Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

How much does it cost to install a garage door opener?

There are several types of garage door openers - the screw-drive, chain drive, and the belt drive styles. Each has its proverbial "pluses" and "minuses", and each comes with a different range of costs and requirements

To install a single new garage door opener will cost between $200 and $425. The higher pricing is associated with a professional installation, but for the purpose of this discussion we will actually look at the costs and requirements for installing a new garage door opener on a DIY basis.

Is it really that simple? An experienced homeowner (along with a helper) will require only very basic carpentry skills and knowledge along with some standard household tools. This usually includes a screwdriver, hammer, adjustable wrench, tape measure, socket wrench, hack saw, pliers, level, and wire stripper to complete the full installation. It will take roughly six hours to complete and will cost around 49% less to manage the project independently. If the homeowner is nervous about the electrical part of the process they can call in a licensed electrician to tackle the hard wiring and this will require about an hour of time and roughly $70 to $80 in labor costs.

Cost breakdown

The typical costs will include:

  • Selecting an opener - The screw-drive varieties will cost between $150 to $250 for the equipment and will be far less noisy than the chain drive versions. The chain drive types average $130 to $180 for the equipment, and the belt drives are the quietest and most costly averaging between $170 and $350 each. Remember these prices are for equipment only, and will operate just a single door each; and
  • Understanding the features - in most areas it is mandated that all doors have a reverse directional safety feature that causes the door to open when it meets an obstacle (as this can prevent accidental crushing), infrared beams built into the devices to indicate when the car has left or entered, they also should have an emergency battery-power option to allow the door to function even if electrical service is inoperable, and manual functionality to provide a way to open the door under all conditions. It is also a good idea to seek out models with fixed controls that look like a doorbell but which trigger the door to open when pressed.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Remote controls - using a handy keychain sized control is the preferred method for a modern garage door opener, but these should be programmed with "rolling" codes. This is to ensure that would-be thieves and burglars cannot obtain the security code through illegal actions and that a neighbor's remote doesn't open the wrong door as well. These simply generate a new code with each use and will only function with the appropriate transmitters;
  • Lighting features - many garage door openers can also be purchased with a security lighting fixture. This is mounted directly into the motor housing and comes on when the opener is activated. The lighting is also intended to be put to use even when the door is closed, and this usually occurs through the use of the remote control device.

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Cost to install a garage door opener varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

Labor cost by city and zip code

Compared to national average
Arlington, TX
Atlanta, GA
Aurora, CO
Avon, IN
Baltimore, MD
Brooklyn, NY
Cary, NC
Chandler, AZ
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Chula Vista, CA
Cincinnati, OH
Clermont, FL
Cleveland, OH
Colorado Springs, CO
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Dallas, GA
Dayton, OH
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Edmonds, WA
Fairburn, GA
Forney, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Gilbert, AZ
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Killeen, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Long Beach, CA
Longmont, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Macomb, MI
Marietta, GA
Mckinney, TX
Memphis, TN
Mesquite, TX
Midlothian, VA
Minneapolis, MN
Monroe, GA
Nashville, TN
Oldsmar, FL
Omaha, NE
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA

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