How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

National Average Range:
$60 - $200

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Your toilet is an important part of your home, so when it breaks, you want it repaired fast. It is important to get it fixed as quickly as possible to be functional and for health reasons. A broken toilet can spread bacteria and germs around the environment, putting your family’s health at risk. They can develop many different issues over time, most of which can be easily repaired when caught early. Waiting to fix it can lead to more damage due to leaking water, which causes your repair bill to rise.

The national average price for repairs is $60 to $200, with most people paying $125 on average to replace a fill valve on a slow-running toilet. This price fluctuates up or down depending on the amount of work and parts involved. At the low end of the spectrum, something as simple as tightening a loose toilet seat could have a price of $50. On the high end, a plumber may charge as much as $3,900 to replace a severely clogged toilet drain.

Toilet Repair Price

Toilet Repair Cost
National average cost$125
Average range$60-$200

Average Cost to Repair a Toilet by Toilet Type

There are several styles of toilets, with repair costs ranging between $50 and $400. The cost of repairing a toilet depends on if you have a one piece, two-piece, or wall-hung toilet. In general, one-piece toilets are more durable. The most common repair you would have to do is replace the flushing parts due to wear and tear. There may also be issues with the wax seals and loose connections, but these are rare cases when you would have to repair one piece toilets. While two-piece units are more affordable to install, they have more issues requiring repair or replacement. Some of these are leaks due to cracks on the tank, becoming wobbly because they are lighter, and mold growth, especially in the joint area of the two parts.

The most common problem that requires wall-hung toilet repair is the unit coming loose from the wall due to improper installation. Water may keep running after flushing, which would require adjusting the ballcock. Water may also leak into the wall, which indicates problems like cracks, loose installation, weakened wax seal, and loose connections. This requires a professional inspection to determine the exact problem.

Cost to Repair a One-Pice, Two-Piece, Wall-Hung Toilet (mobile)

Toilet TypeCost to Repair (Labor Included)
One-Piece$50 - $200
Two-Piece$50 - $250
Wall-Hung$50 - $400

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Toilet Repair Price by Type of Repair

Getting a fixture fixed in your home can be priced between $50 and $700. To determine the repair needed, the professional comes to your home and inspects the toilet. They perform tests to find the location of the problem. Based on their findings, they recommend the best repair method. Below is a table with the most common toilet repairs and how much they cost.

Cost to Repair a Toilet by Type of Repair: Seat, Handle, Chain, Seal, Flush, Flange, Drain... (mobile)

TypeRepair Cost (Labor Included)
Seat$50 - $70
Handle$50 - $80
Chain$50 - $100
Seal (Wax Ring)$60 - $150
Flush$60 - $200
Flange$60 - $200
Drain$75 - $700
Tank$80 - $250
Bowl$100 - $300

Toilet Seat Repair

A toilet seat repair is a quick and easy task that costs $50 to $70. As it is being used, the seat may shift toward one side or slide off the toilet bowl. This makes it uncomfortable to use the toilet and may cause it to break. In most cases, the issue is a loose bolt (or bolts) that holds the seat in place. This is a very quick and easy repair that does not take more than a few minutes, so many homeowners do it on their own. When you hire a professional, the handyman or plumber will open the plastic cover protecting these bolts, set the seat in the right position, and tighten the bolts. However, if the toilet seat is broken, it is better to replace it.

Toilet Handle Repair

Repairing a handle is one of the easiest toilet repairs, costing between $50 and $80. Toilet handles loosen over time and require tightening. To do the repair, the repair specialist opens the lid, pops the handle in place, and tightens the bolts that hold the handle. This should be enough to repair the handle. If it still malfunctions or is loose, some part of it may be broken and require replacing.

Toilet Chain Repair

Repairing a toilet chain is a simple task that costs $50 to $100. The toilet chain plays a vital role in the flushing system. When you press the handle, it lifts the chain connected to the flapper that lets water flush into the bowl. If it malfunctions, the whole flushing mechanism malfunctions as well. To repair the toilet chain, the professional first shuts the water off, opens the toilet lid, drains the remaining water and takes out the chain and flapper to determine the problem. The problem is usually a loose chain link that needs tightening, which is a pretty easy and quick fix. However, if the chain is rusty or broken, it will have to be completely replaced.

Repair Toilet Wax Ring

Seal repairs are priced around $60 to $150 on average. The wax seal or wax ring is the part of the located around the base and the flange, sealing it in place and connecting with the drain opening in your floor. The seal can become damaged over time, but it usually does not need to be replaced, only repaired. A handyman or plumber may use repair plates to inspect the seal, find any cracks or damages, and then repair them.

Toilet Flush Repair

Fixing a toilet flush valve ranges from $60 to $200, depending on the issue. The flush is a critical part of a properly functioning unit, allowing the water to flow from the tank to the bowl. Flushes can be made up of several parts: fill valve, flush valve, shut off valve, and flapper. The flush design varies from one model to the next, so various issues can arise with flushes. The handle might be loose and need to be tightened back into place, or the flush valve could become faulty and require replacing.

Toilet Flange Repair

The average price to fix flanges is between $60 and $200. A flange is an important part of the fixture that may get damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. It is a pipe fitting that helps keep it in place on the floor and connect it to the drain pipe. If the flange breaks, the fixture can become unusable and develop leaks. A handyman generally uses a repair plate to fix any breaks in the flange. It is an easy fix, but the handyman will have to remove the toilet to access the flange, so the cost is higher.

Toilet Drain Repair

Repairing a drain requires removing the fixture entirely to access the drain, so the price ranges from $75 to $700. The drain is another essential part of your fixture, responsible for carrying water and waste out of the home into the sewer system. A clogged drain is the most common problem of malfunctioning toilets, caused by flushing inappropriate items. Minor clogs do not require removing the whole drain. The cost starts at $75. If the toilet is severely clogged, the professional has to dismantle several drain lines and clean them, which comes at a higher cost of $700. If the drain lines are damaged or cracked, the plumber has to replace them.

Toilet Tank Repair

Repairing a toilet tank costs $80 to $250. In most cases, the toilet tank develops cracks over time. If left unattended, these cracks can develop into larger holes that may cause leaks or improper toilet functioning. To repair the tank, the professional either removes it if it is a high-level two piece unit or works on it directly if the tank is accessible. They turn off the water, remove the lid, and drain the water that is in the tank before drying it. Then, the plumber applies a sealant (usually epoxy), smooths it out, and lets it dry before filling the tank with water to check if it is sealed properly. However, if you have bigger issues such as cracks, it is more cost-efficient to replace the whole tank instead of repairing it.

Toilet Bowl Repair

Epoxy resin can be used to fix cracks and breakages in the bowl. However, a handyman might need to remove and fix it for significant damage, with average prices of $100 to $300. The bowl comprises a majority of the fixture, and problems with it may vary. Little issues can happen with bowls over time. They may become marked, cracked, or damaged due to accidents, and a broken bowl increases the chances of leaks or wobbliness.

Toilet Repair Prices by Type of Problem

The cost to repair a toilet based on its problem ranges between $50 and $700. Toilets have numerous parts, many of them moving and developing several common problems over time. The toilet repair specialist inspects the unit and locates the problem before recommending the best solution. Below is a table with the most common toilet problems requiring a repair or replacement. Most of them are easy to fix, often done in under an hour for a fixed rate. Some are more complex and require more time and money.

Cost to Repair a Loose, Running, Leaky, Slow Running, Whisling, or Clogged Toilet (mobile)

ProblemRepair Cost (Labor Included)
Loose Toilet$50 - $150
Running Toilet$50 - $400
Toilet Leak$50 - $600
Slow Running Toilet$60 - $200
Whistling Toilet$60 - $200
Clogged Toilet$60 - $700

Fix a Loose Toilet

Professionals use repair plates to fix cracks in the wax ring and restore it to its usual position for around $50 to $150. If your fixture wobbles or does not quite sit firmly in place, this could be a sign that the wax ring securing it to the floor has been damaged or cracked. Luckily, this problem can often be repaired cheaply, without replacing parts. Aside from repairing the wax seal, the professional may also recommend reseating the toilet, replacing the wax seal and bolts that hold the toilet in place.

Fix a Running Toilet

Prices to fix a running toilet range from $50 to $400. Sometimes, they run continuously. There can be various reasons for this, including a leaky flapper, too much water in the tank, or issues with the refill tube. The repair type depends on the source of the trouble, which impacts the price. Adjusting the float in the tank is inexpensive, but there may be some cases where the tank needs to be fully replaced. Keep in mind that you should never ignore a running toilet. This wastes water because the valve continually refills the tank, resulting in extremely high water bills over time.

Toilet Leak Repair

If you have a leak that needs to be repaired, expect to pay between $50 and $600 to have it fixed. Leaks are a common problem, and they can leak in different ways and for various reasons. Leaks may occur where the fixture meets the floor, at the water supply valve or tank connection, or between the bowl and the tank. Leaking can lead to water damage to your subfloor and problems with mold and mildew in the bathroom and potentially in the rooms below. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible. A handyman first identifies the problem, which could be caused by anything from corroded pipes to a cracked wax seal. Once the professional finds the problem, they will repair the faulty part, which usually starts by removing the toilet bowl. If the problem is with the wax seal or flange, they remove the old part and reapply a new seal or flange. If the problem is at the water supply valve, they tighten the bolts or replace the valve. Sometimes, the problem with a leaky toilet may also be improper installation, which would require reinstalling the whole unit.

Fix a Slow Running Toilet

Repairing a slow running toilet costs between $60 and $200. If the toilet is filling up slowly, it may indicate problems with the fill valve, the part responsible for refilling the water tank after flushing. It may not be functioning properly, which would cause weird noises and slow water flow into the tank. In most cases, a replacement is the only repair solution to a faulty fill valve. This is a quick and easy fix that should not take more than an hour to complete.

Fix a Whistling Toilet

Repairing a whistling toilet costs between $60 and $200. If your toilet is making a whistling, humming, or jet-like sound, it may mean that you have a ballcock-style fill valve that is worn off. This is a common valve in older units and requires replacement to solve it. However, if your toilet is making a hissing sound that does not stop once the tank is filled, it may mean water keeps leaking out of the tank. This indicates a problem with the flapper, a small piece at the bottom of the tank that lets the water out of it.

Clogged Toilet Repair

If your fixture is clogged, prices to unclog it vary from $200 to $700. Clogs are a common issue that needs to be repaired quickly. Once it is clogged, water simply builds up with each flush and cannot flow through the drain. This happens due to too much paper or material in the bowl or a child putting a toy or object into it and flushing it. The plumber may need to use a plunger to unclog things or remove it entirely to look at the pipes.

Toilet Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

Replacing toilet parts can run you between $50 and $3,900 for replacement. As well as having broken parts repaired, you may also need to replace them. Sometimes, parts like the flange or flapper are simply too damaged to fix or are cheaper to replace than fix. The price of replacing parts can vary depending on the part, as some are much smaller and cheaper than others. The table below shows common parts and the price to replace them.

Cost to Repair a Toilet by Replacement Part: Chain, Handle, Flapper, Seat, Flush Valve, Fill Valve, Shut-Off Valve... (mobile)

PartReplacement Cost (Labor Included)
Chain$50 - $110
Handle$50 - $120
Flapper$60 - $120
Seat$60 - $150
Flush Valve$60 - $150
Fill Valve$60 - $150
Shut-Off Valve$60 - $150
Seal$60 - $200
Flange$60 - $200
Syphon$75 - $200
Tank$100 - $400
Drain Pipe$100 - $3,900
Bowl$150 - $600

Toilet Chain Replacement

Replacing a toilet chain is inexpensive, costing between $50 and $110 depending on the type of chain you buy. If a chain link is loose, it can be tightened. However, when the link is broken or the chain is old and rusty, replacing it is a better option. The replacement is not as messy as other jobs. It only requires opening the toilet tank lid, draining the remaining water, detaching the chain from the old flapper and handle, and attaching the new one.

Replace Toilet Handle

Expect to spend between $50 and $120 to replace a toilet handle. Some toilet handle models have a low cost. For high-end models, you may pay up to $100. The toilet handle is responsible for lifting the chain connected to the flapper and flushing the water into the bowl. The replacement is an easy one. The service provider opens the tank lid, unscrews the bolts of the old handle, and installs the new one. The whole process should not take more than half an hour to complete.

Replace Toilet Flapper

If you need a flapper replaced, prices range from $60 to $120. The flapper is a rubber component that sits against the flush valve opening. In some older models, the tank ball does the work of the flapper. The flapper blocks the flush valve while water is in the tank and then allows that water to flow down into the bowl when the chain or handle is pulled. Flappers last around five years, but wear out over time or fall out of position, preventing things from flushing correctly. If your fixture is nearing this time, keep an eye on the flapper and replace it.

Replace Toilet Seat

Having a seat replaced is a simple task. Still, the prices vary depending on the seat type and range from $60 to $150. The seat is another important part of the fixture. It is the part where you sit when using is, and it comes in many styles, designs, colors, and materials. Over time, seats crack, stain, become damaged, or just need to be replaced to suit the owner’s tastes and preferences.

Replace Toilet Flush Valve

Replacing a flush valve is priced around $60 to $150. The flush valve is one of the two main valves in the tank responsible for moving the water into the bowl. This valve degrades over time. It may become less effective or even completely unusable, preventing it from flushing correctly. When this happens, you need to replace it to ensure the toilet functions properly.

Toilet Fill Valve Replacement

The price of replacing a fill valve ranges between $60 and $150. The fill valve is the other important valve in the tank. It controls the flow of the water into the tank and is usually situated on the left side of the tank, with a tailpiece connecting it through to the base of the tank and out to the supply tube. It opens and closes when the fixture is flushed, letting new water into the tank, but it may wear down, interfering with the flushing process.

Replace Toilet Shut-Off Valve

Replacing a shut-off valve is very simple and is priced about $60 to $150. The shut-off valve is connected to a pipe between the wall and the tank that allows you to control the water supply. It is usually located to the left side of the fixture, beneath or behind the tank, and it allows you to shut off the water supply to the tank for repairs or if the fixture is overflowing or running constantly.

Toilet Seal Replacement

Seal replacement has a price around $60 to $200 on average. The wax seal or wax ring is the part of the located around the base, sealing it in place and connecting with the drain opening in your floor. The seal can become damaged over time and cause the toilet to become wobbly, loose, and leaky. A handyman or plumber may use repair plates to inspect the seal, find any cracks or damages, and then fix them. The damage may be limited to a few cracked parts. However, if the damage is extensive, it is better to replace the whole seal to prevent the cracks from spreading and requiring more repair work.

Replace a Toilet Flange

Prices for flange replacements range from $60 to $200. The flange can also get damaged or simply degrade over time. It can crack, leak, stain, or corrode due to excessive exposure to water and grime. If it breaks, leaks may develop, and the fixture might become unusable. In most cases, it is easier to replace the flange entirely than fix it. Replacing the flange always requires a wax seal replacement because to access the flange, the professional breaks the wax seal first.

Toilet Siphon Replacement

Repairs for the siphon vary in time requirements, intensity, and price, with average prices ranging from $75 to $200. The siphon is a part of the bowl that allows it to flush properly. Without the siphon, the fixture may be completely unable to flush, essentially making it impossible to use. So, siphon issues need to be handled quickly. It is almost always more cost-efficient to replace it than repair it.

Toilet Tank Replacement

Replacing a tank is usually a large job, with a price from $100 to $400. Like the bowl, the tank is a substantial part of the fixture responsible for flushing out the bad water and bringing in fresh water. Tanks are usually very strong and durable, but there may be situations when they crack, break, stain, or discolor. Most of these issues can be fixed with some type of sealant or recoating. However, if the damage is irreparable, replacing the toilet tank is a more cost-efficient solution.

Toilet Drain Pipe Replacement

The price to replace a drain pipe can get very expensive because the flooring may need to be pulled up, leading to average prices ranging from $100 to $3,900. The cost ranges from $100 to $650 per foot, depending on the accessibility of the drain pipe. While replacing the whole drain line does not happen often, drain pipes corrode and become damaged over time because they are exposed to water and waste. This process may potentially lead to leaks, clogs, and other issues. Replacing a drain pipe can be pricey because the bowl usually needs to be moved out of the way first.

Change Toilet Bowl

Prices for bowl replacement range from $150 to $600. The bowl is quite sturdy, typically made of strong porcelain, but it can crack or fracture under pressure or if large or heavy objects are dropped inside. It can also stain and suffer discoloration over time. In many cases, the damage may be repaired and stains removed. However, when the bowl is severely damaged and its color cannot be retrieved, a full replacement may be more cost-efficient and give you better results.

Toilet Repair Cost by Brand

Expect to spend between $50 and $700 for toilet repairs of the most popular brands. The most common problems with toilets, regardless of the brand, are with the flushing mechanism. This usually requires repairing part of the flushing mechanism like the handle or chain, but it may also require you to replace a valve. There are many brands of toilets on the market, offering a variety of toilets. Each brand requires certain repairs. Below you will find the most common repairs for each of them.

Because most of their toilets have a basic design, Toto and Eljer toilet repair is mostly needed for the fill valve that keeps running, so it needs to be replaced. For American Standard toilets, a repair is usually needed for a flapper or chain adjustment or replacement, as they can wear out over time and cause the water to keep running. Similarly, Kohler or Sterling toilet repair is needed for a decaying or cracked flapper that causes the toilet to run constantly.

Brands like Duravit and Gerber need repairs of the flush valve due to cracks, which causes tank sounds due to the constant flow of water. Saniflo toilets use a macerator to break down waste, store it in a toilet tank, and flush it once the waste accumulates to a certain level. These eco-friendly toilets use less water, so there may be clogs if improper things are flushed or if the macerating mechanism does not operate properly. Brands like Jacuzzi, Delta, and Woodbridge are popular for their dual-flush toilets that commonly have problems with constantly running water, which requires replacing the fill valve of flapper. Below is a table with the most popular toilet brands and how much you can expect to spend on repairs for their toilets.

Toilet Repair Cost by Brand: American Standard, Kohler, Eljer, Sterling, Toto, Duravit, Gerber... (mobile)


BrandRepair Cost (Labor Included)
American Standard$50 - $120
Kohler$60 - $120
Eljer$60 - $120
Sterling$60 - $120
Toto$60 - $200
Duravit$60 - $200
Gerber$60 - $200
Jacuzzi$60 - $200
Delta$60 - $200
Woodbridge$60 - $200
Saniflo$200 - $700

Plumber Cost to Repair Toilet

The average repair price ranges between $60 and $200. Most of this price goes to labor which ranges between $45 and $135. The remaining expenses go toward materials ranging from $15 to $65. Most repairs tend to be minor and fairly straightforward, so a repair person may be the fastest and least expensive person to call. For corrosion, clogs, and multiple areas of leaking, however, you may want to call a plumber. In most cases, a repair person would charge $50 to $100 per hour, while plumbers charge an hourly rate of $45 to $200. Plumbers are more likely to have the part on hand to fix things quickly, while a handyman may need to purchase the part and return, which could slow down the repair. In most cases, the price is determined by the price of the replacement part and the time needed to make the repair. Larger jobs, such as fixing a flange or corroded pipe, may also require more than one professional to do the job, which increases the repair price.

Most issues are fast and fairly easy to fix. However, you may see issues where the water has been leaking for so long, which leads to softened floorboards, water stains, and corrosion that can be more expensive to fix than the initial problem. This is why it is important to address issues quickly, before they get out of hand. A plumber usually starts by inspecting the bathroom. Once the problem is diagnosed, the plumber determines which parts are needed and how long it will take. These factors influence the price of repairs. The plumber will suggest a replacement if necessary. Keep in mind that if a plumber has to remove your old one to replace it with a new one, they may charge a removal fee between $25 and $100.

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Emergency Toilet Repair

Expect to pay an extra $100 to $300 per job for emergency repairs. There may be a situation when your fixture is clogged, leaking, or impossible to use, and you need it fixed urgently. This may include repairs during holidays, weekends, or urgent calls that require the professional to come and fix it outside of regular business hours. Expect to spend more on emergency repairs than on scheduled ones because the service provider has to rush to your home to repair the toilet.

Toilet Rebuild Cost

Prices for rebuilding range from $250 to $600. Rebuilding is the term used by plumbers when they replace some of the main components, such as the valves and flapper, but keep the bowl and tank as they are. It is usually done when the toilet part is difficult to access. The professional has to disassemble the tank, bowl, or the whole toilet to determine where the problem is and then rebuild it. If several parts require replacing or repairing or you want to update the flushing mechanism to a newer model, rebuilding the tank or the whole toilet may be better. Rebuilding takes about 3 to 6 hours in total, and you are mostly paying for the labor prices rather than the parts, which are usually relatively cheap.

Plumber Repairing a Toilet in a Bathroom

Toilet Maintenance

These fixtures do not need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good condition. Most parts that wear out do so over time through normal use. But there are a few things you can do to keep it in its best condition. Clean it regularly, but do not use bleach-based drop-in tablets because this can cause your flaps and connectors to wear out. Check for leaks and moisture around the base and at the joins. Avoid putting anything down the bowl except normal waste, water, and paper. Anything else may cause a clog.

Repair vs Replace a Toilet

Repairing a toilet has an average cost of $60 to $200, while the replacement price is between $400 and $800. Replacing a toilet has an added fee of $25 to $100 for removing the old fixture. Usually, a part of the toilet deteriorates over time and requires either repair or replacement, a quick and easy fix. However, if your unit is old, needs multiple repairs or replacements, or has many worn parts, consider replacing the fixture. In most cases, repairing a toilet can be completed within two hours, while replacing it can take several hours.

To replace a toilet, the workers have to remove the old fixture for an added fee. During the removal, some tiles will likely break and require replacing. There may also be a removal fee when repairing the toilet if the service provider has to remove the tank or bowl to fix a part. When you repair a part of the toilet, you only extend the life of that part only. In contrast, replacing the whole unit means you get a fixture with all new parts included and have fewer costs for repairing in the next few years.

Comparison of the Cost to Repair vs Replace a Toilet (mobile)

Toilet UpdateAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Repair$60 - $200
Replacement$425 - $900

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Reseat a Toilet

A plumber typically charges between $50 and $200 per hour to reseat in addition to other fixes. Sometimes, the cause of a leak is due to a wearing out of the wax ring at the base of the fixture. To replace the toilet wax ring, the service provider has to uncouple and reseat the whole fixture. This sounds complicated, but it is a fairly quick job assuming the bolts holding your fixture in place have not corroded. Occasionally, your plumber may need to reseat the fixture to check on the flange condition below, particularly when a leak occurs and a cause cannot be found.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Replacing worn parts. Toilets can last for decades when properly maintained. Replace worn parts as necessary, and it can continue operating for 30 years or more. Newer models use less water, however, which may save you money over time.
  • DIY. Some repairs or replacements are relatively simple and easy. You may be able to do them yourself. However, when it comes to severe clogs, leaking, and other bigger problems, you should leave it to the professionals.
  • Signs you need toilet repair. There are several indications that your toilet needs repair. These include the toilet is leaking, constantly or slowly running, loose at the bottom, has cracks on the tank or bowl, or water overflows when flushing. A constant hissing, whistling, or humming sound from your tank or a gurgling sound from your bowl indicate that the toilet needs repairing.
  • Discounts. You may be able to get discounts if you hire several services from the same contractor. There are also discounts for police, fire, and military service.
  • Warranty and insurance. Many toilets come with a manufacturer warranty, so you may be able to get a free repair or replacement under it. Home insurance may also cover costs with the drain or pipes.
  • Flooring. If the contractor has to lift the toilet to repair or replace it, they will likely tear out the flooring during the process. Removing and replacing damaged tile flooring costs $9 to $19 per sq.ft.


  • How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet fill valve?

If a plumber determines that you need a fill valve replacement, expect to pay between $60 to $150.

  • How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet?

The average price of a new toilet installed is between $400 to $800 plus a $25 to $100 fee for removing the old one.

  • Do plumbers fix toilets?

Yes, plumbers fix them, but so do handymen, who may be available in a more timely way and potentially is cheaper.​

  • Do toilets wear out?

The fixture itself does not really wear out, but many of the parts do. Those parts can usually be replaced to keep the it functioning longer. ​

  • How much does it cost to fix a leaking toilet?

Fixing a leak is priced anywhere from $50 to $600, depending on the source of the leak and amount of work required to fix it.

  • How often should you replace the wax ring on a toilet?

Wax rings can last for several decades without needing to be replaced. When damaged, they can usually be repaired and will not need to be fully replaced except in rare circumstances. You can rely on the same wax ring for 30+ years.

  • How many years does a toilet last?

They can last for several decades, even though some parts need to be replaced or repaired over time. A single fixture can stay in place for 40 to 50 years.