pay $50 to $1,000 for labor only.

Build Garage Cabinets

Costs for custom garage cabinets range from $250 to $8,000 or more with high-end brands. You may choose to make custom garage cabinets in a specific size and style to suit your space. This can be a good option if you have a small space or unique or oddly shaped items.

Install an Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage installation costs vary from $50 to $200, depending on the job's complexity. Overhead racks and storage units are very useful for storing bikes, sports balls, and gardening equipment. They can be tricky to install on your own, so you may want to hire a handyman.

Garage Storage Cost by Size

Garage size impacts the total cost to build and install storage. Large spaces have room for shelving, cabinets, and extras like chairs, plumbing, faucets, and appliances. However, small garages may only have enough room for a hanging shelf or a few shelves on the back wall. Most garages are 20' to 24' long, but their widths vary dramatically.

Some garages are deeper, which allows for installing equipment and shelving at the rear with cars parked at the front. There is no firm rule on what constitutes a large or small garage, but some general size ranges help determine the size of your garage and your likely cost for storage.

A small garage will usually fit one car and have a width between 12' and 16'. Medium garages should fit two vehicles and have a width between 22' and 26'. Large garages that fit three cars increase to at least 32' wide or wider.

Average Cost to Install Prefab and Custom Storage in a Small, Medium, and Large Garage (mobile)

SizeAverage Costs Prefab (Installed)Average Costs Custom (Installed)
Small$650 - $3,900$750 - $5,100
Medium$2,150 - $6,500$2,400 - $8,450
Large$2,500 - $10,000$3,450 - $13,000

Benefits of Garage Organization

There are many benefits in investing in garage storage and organization systems to tidy up all that clutter. The first and most obvious benefit is that the garage organizes and clears floor space. Many homeowners use this space as a junk room, throwing items there and failing to organize them effectively. But once you start making use of storage shelves and solutions, you can free up floor space and start using your garage for storing your vehicle and walking around easily.

It is also much safer to keep your garage organized because they are often filled with tools, sharp items, and potentially dangerous accessories that could be hazardous to children, adults, and animals. It is also more aesthetically pleasing to step into a clean and tidy garage, where everything is neatly organized and stored.

You can spend more time in and get more use out of your garage if it is cleaner and more attractive. You can pursue DIY projects and find and use your tools more effectively with them organized on a pegboard or slat wall. You will also notice that your tools, sports equipment, and other items last longer when safely stored on racks and walls.

Interior of a Clean Garage

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Lighting and Outlets

Adding lighting around your organization storage items makes it easier to find and store your items and use the workbench or other work areas. Electricians generally charge $40 to $120 per hour. Individual light features usually cost $165 to $195, including purchasing and professional installation. Minimal wiring costs $1,500, and adding a new outlet costs $120 to $200.

Epoxy Flooring

Adding epoxy flooring to garages and industrial spaces is common because it is a very strong material that can withstand heavy usage. The average cost of epoxy flooring for a typical 20’ x 24’ garage is $2,230-$4,015.

Garage Remodeling

You might also decide to remodel your entire garage. Remodeling can breathe life into your garage space, adding new walls, floors, and wiring to make it more attractive or even convert it into an extra living space. Average costs for this ranges from $7,000 to $15,000.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Before choosing your organization system. When designing your garage organization system, consider the hobbies of everyone in the household, the typical chores, and what items are currently stored in the garage. Also, take time to inspect the walls, ceiling, floors, and entrances for any gaps or weaknesses that could lead to heat loss. You can also hire a professional home inspector to carry out this work for you.
  • Safety measures. After clearing out your garage for the new organizer system, consider adding new safety and security measures, such as fire extinguishers or locks.
  • Hazardous items. Be careful about the items you store in your garage. Even though it is common to see propane tanks and old paint canisters in many garages, these items are hazardous and should be stored elsewhere or disposed of instead.
  • Child-proofing. If you have children, try to keep them away from dangerous tools and items by child-proofing your garage. For example, consider adding locks to your tool cabinet or drawer.
  • DIY. If you have some DIY experience, you may be able to do the organization yourself, only needing to cover the costs of basic tools, screws, and DIY accessories to fit the shelves and set up the storage units.


  • How much does it cost to install garage shelves?

Prefab garage shelves cost between $50 and $1,000 on average. You can install them almost for free by setting them up yourself, or hire a professional and pay around $50 to $100.

  • How deep should a garage shelf be?

Shelves vary in depth from 6-7” up to 24” or more. For garages, where tools and heavy items are stored, a minimum depth of 16” is recommended.

  • What can I store in my garage?

You can store many items in your garage, including tools, gardening equipment, sports gear, bikes, clothes, firewood, furniture, and holiday decorations.

  • How do you hang things on garage walls?

To hang items on garage walls, install hooks, hangers, wall-mounted racks, or pegboards. First, find the hooks and hangers that support the weight of your items.

  • How do I maximize my garage storage?

A good way to maximize garage storage space is to use the walls and ceiling with pegboards, hooks, shelves, and overhead racks.