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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

Average Cost
(8’x7’ insulated steel rollup garage door, installed)

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

Average Cost
(8’x7’ insulated steel rollup garage door, installed)

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If you park in your home’s garage, chances are the garage door is the way you usually enter your home. Garage doors get a lot of use every day, helping to secure what is inside while also enhancing the curb appeal. Your garage door can be made of many materials, operate in several ways, and come in many styles, all of which impact the total cost of a new door installation. The average cost range for a new, sectional steel garage door installation is between $500 and $2,000, with most homeowners spending around $992 on a new door and installation.

Garage Door Installation Costs

Garage door costs
National average cost$992
Average range$500 - $2,000

Minimum cost


Maximum cost$4,078

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Install Garage Door Cost by Project Range

8’x7’ uninsulated steel garage door, uninstalled
Average Cost
8’x7’ insulated steel rollup garage door, installed
16’x7’ redwood garage door with automatic opener, installed

Garage Door Price Calculator

Use our garage door cost calculator to figure out how much your garage door installation project will cost. Prices vary across the country, but with the help of our calculator, you can get a good idea of the estimated cost for your garage door.

Garage Door Price Calculator

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Single vs Double Garage Doors

If your garage holds more than one car, you have options for the configuration of the doors. You can opt to have two or more separate single doors or a single wider door that opens to expose the entire interior.

Using two single doors can give a more distinct appearance to the property, particularly if you use a decorative door style. They require a little more space, however, because they must have support built between them.

A single door wide enough to cover a larger area can provide a slightly more streamlined appearance and needs less room. It is usually less expensive to install one large double door than two single doors. A new double garage door installation usually runs between $1,200 and $1,500 on average. Assuming the same style and material, two singles doors would cost closer to $2,000.

New Garage Door Material

Garage doors can be made of a variety of materials, each with attributes and price points to consider:


Steel is one of the most common materials for garage doors. It is sturdy, fairly inexpensive, and readily available in the sectional style that most garage door users are familiar with. Steel doors start at around $400 on average, but they are difficult to customize and have limited styles. They may dent and not insulate as well as other types.


Vinyl 1 is an attractive option for anyone who wants a door with a wood appearance that is lightweight and low-maintenance. It often has a foam core for good insulation and is fairly inexpensive. However, vinyl can warp in high temperatures and crack at low temperatures, so it is best used in moderate climates. There are also stock models available, basic doors being the most common. Vinyl garage doors start at around $600.


Aluminum is a good alternative to steel for manual doors because it is lighter in weight and easier to use. Aluminum is less likely to sag over time due to weight issues, and it can be insulated. It can dent, however, and costs more than steel, about $800 for a basic door.


Composite is considered a good alternative for those who like the look of wood but do not want the maintenance. Composite doors are made with a blend of fibers and resins, and they can have a natural-looking wood grain. They do not require as much painting as wood, but they also are not as customizable, so you will have fewer options. They can be insulated but tend to be pricey, with costs starting at $1,500.


Fiberglass 2 is also a good alternative to wood if you want the appearance without the associated maintenance. Fiberglass can be painted or not, and it can be insulated as well. It is lightweight and does not dent or rust. It may crack over time, however, especially in cold weather. There are not many options for custom doors, so you have to choose from stock models. Costs begin at $1,500.


Wood has become very popular in recent years for its beauty and ability to create a custom garage door. It can be used in any door style from section to tilt up to carriage, and there are many different wood species you can use. Wood is one of the most expensive materials for garage doors, however, and it requires a lot of maintenance to look its best. These garage doors have starting costs of about $2,000.

New Garage Door Prices by Material

MaterialAverage costs
Vinyl 1$600

Garage Door Styles

Like the front door on your home, your garage door comes in a range of different styles. Some may only be available in custom doors, but many can be found in stock doors in a variety of materials as well. Common styles include:

  • Paneled: This is one of the most common styles. The door has many “panels,” breaking it up and giving it dimension and depth. Many sectioned doors have this style.
  • Carriage Doors: Carriage doors have gained in popularity over the last 10 years. This set of two doors opens outward. The carriage style is usually custom and wood or wood-look and may have panels, crossbeams, or a variety of other designs. They may also have glass inserts and often have a curved or arched top.
  • French Doors: If you want a lot of windows and a classic appearance, it is possible to get French-style garage doors. These look and operate like standard French doors but on a larger scale. Due to the amount of glass, they often do not insulate as well as other styles. Sometimes, the doors may not have glass and look similar to a carriage door without the arched top.

Garage Door Sizes

If you opt for custom doors, you can have them made in any shape or style. However, if you want stock doors, there are a few standard sizes for garage doors.

Single doors are 8 to 9 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet high. Costs start at $250 - $10,000, depending on the style and material.

Double doors are 16 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet high. Costs start at $400 - $12,000 on average.

If you have a door in other dimensions, it must be custom-made.

Garage Door Opener

While all garage doors can typically be opened manually, most people opt to have an opener installed. This automatically raises or lowers an overhead door or opens up a set of carriage doors. Garage door openers come in many forms to meet the needs of different garage door types and have costs ranging from $300 - $350 for most screw-driven overhead openers.

Garage Door Opening Styles

Most garage doors open overhead, but there are other styles, which are largely tied to the type of door you purchase and how it is constructed and installed:

  • Sectional Doors - These are the most common type of garage doors. They are made of horizontal sections that allow the door to easily move upward and overhead.
  • Up and Over - This door type is a single piece that is suspended in its frame. It tilts outward before moving up and overhead.
  • Swing Out - This is sometimes called a side-hinged door. It consists of two doors that swing out from the middle to open. This restricts how close you can come to the doors with your car and still allow the doors to open.
  • Sliding - A sliding door, which is a slide to the side door, may operate in one of two ways. The door may be a single piece that slides sideways along a track like a barn door or be sectioned, bending to the interior wall as it opens.

Garage Door Screen

If you work in your garage and want the door open, you may want to invest in a garage door screen. Screens help keep out insects while allowing air to circulate. Like window screens, they come in different styles, some of them motorized like the garage door.


Retractable screens may be manual or motorized. They install in front of your garage door in a header and completely seal the garage door when down. This means they are great at keeping out insects but must be raised and lowered every time someone wants to go through. They have costs starting at about $100 for manual options and $500 for motorized.


A motorized screen allows you to raise and lower it with the push of a button rather than having to reach overhead to pull it down. This is good for people who have difficulty raising their arms overhead and for children who cannot reach the screen. They cost more than manual, however, and to allow someone through, they need to complete the full circuit of raising and lowering, which takes time. Costs start at $500.

Walk Through

A walk-through garage door screen is a hanging screen that uses magnets to seal itself. It is inexpensive and easy to hang and use but does not seal the garage as well as other types. They start at $25 - $50 and come in many mesh types and weights.

Garage Door Installation Process

The process for installing any garage door starts with measurements. While most doors are a standard size, some homes need a custom door. After measuring and ordering, the installation process varies depending on the door type. Carriage doors are installed with hinges on either side, like a standard door, so the frame is installed first, then the door hung and leveled. 

For most overhead doors, the panels are installed first, then the track that it will slide in, along with the hinges. The spring assembly that raises the door is attached, then the tracks bolted together, and the spring installed and tightened.

The rod and pulleys and the cables are installed last. The door is tested to make sure it slides properly and has the right tension. If a garage door opener is being installed, this is done at this time.

Labor Costs to Install a Garage Door

Most professionals charge a flat rate for the installation of a new door. For each single door, the cost is usually around $200 for a sectional door, with installation costs for a double door starting at about $375.

Custom doors and very heavy wood doors often have higher costs than lighter materials. If you have unusual garage door wraps or specialized hardware, this also raises costs. Add between $100 to $200 for the installation of a garage door opener. For a single garage door with an opener, the installation costs are around $370 out of the $992 total.


Most garage doors today are insulated, which is a good idea if your garage is attached to your home. The insulation is usually polystyrene, with a few using polyurethane, and is typically added to the core of the door. So, the material your door is made of wraps over the insulation and is not seen. Some doors have layers of insulation added, which increases how well they insulate.

Like all insulation, garage doors have an R-rating, and the higher the number, the better the door insulates.

Doors range from R values of 0 for unattached garages to 20 for doors used in very cold climates. Costs for insulated doors begin at around $600 for steel doors and about $800 for vinyl. Fiberglass and composite doors containing insulation start at approximately $1,500, and insulated wood doors begin at $2,000. The higher the insulation level, the higher the cost. For example, a steel door with R8 costs around $600, while a similar door with R16 is about $1,000.

Replacement vs Repair

Garage doors may be replaced for several reasons, including boosting the curb appeal of a home. However, there are times when you may want to replace the door because the existing door is damaged. Not all types of damage can be repaired, such as a cracked vinyl door. It should be replaced, but some damage can be repaired, usually for less than the cost of a new door. 

Most garage door problems come from the springs and torsion needed to lift them. This repair can be done for around $250. This assumes, however, that the door is in good condition and the only issue is with its mechanism.

If the door is rotting, corroding, rusting, or has cracks or broken sections in the door, you may want to replace it because these issues can compromise the security of your home and its curb appeal. However, if the door is in good condition but simply not operating properly, repair is usually the best choice.

Enhancements and Improvements

Removing and Disposing of the Old Door

Unless this is new construction, you will have an old door that needs to be removed and disposed of. This is usually done for a nominal fee of between $30 - $50, but some companies may charge more for heavy or oversized doors. 


It is common to have new lighting installed in the garage at the same time as a new door. Because an electrician is usually on-site to install the opener, having lighting put in at the same time can reduce costs. Electricians charge $65 - $85 an hour for labor, plus the price of your light, which can add $200 - $500 to the total cost of the project.

Resizing the Opening

If you had a custom door size in the past and want to make it standard or want to combine two single doors into a double door, you need to have the opening resized. This cost varies from $500 - $2,000, depending on the scope of the project.

Glass Garage Doors

Many people who update for curb appeal opt for glass garage doors, which can be glass panels or oversized glass doors. They start at around $2,000 on average.

Additional Costs and Considerations

  • Many states in high-wind regions, such as California, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, and Florida, have wind-load reinforcement requirements for garage doors. Ensure that your garage door is wind-load certified with the relevant building code for your area.
  • Not all garage door materials work in all climates. Seaside doors and doors in very hot or cold climates must handle the local conditions. Ask your installer which material will work best for your area.
  • Garage doors can add value to your home, offsetting some of the cost at the time of resale.

  • Due to their size, garage doors may be more susceptible to damage from high winds than other openings. Doors in high-wind areas may require additional bracing and heavier gauge tracking to withstand the winds.


  • How much does it cost to install a two-car garage door?

The average cost of a two-car garage door installation is around $1,600.

  • How long does it take to install a garage door?

A garage door can usually be installed in 1 to 3 hours.

  • Can you install a new garage door on old tracks?

This depends on the condition of the tracks and whether the new door and old tracks are compatible. Some companies have proprietary tracks that make this impossible. 

  • Does homeowner’s insurance cover a garage door replacement?

This depends on the reason for replacement and how the door was damaged. Speak to your insurance agent for more information. 

  • Should I get an insulated garage door?

If your garage is attached to your home, insulated doors are recommended. ​

Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
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glossary term picture Vinyl 1 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
glossary term picture Fiberglass 2 Fiberglass: Plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers. The fibers may be mixed randomly throughout the plastic, or come in the form of a flat sheet, or be woven into a fabric

Cost to install a garage door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources.
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Cost to install a garage door varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources.