How Much Does It Cost to Install a Trellis?

Average Cost
(8 foot triangular vinyl trellis)

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Trellis?

Average Cost
(8 foot triangular vinyl trellis)

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Trellises have a dual purpose: they provide function and a beautiful design aesthetic. By adding a trellis 1 or multiple trellises to your yard, you are instantly improving your landscaping. The type of trellis you choose to get installed depends on your style preferences, intended use, and available budget.

The cost to install a trellis depends on many factors, such as material and size. The cost to install a trellis ranges between $650 and $950, with the average customer paying $800 to install a 8 foot triangular vinyl trellis​.

Cost to Install Trellis

Trellis Installation Costs
National average cost$800
Average range$650-$950
Minimum cost$350
Maximum cost$2,000


Trellis Installation Cost by Project Range

6 foot fan-shaped metal trellis
Average Cost
8 foot triangular vinyl trellis
Custom 8 foot wooden arch trellis

Trellis Prices by Size

The size of the trellis you choose for your landscape is one of the largest determinants of cost. Although installation times may remain similar, larger trellises cost more due to the materials needed for project completion. The following prices are based on the purchase and installation of vinyl 2 trellises in a variety of sizes.

Trellis Cost Chart

Trellis Cost Chart

Trellis SizeCost
4 foot$250
6 foot$350
8 foot$800
10 foot$1,200

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Trellis Cost by Material

Trellises are manufactured from different materials. Typically, metal trellises are at the lower end of the price range, while wood and vinyl are at the higher end. Review the advantages and disadvantages of each type to determine the best trellis that suits your budget and project goals.

Trellis Prices Chart

Trellis Prices Chart

Trellis MaterialCost
Stainless steel$350-$450

Steel Trellis

Steel trellises are another option for those who want to add a trellis 1 to their yard. Steel trellises are often selected when the property owner wants a style that truly stands out because of the bright metallic sheen. With this metal type, you are provided with plenty of support for your plants. The metal is also longer lasting than wood versions. Stainless steel trellises are one of the less expensive metal types offered for trellises and normally run around $350-$450 for an 8 foot 3 version installed.

Iron Trellis

A wrought iron trellis has similar pros and cons as a metal trellis. Plants will be at risk due to the changing temperatures in the absorbent metal. However, it could work in a shaded area since a reduction in the amount of sun could help regulate temperatures.Wrought iron trellises offer a high value since they come in many styles and will have a price point between $400 and $600 for an 8 foot version.

Metal Trellis

One of the major advantages of a metal trellis is the widespread availability of the material. Metal trellises are available in all shapes and sizes and sold at retail home improvement stores. Homeowners can choose classic design styles or select intricate customized types. Metal trellises are durable and hold up in extreme weather conditions. The only thing to keep in mind is that since metal absorbs the heat and cold, plants growing on the structure may not thrive due to the extreme temperature changes. You can expect to pay around $500-$625 for an 8 foot metal trellis.

Plastic Trellis

With a plastic trellis, you’re choosing a material that lasts longer than wood. Like vinyl, plastic versions don’t need painting and often come in neutral colors such as brown and white. Regular maintenance is not needed since you don’t need to seal the material annually. A disadvantage is that the material is flimsy and can become damaged, especially if you plan to hang heavier plants and vines on the structure. Plastic trellises are less expensive than vinyl with pricing around $500-$685 for an 8 foot version installed.

Composite Trellis

Composite trellises combine both the advantages of wood and vinyl 2 versions. With a composite trellis, you can get the classic appearance of wood, but made from manufactured materials that won’t rot or warp while outdoors. This type of trellis is maintenance free and will last years to come. The material is also suitable for all plant types. Expect to pay around $500-$700 for an 8 foot installed composite trellis.

PVC Trellis

PVC is a preferred material by many contractors because the material is easy to work with and very durable. PVC is very similar to vinyl, but costs slightly less. PVC trellises are not susceptible to warping or rotting. The material also requires very little maintenance besides the occasional cleaning. A drawback for PVC trellises is that style choices are limited. The cost for a PVC trellis to be installed will be around $700-$820 for an 8 foot sized type.

Vinyl Trellis

When you choose a vinyl 2 trellis for your landscaping, you’re selecting an ornament that is both attractive and long lasting. Vinyl trellises require very little maintenance and are not easily susceptible to environmental damage. The vinyl material doesn’t crack easily and doesn’t require any painting or staining. The material is lightweight too, which makes installation easier. However, since vinyl trellises are lighter than other versions, they need to be anchored to stay in place. Another drawback is that vines don’t have a tendency to stick to vinyl in the same way they remain on wood. Expect to pay around $800-$1,025 for a vinyl trellis to be installed for 8 foot models.

Wood Trellis

Wooden trellises are attractive and transform a garden space for the better with its inclusion. A wood trellis provides solid support for any plants and vines you plan to use with the trellis. The only major downside of a wooden trellis is that the structure sustains damage easily. With routine exposure to the elements, wood trellises can warp and weaken over time.
A wood trellis is one of the more expensive structures you can choose for your property. However, prefabricated trellises are usually less expensive than hiring a contractor for wood trellis 1 construction (around $1,000-$1,150). For instance, a custom wood trellis construction projection for an 8 foot structure would cost upwards of $2,000.

Trellis Cost by Shape

Trellises are sold in different shapes to fit any style preference. Along with your landscaping design goals, homeowners should consider how much support the trellis provides for your plants. Some may only be appropriate for ornamental purposes.

Cost of Trellis

Cost of Trellis

Shape of TrellisCost

Cone Shaped Trellis

Choose a cone shaped trellis 1 when you’re in need of support for your vegetable garden. A cone shaped trellis is available in both wood and metal versions. They work best with climbing plants such as tomatoes and beans and cost around $150 to $200.

Fan Shaped Trellis

Fan shaped trellises have a slender lower body with a top half that elongates the shape. Fan trellises work best in corner areas of the yard and are ideal for plants like climbing roses. Fan shaped trellises are relatively inexpensive with a price range around $175 to $275.

V Shaped Trellis

V shaped trellises are usually crafted from metal or wood. These trellises are most commonly used as a support device for a vegetable garden. V shaped trellises are good for supporting tomatoes, squash, and beans. Cost is about $180 to $285.

Triangular Garden Trellis

Triangular garden trellises are also known as pyramid trellises. WIth this shape, vines are trained to climb easily. Triangular trellises are sold in a variety of metals, plastics, and wood materials and you can expect to pay around $200 to $380.

Diamond Shaped Trellis

Diamond shaped trellises are an extremely popular design choice for landscapers. With this type of trellis, you can find styles made from all material types. They can be mounted 4 to walls and the ground with stakes and work with a variety of plant types. Prices are between $340 to $400.

Heart Shaped Trellis

The heart shaped trellis is more of a decorative element than a support for plants and vegetables. Heart shaped trellises are almost always crafted out of metal and used commonly as a gateway into a yard. The unique shape makes them priced at $375 to $475.

Tree Shaped Trellis

Tree shaped trellises are typically used exclusively for ornamental purposes. These versions are sold mostly in metal versions due to the unique shape with price ranges between $400 and $520.

T Shaped Trellis

T shaped trellises are very simple designs that are usually sold for garden support. A t shaped trellis is typically available in wood or plastic with cost of $500 to $675.

Leaf Shaped Trellis

Another style choice when choosing a trellis for decorative purposes is a leaf shaped version. A leaf shaped trellis is also normally sold exclusively as a metallic and may not work best for plant support. Cost is about $525 to $680.

Oval Trellis

An oval trellis is one of the least popular choices of all available style options. If selected, the type is usually made from wrought iron or another metal. Oval trellises are typically for decorative purposes only and will be found at a cost between $600 and $850.

Arch Shaped Trellis

An arch shaped trellis is another option used for a gateway into a yard. Some property owners also choose to put a freestanding arch trellis in the yard and decorate it with climbing flowers like roses. Arch shaped trellises are available in all materials and are sold at prices around $700 to $950.

Trellis Costs by Type

The trellis cost can also vary based on the type of product you choose for your landscaping. Smaller trellis items like screens and planters are less expensive than intricate structures like arches.

How Much Does a Trellis Cost

How Much Does a Trellis Cost

Trellis TypeCost
Folding trellis screen$200
Column trellis$400
Trellis planter box$500
Ornamental trellis$650
Half arch trellis$700
Arch trellis$900

Folding Trellis Screen

A folding trellis screen has the similar appearance of a privacy screen and is made up of three panels. In between the panels are hardware that allows the screen to be adjusted. Most folding trellis screens are made from metal and cost about $200.

Column Trellis

Trellis columns are freestanding structures that are used for climbing plants. Normally column trellis sets come with three different units in various sizes. To install, the columns would need to be built and anchored to prevent them from falling. The price is around $400 for each.

Trellis Planter Box

A trellis planter box is a simple design with a small to medium sized planter box at the base and a square shaped trellis attached to it. Trellis planter boxes are usually self-standing or set against the siding of a home and are priced at approximately $500.

Ornamental Trellis

An ornamental trellis is usually the standard style used in gardens. The trellis will have a size range usually between 4 and 8 feet and come with different design aesthetics. Ornamental trellises can be installed with ground spikes or secured to an exterior of a building and have a price of $650 or more.

Half Arch Trellis

A half arch trellis is normally a style used around door frames. Instead of making a full arch, the arch remains open on one side. Half arch trellises need to be secured using hardware against a doorway or fence. Cost is around $700 for this type.

Trellis Arch

The trellis arch is one of the most requested lawn ornaments by homeowners. Arches can be used to welcome visitors into the backyard or provide an entrance point into another section of the property like a flower garden. An arch trellis has a price point around $900.

Labor Cost to Install a Trellis

Professionals used to install a trellis are usually from landscaping companies. Landscapers charge an average of $75 per hour. For a standard trellis installation, the landscaper needs about two hours to complete installation and may charge a total of $150. Trellis installations are subject to a flat installation fee unless the structure is being built. In that case, if you want a custom gazebo, you would have to receive a quote from a custom carpentry company and pay $100 or more per hour.

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Trellis Arch Cost by Material

Estimate the cost of your trellis arch based on the material you select for the structure. Similar to other types of trellises, metal arches are less expensive than wood backyard arches.

Trellis Installation Cost

Trellis Installation Cost

Trellis Arch MaterialCost

Trellis Fence Cost Per Linear Foot

When you build a trellis 1 fence, you’re adding a more decorative accent to your backyard than a standard solid fence. How to build a trellis fence is similar to a standard fence with the only difference being that a trellis fence has latticework built into the design. Wood and vinyl 2 trellis fence panels also typically cost less since a reduced amount of material is required in manufacturing. With this type of fence, you’re not only setting a boundary, but allowing a place for climbing plants to grow. Trellis fences provide some privacy, but the latticework doesn’t completely obscure the area behind the fence from view until plants are full grown. Some homeowners choose to build a trellis fence around small sections of their yard such as the patio, pool, or garden. Fencing companies can be hired to install wood trellis fences or vinyl trellis fences. Plastic trellis fencing materials start around $2 per linear feet while wood and vinyl trellis fencing cost $10 to $14 per linear feet. For a 200 linear foot trellis fence, total cost would range between $400 and $2,800.

Indoor Trellis

An indoor trellis 1 could be installed as a way to display climbing plants that grow inside such as philodendron or spider plants. An indoor trellis is also a common decorative item used for enclosed porches and sunrooms. An indoor trellis is smaller than an outdoor type and will usually cost less than $200.

Deck Trellis

With a deck trellis, you are able to use the structure to protect your outdoor entertainment area from the elements. Although a deck trellis won’t completely protect against weather, it can reduce the amount of rain and snow that collects on the deck. You could also purchase a covering for the trellis to provide more weather protection. If you plant around the trellis, the growing vines will eventually provide shade and weather protection. Deck trellises can be anchored directly on the deck using the appropriate hardware. A full trellis that covers a 10 x 10 deck would cost at least $1,500.

Trellis Cost by Design

Talk to your landscaper or builder about the different designs available for backyard trellises. Custom creations can be built at a higher pricing point, but these are common prefabricated styles you’ll likely find. Although they are prefabricated, professional installation is needed to secure the trellis to the selected location within your yard.

Price of Trellis

Price of Trellis

Trellis DesignCost

Convex Trellis

With the convex trellis 1, the top has a distinct arch over top of the classic diagonal design. A convex trellis is usually made from pressure treated wood or vinyl 2. A standard convex trellis section measures around 6 feet and will cost at least $200 to install.

Concave Trellis

For the concave style of trellises, the design is the opposite of the convex. Instead of the top of the structure arching over, the concave trellis slopes down over the diagonal panel of latticework. This is also normally made from wood or vinyl and will cost similar to the convex trellises at $200 per installed unit.

Abstract Trellis

Abstract trellises blend different design elements to make it appealing to the eye. An abstract trellis could include arches, circles, interwoven decor items, and more to standout in your yard space. Abstract trellises are usually more specialized in nature with prices starting at $500 or more.

Modern Trellis

Modern trellises have a more industrial design style than classic versions. With this type, expect to see simple geometric shapes and black metallics in the build. These trellises will be around $600 to install.

Farmhouse Trellis

When choosing a farmhouse style for your trellis, you’re opting for a very rustic look. These trellises are normally made from wood and feature standard lattice panels in shades of brown and white. Since the farmhouse trellis is crafted from wood and will be priced upwards of $675.

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Best Plants for a Trellis


Bittersweet is a very sturdy vine that works well for use with any type of garden trellis. Keep in mind that the flower is poisonous if ingested by humans and pets. The average cost of a bittersweet plant is around $15 each.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are always a popular choice for installation with trellises. The climbing roses grow in most regions and are hearty enough to survive year to year with proper care and maintenance. Roses can be purchased for around $20 per plant.

Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy is considered one of the true climbing vines. The plant is hearty enough to attach not only to trellises but masonry walls as well. The vine can grow as high as 30 feet when left to expand wildly. Cost per plant is around $25.


Bougainvillea is a type of climbing plant that requires installation on a trellis that gets plenty of full sun each day. The plant includes distinct curved shape thorns on its vines and will cost around $18 each.

Dutchman's Pipe

Dutchman’s Pipe can be found in different climates around the globe and is very hearty due to its wood vines. Leaves have a heart-shape, but the plant does produce a strong pungent odor when pollinating. Expect to pay upwards of $50 per plant.

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing hydrangea are massive plants with a growth potential of more than 50 feet. The hearty vine climbs along houses and trellises and will produce small fragrant white flowers. Price is around $45 or more per plant.


Mandevilla is ideal for trellises that are placed in shaded areas of your yard. The vine only requires indirect sunlight to thrive and has an average per plant cost of $12.

Morning Glory

Morning glory grows best on trellises that provide access to full sun. However, hotter climates can benefit from placing morning glory in shaded areas. The climbers have thin stems and heart shaped leaves and cost around $20.


Honeysuckle is a very low maintenance climbing plant that provides a delicious scent to your yard. Flowering honeysuckle grown around a trellis can be enjoyed for its sweet nectar. Honeysuckles plants are around $10 each.

Blue Moon Wisteria

Blue moon wisteria is a very fragrant flowering plant that grows up to 25 feet in length. The average cost per plant is $35.

Trellis vs Pergola

Trellises are structures used to support climbing plants and vines. Pergolas have a similar top design and can also support climbing vines. However, pergolas 5 are made up of four posts to support the structure and will include a roof with the same lattice design as a trellis. Pergolas are used in different areas of the yard than a trellis. Installers will place a pergola usually over a deck or patio in lieu of a trellis. Small box gardens also provide good placement for pergolas. Trellises have more flexibility and can be used anywhere in the yard. Pergolas will provide shade in an area while trellises are rarely used to increase how much shade is in a yard. Pergolas cost much more than trellises with pricing for wooden types costing $3,000 or more.

Arbor vs Trellis

Trellises are included as a part of arbors. With an arbor, it has an arched shape with pieces of lattice interwoven to form a tunnel. Also, like a trellis, an arbor supports climbing plants and vines. With an arbor, only select areas of the yard are used for installation. For instance, an arbor can define an entry point within an outdoor space. Arbors may cost upwards of $1,500 for wooden versions.

Trellis Maintenance

Trellis maintenance depends largely on the material used to build the structure. If you have a wood trellis, it should be treated and sealed prior to plants being grown on it. An exterior wood stain or sealant used on fencing materials can also be utilized for trellises. Keep in mind that cleaning and staining requires you to remove any growing plants. Cleaning should be done every couple of years but will require replanting after the job. Every two years is also a good timeframe for sealing. Between cleanings and sealings, remove any debris and dirt with a garden hose. If there is any mold or mildew, check the ingredients of any cleaning products to make sure it won’t damage the plants.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Trellis Water Feature

Trellis water features include fountains set upon a freestanding wood or vinyl lattice structure. Expect to pay at least $500 to include a water feature with your trellis project.

Custom Trellis

Custom trellis projects are the most expensive since they require the assistance of a carpenter who can design and build the structure. Expect to pay upwards of $2,000 for a custom wooden trellis that measures 8 feet.

Stained Glass Additions to the Trellis

Stained glass panels are an aesthetic upgrade you can make when installing a new indoor or outdoor trellis. Each stained glass panel can cost an average of $150.

Add Lighting to Highlight Structures

Outdoor lighting is always a great way to draw attention to structures like a trellis arch. Depending on your electrical and light fixture needs, you can pay between $100 to $500 to include outdoor lighting elements nearby your trellis.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Climate. If the structure will be installed in a soggy environment, choose vinyl or plastic to reduce environmental impact. Metallic versions could rust quickly before the structure is completely shrouded with vines. The climate also determines the best plants to grow with your trellis.
  • DIY. DIY trellises are usually temporary supports that won’t last as long as a professional type. DIY trellises are usually versions that have spikes on the ends and are set in the ground. Most DIY trellises require replacement annually since they are not stabilized enough to last for an extended timeframe.
  • Prefabricated. Prefabricated versions can be built on site and usually have a reduced price point than custom types that need to be designed to accommodate your specifications. Since there are so many shapes and designs available for trellises, you can usually find a type to work with your landscaping.


  • How much does it cost to install lattice?

You will pay around $800 to install 8 foot of vinyl ornamental lattice work to your yard space.

  • What can I use for a trellis?

There are a range of materials that can be used for a trellis project. These materials include PVC, vinyl, wood, stainless steel, and wrought iron.

  • Does climbing hydrangea need a trellis?

Yes, climbing hydrangeas requires a trellis. If you allow the vine to grow against a house, it will lead to issues with mold and rot.

  • What is a trellis roof?

A trellis 1 roof is another name for an arbor. An arbor 5 contains a lattice roof supported by four posts.

  • What is a garden arbor?

A garden arbor is a tunnel made up of lattice with an open framework that leads to a garden.

Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
See full cheat sheet.
glossary term picture Trellis 1 Trellis: A decorative architectural structure, often used to support climbing plants, comprised of intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo, vinyl, metal, or other such material
glossary term picture Vinyl 2 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
glossary term picture Footing 3 Foot: A support for the foundation of a house that also helps prevent settling. It is typically made of concrete reinforced with rebar, but can also be made of masonry or brick. It is usually built under a heavier part of the house like a wall or column, to distribute the weight of the house over a larger area.
4 Mounted: A support on which something is attached or hung
glossary term picture Pergola 5 Arbor: (Also known as Pergolas) An arched structure with an open roof and cross rafters, supported by posts or columns, typically installed in a garden, park, or backyard and usually covered with climbing plants or vines.

Cost to install a trellis varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources
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Cost to install a trellis varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. For more information, read our Methodology and sources