How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Professional Organizer?

Average range: $200 - $800
Average Cost
(consultation and 3 hours of organizing in an area of the house)

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We’ve all reached that place at some point in our lives where clutter just seems to take over, and it becomes almost impossible to tackle. Life is busy, stuff adds up, and little things that go left undone become big clutter piles that create even more avoidance because people are suddenly overwhelmed with no idea where to begin. Professional organizers can come in to assist with decluttering and organizing your home or business space. Also, they teach you how to become more organized and efficient on a day-to-day basis, saving you time and making your life easier in many ways.

The national average cost to hire a professional organizer is around $200 to $800, with most people spending about $450 for a consultation and three hours of organizational services. On the low end, you could spend as little as $50 for a simple consultation with an organizer on a small project with only one hour of work. At the top of the price range, you may spend up to $1,500 on a full home organization and decluttering that involves three or more rooms and 15 hours of work.

Cost of Decluttering Service

Professional Organizer Cost
National average cost$450
Average range$200 - $800
Minimum cost$50
Maximum cost$1,500

Professional Organizer Cost by Project Range

Simple consultation and one hour of service from a professional organizer
Average Cost
Consultation and 3 hours of organizing in an area of the house
Full home organization project with consultation and 15 hours of work

What Is a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer is someone who earns a living by helping others organize their lives. They assist with general home and business decluttering and organization, bills and financial organization, list-making, appointments, and even help you develop ways to stay organized and keep things running smoothly in your home or business. Even the best intentions are often thwarted by things like a lack of time, uncertainty about where to start, and the anxiety that often comes from feeling overwhelmed with how far someone has let things go. This can make it difficult to succeed at getting (and staying) organized on your own.

You can read and watch videos and study as much as you want, but sometimes that hands-on experience and interaction are what make the difference in your success. Having someone physically come in and assist you and show you the way can be a lot more effective. In addition to helping establish order, they can teach you how to maintain it over time. Individual organizers may have a smaller menu of services or lower rates for their service. Large companies that provide organizers offer more availability or a wider range of organization solutions and specialty services.

It is best to hire a professional organizer in any case, regardless of which type you choose. Some may be trained in specialty areas like feng shui or hoarding, while others might even be trained in moving organizations.

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Professional Organizer Cost Per Hour

The price you pay for these services will vary based on several factors, but the average organizer cost per hour ranges from $50 to $150 per hour. Some organizers have a flat-rate service for certain tasks or total project rates, but this is less common. Some organizers offer pre-packaged “sessions,” such as a set of three-hour sessions that allow you to utilize their services. Bear in mind that although you can find people who may only work for an hour or two, many organizers do have an hourly minimum of three hours of service to make it worth their while and ensure projects can be completed.

Professional organizers may also offer additional support through telephone coaching or email support. This could be to check in on the progress of a project, see how things are going after a project is completed, and even ask questions or get last-minute assistance. This may or may not add to the hourly cost for your organizer’s services. Another cost factor is the storage tools that you will need. The organizer’s hourly rate doesn’t usually include file cabinets, shelving, or other storage tools. If your organizer is going to provide them, your final cost may be significantly higher. Be sure that your estimate specifies all included services, so you know what to expect.

Professional Organizer Cost by Specialty

The average professional organizer cost for specialty services is around $450, with most organizers charging between $50 and $150 per hour. They may focus on one area of organization or another, or they may offer a range of services to help you improve your life. These versatile professionals offer many solutions to improve your home or business and clear your mind to give you a more peaceful space and a fresh start at keeping your life, and your space organized once and for all. Below, we will look at the cost of each specialty service and what it includes.

Professional Organizer Cost by Specialty

Professional Organizer Cost by Specialty

SpecialtyAverage Cost (Consultation and Labor)
Computer Organizer$300
Home Financial Organizer$400
Business Organizer$450
Home Organizer$450
Life Organizer$600

Computer Organizer

Computer organization services are usually performed by a dedicated digital personal organizer, with most people spending an average of $300 for a few hours of digital organization assistance. This can include cleaning up files, running maintenance programs, deleting programs and repairing minor issues, customizing and installing programs to improve organization, and more. Anything that improves your digital organization can be included in this service, which may be performed as part of a larger organization project or a standalone job.

Home Financial Organizer

A home financial organizer generally costs around $400, on average, for two to three hours of organizational advice and assistance. Projects are typically charged at an hourly rate, depending on their level of experience and training and the kind of financial organization and planning they provide. If they are doing all accounting, bill paying, and financial planning, you can expect to spend upwards of $200 per hour for a financial planner. If you just need someone to come in and help you organize your bills and finances, the hourly rate will be much lower. These organizers can handle all financial decluttering and organization, including helping with tips and tools to keep you on track in the future.

Business Organizer

A professional business organizer will cost about the same as hiring a home organizer, with most people spending $450 for three to five hours of basic organization services for a small business. Electronic or digital record management, technology services, and other business-related needs are available but may incur additional charges. They may assist with improving planning, processes, and even time management for employees. Many provide coaching, support, and ongoing assistance with a business focus.

Home Organizer Cost

The average home organizer cost is around $450, covering four to six hours of consulting and organizing services. This cost doesn’t include any materials, as those generally incur an additional charge or will be purchased by the homeowner. A professional organizer specializing in residential jobs may call themselves a home organizer since they offer general organizational services for various rooms in the home, filing or paperwork, and other home management tips and tools. They may also offer cleaning and/or shopping services in addition to basic organization, but these will typically incur additional costs.

Life Organizer

Also known as a life coach, a life organizer’s rates are slightly higher than a professional organizer. Most people spend about $600 for four to six hours with a life coach, including a consultation. Life organizers help develop schedules, habits, and routines. They can teach time management skills, help you set and monitor daily and life goals, and even help the entire family with scheduling and organization, ensuring that the household runs smoothly. You can hire a life coach for a long-term commitment with periodic check-ins, or you can hire them for a one-time service.

Home Organization Services Cost

The average home organization services cost is $275, which includes a few hours of organizational assistance focused on a specific area of the home. Their efforts may be geared more towards cleaning and decluttering than helping you improve your personal habits, although a good organizer will do both. Several different types of home organization services are available, from whole-house organization to hoarding assistance and even pool and outdoor organization. In the table and subsections below, we will discuss the costs of each type and what their services typically include.

Home Organization Services Cost

Home Organization Services Cost

Type of Organizer ServiceAverage Cost (Consultation and Labor)
Closet Organizer$200
Room Organizer$200
Pool Organization$250
Garden Organization$250
Kitchen Organizer$250
Home Office Organizer$275
Garage Organizing$800
Whole House Organization$1,500
Organizer for Hoarders$1,800

Closet Organizer Cost

Hiring a closet organizer will cost about $200, on average. Some people will pay as little as $50 to have a self-proclaimed part-time organizer or even a friend come over and help them clean out and organize their small closet when it only takes an hour. Others could spend thousands on custom closet organization, including new custom storage shelving and more. A closet organizer will help sort and organize clothes, shoes, and other accessories or items stored in the closet. You can even hire them to handle several closets at once. This may get you a little bit of a discount on their services. Be sure to ask how they charge and what they do to choose the right organizer for the job.

Professional Room Organizer

Organizing a single room in the home, outside of the kitchen, costs about $200, depending on the hourly rate and minimum service requirements of the organizer you choose. A professional house organizer can provide cleaning, decluttering, and rearranging for all of the rooms in your home, with living rooms and bedrooms being the most popular. They can consult on utilizing the space better, help implement feng shui and other design practices, and even help you become better at cleaning and organization after they leave by showing you tips and tricks for success. If the room requires deep cleaning or has food garbage or hazardous waste, it may cost more. See the section on hoarding organizers below.

Pool Organization

Pool organization is more of a product than a service and typically costs homeowners about $50 to $150 for deck boxes, storage cabinets, or other organizational supplies. You can hire professional organizers to assist with this process for an additional $250, but it isn’t usually a service that most list outright, so you may have to inquire as to whether they can help you or not. Pool organization could include deflating and storing toys, preparing the pool and pool area for winter, and even helping you organize the pump system, supplies, and chemicals, or set up a maintenance routine.

Garden Organization

Typically, garden organization is along the same lines as “room” organization for a professional organizer and costs around $250. The work is more difficult, but gardens aren’t usually as large as entire rooms either, so they balance each other. It’s best to inquire with an organizer ahead of time regarding whether they can provide this service and how much they might charge. Some gardening enthusiasts and local green thumbs might want to offer assistance for less than the pros, but make sure you’re careful in considering this because you want the right people for the job.

Kitchen Organizer

Hiring an organizer specifically to assist with kitchen organization typically costs an average of $250. This includes one 3-hour session with an organizer that includes cabinet organization, pantry cleaning and organization, and even refrigerator organizing and arranging to improve function and day-to-day use of the space. Some organizers will also assist with meal prep and planning, shopping lists and grocery shopping, budgeting, couponing, and other aspects of groceries, food, and the kitchen in your home. Depending on the level of organization needed, you may require additional hours of service, which will incur an additional charge. If the organizer does not require a three-hour minimum or hire someone with lower rates, you might be able to get this service done for less.

Home Office Organizer

A home office organizer costs about $275, on average. This rate covers a few hours of work that involves organizing, decluttering, and rearranging your home office. It may or may not include financial assistance or bill planning, as this varies from one organizer to the next. This service can help you sort through important paperwork, discard items that are no longer necessary, and figure out a better office solution moving forward to keep things in order after the job is complete. Professional office organizers will offer insights and tips to help you form new habits, too.

Garage Organizing Cost

The garage is one of the most neglected spaces in almost every home. Getting a professional to help you organize it can be a great choice and costs about $800 for four to six hours of assistance and consultation. You could spend as little as $100 for a small clean-up or organization project. An in-depth garage organization with several additional shelves and storage units purchased in addition to the organizer’s consultation and labor costs may run as much as $5,000. Organizing the garage can include setting up better storage, organizing tools and toys, and making space for the cars to protect them from the elements, plus anything else that you might need.

Whole House Organization

Hiring a home or apartment organizer for a whole-house organization typically costs about $1,500 for a 1,200 square foot space with moderate clutter and organization needs in three or more rooms. There are several discounts available when you get an entire house organized compared to paying for room-by-room organization one at a time. Whole house organization will also include tips and insight on improving the overall function and management of your household and how to keep it organized in the future. In larger homes or cases of more serious organizational needs, some people could spend up to $5,000 or more on this service, but that is far less common.

Professional Organizer for Hoarders

The average cost of a professional organizer trained to deal with the unique needs of hoarders will be around $1,800. The cost of a total cleanout includes cleaning, restoration and repair, and organization of the home, and can easily cost as much as $20,000 in extreme hoarding situations. An organizer specializing in hoarding will know how to be more sensitive to these people’s needs and abilities and take things slow. They will also understand the importance of finding the right strategies for them moving forward because they may not be able to stick to routines and habits as well as people without hoarding conditions. If there is hazardous cleanup involved, the cleanup will require special services, and costs will climb toward the top of the price range for even small properties.

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Professional Organizer Prices for Special Services

In addition to standard organization services, some individuals will spend an average of $800 on specialty organizing services, such as those who specialize in bill payment, interior design prep and staging, construction organization, and more. These services typically go above and beyond what a traditional organizer does and will incur an additional cost. The table and subsections below discuss what each specialty service costs and what that cost includes.

Professional Organizer Prices for Special Services

Professional Organizer Prices for Special Services

SpecialtyAverage Cost (Consultation and Labor)
Bill Paying$250
Garage Sale$800
Designer Organizer$1,000
Home Staging$1,500
Home Building Organizer$2,800

Bill Paying Organizers

If you hire a professional to assist you with paying bills and getting your finances in order, you will typically spend $150 to $300 per hour, with most people paying about $250 for this service. Bill paying organizers are a specialty product you can buy. They are fairly inexpensive, with an average cost of just $20 per planner. They look like a daily schedule or agenda notebook but are specifically made to help you organize and manage your bills. Today’s technology has even created apps that allow you to download bill-paying organizers and budget tools that are either free or feature a low monthly cost. A professional may offer better tips and insight, but the convenience of apps can’t be denied.

Professional Garage Sale Organizer

The cost to hire a professional garage sale organizer is typically around $800, depending on whether you hire them to only help with the organization beforehand or utilize their assistance throughout the sale. Some organizers and professional garage sale services charge as much as $300 per day or 30% of sales for their services, but that is uncommon in most cases. A garage sale organizer helps you sort and organize items, determine pricing, set up the sale, and even tear down afterward and sort items for donation, trash, and storage. You can work with a general professional organizer, but it’s best to choose someone who specializes in garage sales for the best results.

Designer Organizer

The average cost of a designer organizer is around $1,000, depending on the scope of the job and the type of design work involved. Some home organizers offer concierge services, such as setup and home prep for new move-ins and renovations, design-based organizational solutions, and more. The organizer may charge for these services in addition to their standard organization assistance. In most cases, they change their hourly rate to provide a single, inclusive bill for their service and add more hours to the job.

Home Staging Cost

The average home staging cost in the U.S. is around $1,500 for professional home staging services, although some people may spend more or less. A consultation could be as low as $200, while some full staging jobs with furniture rental and redesign can run up to $10,000. Although this is more of a real estate service, it’s also an organizational service. It is offered as a specialty by many home organizers and professional organization companies looking to expand their offerings and cater to a different audience. This is another task that you could do yourself, but without knowing staging best practices, it won’t always turn out well.

Home Building Organizer

Construction and home building organizers are responsible for cleaning and setting up the new home once construction is completed. The cost of their service is around $2,800 for a full home setup. These organizers pay attention to detail and bring in all of the new furnishings, and set up the house to your exact specifications, including every last dish and piece of silverware. You’ll even find the towels stocked and the toilet paper rolls filled if you ask for the full-service treatment. Although some people like organizing and settling into a new home, others see it as a hassle and prefer to let someone else do the work.

Profesional Organizer Pricing Packages

Professional organizer pricing packages may be available. They typically start around $450 for a three-hour session package, with most people spending an average of $1,200 for a four-pack of three-hour sessions. Because organizing is a complex task, pricing can sometimes be confusing. To simplify the process, many organizers offer packages. A lot of organizers have a three-hour minimum service requirement to make it worth their time and effort. Not only that, but most projects can’t be completed properly in less than three hours, even for a single room or closet space. Packages are a nice way to get a bulk order of sessions with an organizer at one time and a discounted rate by paying in advance. Not everyone offers this solution, but those who do typically offer packages like those listed in the table below.

Professional Organizer Pricing Packages

Professional Organizer Pricing Packages

PackageAverage Cost (Consultation and Labor)
3 hours (1 x 3-hour session)$450
15 hours (5 x 3-hour session)$1,500
30 hours (10 x 3-hour session)$3,500
60 hours (20 x 3-hour session)$6,000

Cost of Decluttering Service

Professional cleaning services, when required in addition to a professional organizer, will typically cost around $219 for a one-time cleaning service in a 2,000-square-foot home. This cleaning involves wiping everything down after reorganization, sweeping and mopping as needed, dusting fans, cleaning windows, and decluttering in general. Clutter is one thing, and a mess is another. Most organizers are hired to help remove clutter and get your home, business, and/or life organized. If you also need professional cleaning, you will typically have to find it elsewhere. Few organizers will do more than light dusting, so most people will also need to hire these services for their project.

National Association of Professional Organizers

The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) is an entity that is responsible for holding members to a strong Code of Ethics, giving consumers more trust in the professional organizer that they hire. This is not the only association of professional organizers out there, but it is the most noted and is used by industry pros. The organization requires members to maintain a strict professional demeanor and level of confidentiality with all clients, understanding that inviting someone into your home to go through your personal belongings can be a slightly scary process.

The NAPO has over 3,500 members worldwide dedicated to helping businesses and individuals get organized and bring peace and efficiency to their daily lives. It was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles when a small group of female organizers got together to share ideas and network. Today, the organization offers training, continuing education, credentialing, networking, and other support for professional organizers. While membership and certification are not mandatory to work in this field, being a NAPO organizer enhances their reputation and potential earnings.

Professional organizer showing sketches to the clients

Home Organization Companies

Professional organizers typically work independently or in small teams of three to five people. However, larger cities have bigger organizing services available with as many as 50 or more employees. Both choices provide the same solution as long as you choose qualified people who suit your needs. However, they have some differences. First, while larger companies may be more readily available, working with an individual could make the process easier, even if you have to wait a little longer or deal with scheduling issues.

Furthermore, professional independent organizers may be booked. But, they will make your project a priority and provide you with tips and insights you won’t get from some corporate group that just comes in, organizes, and leaves. If you need multiple services or something like a severe hoarding cleanout, working with a larger company may be beneficial. They can typically handle multiple services, including hazardous waste removal, allowing you to get everything from one place. This can also make services cheaper because they are combined. If, however, you just need basic services, an individual could do the job. Either way, just make sure that you choose a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) who proves that they have passed an examination and have met the hours of experience required for certification.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Organizational Tools

The average cost of organizational tools for this project is around $100 to $200, depending on what is needed. This cost is in addition to the professional organizer’s hourly rate. All fees and costs will be discussed at the consultation. The needed tools could include storage containers, filing cabinets, boxes, shelves, and other storage and organization products. Some organizers purchase the necessary materials and then bill the client, while others have the client purchase the items they choose and incorporate them in the design. Large filing cabinets usually cost $75 to $150, while other storage boxes and stackable containers range from $20 up to $60 each. If you require a handyman to install shelving or organizational items, that costs $60 to $90 per hour.

Garage Organizer System

A garage organizer system costs an average of $2,500, depending on how big the storage unit or cabinets need to be. Some people can spend as little as $50 on a simple garage shelf, while others might spend up to $10,000 on a custom garage cabinet and finishing project. While garages are a great space to have, most homeowners struggle to keep them organized without a proper organization system. These systems solve that problem and help people maximize their garage space in every way possible.

Cost to Install Closet Organizers

The average cost to install closet organizers is around $1,500, with most people paying somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for a closet organization system installation. These systems come in various sizes, styles, and even custom options. They make organizing your clothes easier and free up more space giving you room to store accessories. Closet organizers increase the value of your home because the closet is more effective than a typical space with a hanging bar and limited storage solutions.

TCS Closets Cost

The Container Store Closets is a specific brand of closet organizer systems. They typically average around $800 to $2,000 to have installed. Some individuals can find smaller systems for as little as $400, while others may spend up to $5,000 on a custom TCS closet installation. There are several customization options to choose from, including everything from simple wire shelves to wooden shelving and even lighting, glass cases, and other accessories for storing handbags, shoes, jewelry, and more.

Feng Shui Consultant Cost

Hiring a Feng Shui consultant costs about $500, on average, although some people spend up to $6,500 on a full redesign. Some homeowners attempt Feng Shui by reading up on the practice, making this a no-cost project if you do it yourself. However, it’s not recommended because mistakes are common. This design practice is based on Chinese philosophy that the placement of objects in your home impacts physical, mental, and spiritual health and your overall success in life. The theory is that the home’s “energy flow” interacts with the personal energy flow that your body has, and when the two are aligned, people can live better. Plus, the principles of this theory allow for streamlined, uncluttered designs that make spaces feel more peaceful and welcoming.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • House Organization App: You can find plenty of free apps to help with home organization, as well as premium apps that average between $12 and $25 per year. Free apps may have limited tools and resources. However, both could prove to be effective, depending on the level of organization you need. Some apps help with specific areas like scheduling or financial management, while others help with all aspects of house management and running your home life.
  • Additional Projects: You may be able to add additional projects to your services when you work with a professional organizer. Discounts may apply if the project includes multiple rooms.
  • Personal Property: Clients should communicate plans for any objects with sentimental value and discuss the items that should be left untouched. This prevents items from being discarded, moved, or potentially damaged. Although organizers don’t intend to cause harm, miscommunication and mistakes can happen. Planning ahead is best.
  • More Than Organization: Personal and life organizers are a special type of professional organizers who organize physical spaces and improve their client’s habits and quality of life.
  • DIY: There are several DIY tutorials online for organizing. However, it is advised that you contact a professional instead of doing it yourself. An experienced professional can provide better methods of organizing projects and rooms with assessing and planning expertise.
  • Business Organization and Planning: If your business is struggling with organization, hiring a professional organizer helps. They organize filing systems, improve processes, and identify other ways to make improvements. These services may also include improving inventory management, shipping, day-to-day operations, and even technology organization, including databases, email servers, and more. These services may be more intensive and more costly than standard residential organizing.


  • How much does it cost to hire a professional organizer?

The average cost to hire a professional organizer is between $50 and $150 per hour. Most people spend about $450 on professional organization services for four to six hours of work in one or more areas of their life or home.

  • How much do professional organizers charge per hour?

The hourly rate for professional organizers ranges from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the organizer’s level of experience, professional certification(s), location, and other factors.

  • Do I need a license to be a professional organizer?

There are no official licensing requirements for someone who wishes to call themselves a professional organizer. Having certification or support from the NAPO or ASPO bolsters your credibility and hourly rate, but it is not mandatory.

  • How do I hire an organizer?

You can hire an organizer by locating one in your area that provides the services that you need. You can do this with a simple Internet search or by asking friends or family for a referral. Check their rates and make sure it meets your budget, and then contact them to learn more and hire the one you feel is right for the job.

Cost to hire a professional organizer varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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