Average Cost for Appliances

Appliances are essential to every home, as they allow for clean, comfortable living. Several rooms in the house may have major appliances, with the most common being the kitchen and the laundry room. Homeowners can explore different options for budget-friendly and high-end appliances. They may choose to purchase and install new appliances on their own or as part of larger room remodels.

Swapping out an aging appliance for a new, more efficient model or installing a new one from scratch typically requires several hours of labor by an experienced professional. A more significant chunk of time and money is needed for entire appliance overhauls, as it usually takes at least one or two days to upgrade all the kitchen or laundry appliances.

Labor costs to install refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and other household appliances start around $50 for a single installation. The installation costs may go up to $200 depending on the number of appliances being installed and how many repairs are requested.

$100 - $200
$100 - $400
$150 - $400
$290 - $870
$100 - $200
$750 - $3,000
$150 - $400
$1,000 - $3,000