How much does it cost to install a dishwasher?

National Average Range:
$700 - $1,970

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Updated: August 18, 2022

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Dishwashers are essential for residential homes and offer a convenient and energy-efficient way to clean your dishes. They come in various styles, sizes, colors, and finishes. They can be further customized with additional features.

The national average cost range to install a dishwasher is $700 to $1,970. Most homeowners pay $861 to install a standard-tier built-in dishwasher with 2 cycles, heater dry, and hot pre-wash options. Prices vary from $339 for a small portable dishwasher to $3,068 or more for a premium extra-large high-efficiency dishwasher, featuring the quietest sound rating and additional benefits, including temperature control and leak sensors.

Dishwasher Installation Cost

Dishwasher Prices
National average cost$861
Average range$700-$1,970

Dishwasher Price by Type

Many dishwashers are available, categorized based on where you install the appliance, how much you use it, and your available space. Here are the top choices for most residential homes:

Cost per Unit of a Countertop, Portable, Built-In, Fully Integrated, and Drawer Dishwasher (mobile)

Type of DishwasherDishwasher Unit Cost (Material Only)
Countertop$250 - $290
Portable$300 - $750
Built-in$350 - $1,600
Fully Integrated$630 - $3,000
Drawer$750 - $1,500

Countertop Dishwasher

Like portable dishwashers, countertop models use hoses to pull water directly from the faucet. For that reason, they need to be placed close to your kitchen sink. These designs are convenient for smaller kitchens, but they do not have as many options as full-sized models. Their smaller size means you have to wash large pots, pans, and dishes by hand. Countertop dishwashers are great for renters because they are easily packed up and moved. They generally cost between $250 and $290.

Portable Dishwasher

If you do not have room for a built-in model, a portable dishwasher may be perfect for you. These freestanding designs can be wheeled in and out as needed, making them ideal for apartments and mobile homes. While they are convenient due to their compact size, they have limited capacity and do not offer many features. Portable dishwashers can be less expensive than built-in models and do not require plumbing work, costing approximately $300 to $750.

Built-In Dishwasher

A built-in dishwasher is designed to match your kitchen cabinetry and provide a cohesive look for your kitchen. They are installed underneath your countertop and surrounded by your cabinets. These models are the most common among homeowners throughout the country and generally cost between $350 and $1,600.

Fully Integrated Dishwasher

An integrated dishwasher is comparable to a built-in because the designs are extremely similar. Integrated models are designed to blend in with surrounding cabinetry when completely closed. Because of these extra customizations, these models usually cost $630 to $3,000.

Drawer Dishwasher

Drawer dishwashers, or dish drawers, are non-traditional models rising in popularity. Their innovative design splits the upper and lower racks into two independent appliances. The drawers slide out instead of downward with a hinged door, which can be a huge advantage for people with bad backs or trouble bending down. There are both single and double-drawer designs. Single-drawer models range from $750 to $950, and double-drawer designs are more expensive, ranging from $1,200 to $1,500.

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New Dishwasher Cost By Size

Dishwasher installations range from straightforward to complex, based on the size of your kitchen and dishwasher. Three measurements are necessary - height, width, and depth. You need precise measurements, even ¼ inch off can deter your installation. When replacing your current dishwasher, measure that one to ensure you get a new model in the same size.

If this is a new installation for a built-in model, measure where you want the opening beneath your countertop and have the cabinetry built around it for the best fit.

Cost per Unit of a Small, Slimline, Standard, and Oversized Dishwasher (mobile)

Dishwasher SizeUnit Cost (Material Only)
Small (19” H x 18” W x 17” D)$250 - $300
Slimline (34” H x 18” W x 24” D)$300 - $1,050
Standard (34” H x 24” W x 24” D)$350 - $1,600
Oversized (34” H x 24” W x 24” D)$450 - $1,800

Small Dishwasher

The smallest dishwashers on the market are countertop dishwashers. These half-size dishwasher models are perfect if you are renting or have a smaller kitchen because they are easy to move and do not take up much space. Because of this, a mini dishwasher price is much less than the other sizes. However, you are not able to wash as many dishes at once. A small dishwasher price is approximately $250 to $300.

Slimline Dishwasher

A compact dishwasher is great for small families with a smaller home. Most models feature many of the same benefits as a standard model. Since its width is smaller than a standard-size dishwasher, a slimline dishwasher cannot fit as many dishes, and they are not as energy or water-efficient. Apartment-size dishwasher prices range from $300 to $1,050.


A standard-size dishwasher is the most common model found in residential homes. They fit complete table settings for up to 12 people. Most also have adjustable height legs to accommodate different cabinets and countertops. A typical dishwasher width is 24 inches and fits underneath most countertops without any additional renovations. On average, they cost $350 to $1,600.

Oversized Dishwasher

A tall tub dishwasher is a great fit for larger families. These generally have similar exterior dimensions compared to a standard model but are different on the inside. Instead of a bulky single motor, tall tub dishwashers feature a flatter dual-motor. While this frees up space, it makes them challenging to install and repair since you cannot easily reach the working parts of the dishwasher. With tall tub models, you can usually wash place settings for up to 16 people. They generally cost between $450 and $1,800.

Dishwasher Cost by Finish

When you choose your new dishwasher, select the perfect finish to tie your kitchen aesthetics together. Most models come in various options, allowing you to completely customize your look. On top of providing style benefits, many finishes also protect your dishwasher from wear and tear over time. Here are some popular options:

Cost per Unit of a Dishwasher by Finish: Bisque, White, Black, Stainless Steel, Slate, Black Stainless Steel, Black Slate... (mobile)

Type of FinishUnit Cost (Material Only)
Bisque$330 - $600
White$330 - $1,100
Black$330 - $1,100
Stainless Steel$380 - $1,600
Slate$550 - $930
Black Stainless Steel$650 - $1,900
Black Slate$730 - $1,200
Copper$850 - $1,000
Bronze$850 - $1,000
Wood Grain$860 - $1,000
Matte White$900 - $1,100
Matte Black$950 - $1,300


Bisque gives off a soft orange tone that is a great alternative to a stark white. This color is more neutral and lighter, so it pairs nicely with other tones. If you are thinking about a bisque dishwasher, it is best to have the rest of your appliances match. Different variations of these shades can look messy. Bisque dishwashers cost approximately $330 to $600.


White is a safe choice for your dishwasher. White dishwashers are low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, and available in many styles. However, they do not bring your kitchen to life. Additionally, cheaper models can begin to yellow over time, giving your kitchen a worn-down look. White dishwashers cost anywhere from $330 to $1,100.


With a black dishwasher, you can make a statement. If you have a more modern-looking kitchen, a black appliance is a great fit. It creates strong contrast with whites and stainless steel, which can be very attractive. There are not many choices on the market compared to other colors, and if you are not careful, it can make your room feel dull and closed off. You can generally find a black dishwasher for anywhere between $330 and $1,100.

A Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Stainless steel is the go-to finish for appliances. It is a classic look that gets the job done, but many homeowners find it boring. Stainless steel is prone to fingerprints, making it a hassle to clean. Traditional stainless steel dishwashers still have their place in many homes and cost between $380 and $1,600.


Slate is a great combination between a metallic look and a matte finish. This finish is inspired by the look of stones, making it a bit less monochromatic than stainless steel. These models can bring a warmer tone into your kitchen, but they can clash with many popular cabinetry finishes. The cost of slate dishwashers ranges from $550 to $930.

Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel is easy-to-clean and less prone to fingerprints than its traditional counterpart. While they provide a sleek and modern look to your kitchen, it can be harder to shop across brands due to the subtle differences in tones. If you can navigate the color variations, a black stainless steel dishwasher can be the perfect addition to your home. They cost between $650 and $1,900.

Black Slate

Black slate is naturally resistant to fingerprints and can add a modern appeal to any kitchen. These models provide richer tones than regular slate and look fantastic against white cabinetry. However, these models do not look great with any shiny finishes in your kitchen, so you need to commit to a consistent look. Black slate dishwashers generally cost between $730 and $1,200.


Copper’s natural color can add warmth and elegance to your room, and they are fairly easy to maintain. They are resistant to stains, fingerprints, dust, and more. While they are more expensive, they can improve the value of your home. You can find attractive copper dishwashers for $850 to $1,000.


Bronze finishes are another warm option that can completely alter the entire look and feel of your kitchen. It is smudge-proof and has a satin finish to maintain its metallic texture. Bronze dishwashers are a growing trend that can look great in many unique kitchens. You can find them for $850 to $1,000.

Wood Grain

Wood grain dishwashers are becoming more and more popular for homeowners who want a seamless look for their entire kitchen. These custom styles make it easier to ensure your appliances blend in with your surrounding cabinetry, but they can be more expensive. On average, these dishwashers range between $860 and $1,000.

Matte White

White matte dishwashers offer the same classic look as an average white model with additional functional benefits. With a matte finish, you do not have to worry about smudges or fingerprints. Additionally, they provide a modern look for your kitchen. Matte white dishwashers typically cost between $900 and $1,100.

Matte Black

Black matte finishes provide a beautifully modern and sleek overtone. This finish hides fingerprints well and resists chipping and peeling. It offers a deeper shade than black slate, adding depth to your kitchen. The price for matte black dishwashers ranges from $950 to $1,300.

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Average Dishwasher Cost by Brand

A quality dishwasher is one of the best appliances you can purchase for your home. On top of saving you time throughout your day, a good dishwasher lowers your utility bill. There is a wide selection of dishwasher options available. Here are some of the top brands:

Cost per Unit of a Frigidaire, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, and Miele Dishwasher (mobile)

BrandAverage Unit Price (Material Only)

Frigidaire Dishwasher

Frigidaire dishwashers are economical, efficient, and straightforward. This is a good choice if you want a simple dishwasher without any features. While they are not too disturbing, these models are louder than many other brands. You can usually find Frigidaire models for prices between $330 and $800, making them one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

Whirlpool Dishwasher

Whirlpool dishwashers are reliable and efficient. These cost-effective appliances do a good job competing against high-end brands while maintaining a reasonable price point. Many of their models are built with hidden controls, adjustable racks, and extended dry options. Unfortunately, many of them are fairly loud while running with a sound rating of approximately 47-50 dB. Whirlpool models cost between $350 and $990.

GE Dishwasher

General Electric is one of the most well-known appliance suppliers in the industry. You can find a wide range of GE dishwashers that can be completely customized to meet your needs. They are easy-to-load, offer different cleaning levels, and have a fairly low sound rating compared to competing models. These popular models cost anywhere from $350 to $1,300.

Samsung Dishwasher

Samsung dishwashers offer advanced wash systems that clean everything from normal dishware to pots and pans. Different models feature additional benefits, including a third rack, hard food disposer or filtration system, and helpful sensors. There are only a few different Samsung dishwashers available, and they cost $550 to $950.

LG Dishwasher

LG’s product line is continuously developing and filled with innovative features, including standard front control and hidden control models. They use steam technology for a thorough clean at a few different levels. They also have flexible rack systems for efficient cleans that meet your specific needs. However, they do not offer many luxury or premium options. You can find LG models with prices ranging from between $580 to $1,000.

KitchenAid Dishwasher

KitchenAid dishwashers are effective appliances that remove debris and stains from dishes. These dishwashers offer a “ProDry” feature, which uses a recessed heating element and a fan to dry, rather than relying on a rinse aid. These models cost between $900 and $1,600.

Miele Dishwasher

Miele dishwashers have the longest lifespan compared to any other model on the market, tapping out at about 20 years with minimal maintenance. These models feature a stainless steel front, hidden top-mounted control panel, quality interior lights, adjustable racks, and top, middle, and bottom wash arms. Additionally, the door automatically opens to release moisture. These models range from $1,000 to $3,000.

Labor Cost to Install a Dishwasher

On average, a dishwasher installation with no modification costs between $175 and $350, not including the dishwasher. This depends on how complicated the installation process is. The cost for a basic compact unit varies from the price of a customized integrated dishwasher. If you are looking to get the work done with a single professional, a local handyman can perform all the tasks required for an easy installation. They charge between $100 and $200 an hour. Between installation, labor, and materials, you will spend between $700 to $1,970. Projects range closer to $700 if you install a standard-sized freestanding dishwasher with a few additional features, like a third rack, bottle wash feature, and leak sensor. Prices rise if you want a larger, more modern built-in dishwasher with smart technology features, matte finishes, and hidden top controls.

Install Dishwasher Plumbing

Extra plumbing may be required if the drain lines need to be rerouted or if you need new plumbing connections. Typical hourly rates for plumbers range from $75 to $150. The plumbing may take several hours, depending on whether you are working with existing lines from an old dishwasher or the plumber needs to run new lines ($3 - $10 per linear foot).

Wiring for a Dishwasher

It may be necessary to rewire, install new outlets (approximately $140 to $175 per grounded outlet), or form connections. Typical electrician rates are $40 - $120 per hour, depending on if you hire an apprentice, journeyman, or master. Electrical installation should not take more than a couple of hours.

Adding a Dishwasher to Existing Cabinets

In some cases, you need to make adjustments to your cabinetry. The new dishwasher may not fit exactly like the old one, so you may need to trim it differently. Even if you have chosen a freestanding dishwasher, you may want to include a stand-alone dishwasher cabinet to conceal it.

If you are thinking about adding a dishwasher to existing cabinets, you may need to make the opening beneath your countertop larger for your built-in model. Whether you are attaching a dishwasher to granite countertops or cutting cabinets for a dishwasher, it requires a carpenter. On average, their rate is $50 to $100 per hour, with most jobs taking 1 to 2 hours.

Cost To Replace a Dishwasher

Replacing an existing dishwasher is considerably less expensive than a new installation because the majority of the work is already done. In most cases, a plumber can hook up a replacement dishwasher for around $75 to $150, about an hour’s work. With a replacement, there is a dishwasher removal cost. This process can be done by your installers and costs $100 to $150. Replacing your water inlet valve costs about $80 to $125. When replacing an old unit with a new one of the same size and type, you can still use the existing valve. Check with your plumber to make sure the valve is in working condition. The cost to remove and install a dishwasher is approximately $255 to $425.

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Energy Efficiency

It is difficult to quantify the difference between hand washing dishes and using a dishwasher, but with the appliance, you save time, money, energy, and water. According to the NRDC, you use approximately 27 gallons of water washing a load of dishes by hand versus 3 gallons with an energy-efficient dishwasher. There are also alternative energy-efficient options presented by many brands, including Energy Star dishwashers. An ENERGY STAR dishwasher costs about $35 per year to run and saves approximately 3,800 gallons of water annually.

Dishwasher With the Door Opened in a Kitchen

Top vs Front-Control Dishwasher

A front-control dishwasher has visible controls on the front of the door when the door is closed. They usually have a pull latch, or pocket handle, in the center to open and close the dishwasher. Since there is not an outward handle, these models blend in with almost every type of cabinetry. On average, a front-control dishwasher costs between $330 and $1,100.

A top-control dishwasher has controls on the top of the door, which are not visible from the front when the door is closed. These models blend in seamlessly with your cabinetry and are more expensive. They cost between $430 and $1,700.

Built-In Dishwasher vs Freestanding

Built-in dishwashers are permanently installed beneath your countertop, flush to your kitchen cabinets. They typically offer more advanced features than freestanding models, including multiple spray arms, multiple wash cycles, and targeted sprays. These dishwashers generally fit seamlessly with your kitchen, but they are not moved easily. Kitchen remodels can be expensive, and if you are relocating, it will most likely be left behind. These models usually cost between $350 and $1,600.

Freestanding dishwashers are finished on all sides so that you can place them anywhere in your kitchen. While they are not built with all the same features as a built-in model, they have benefits like a digital clock, multiple cleaning cycles, and load-sensing technology. Freestanding dishwashers cost approximately $300 to $800.

Portable Dishwasher vs Built-in

A portable model is perfect if you value a convenient and cost-effective dishwasher. While there is flexibility in where you can place your portable appliance, it comes with some drawbacks. Portable dishwashers are directly connected to your sink, so you cannot run your appliance and sink at the same time. It also has to be connected to your sink every time you are ready to use it, whereas a built-in model is ready to go. Portable dishwashers are less expensive than built-in designs, ranging between $300 and $750.


Many parts can malfunction within your dishwasher, including the pump, motor, disposal, and filtration system. With proper maintenance, your average dishwasher can last up to 10 years with minimal problems. Before you jump into making repairs, ask yourself how old your model is because it may be more worth your effort to replace it completely.

Generally speaking, set aside some time every couple of months to clean out your dishwasher. If more serious problems occur, contact a professional. For any model, expect a dishwasher repairman to charge anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour to fix the problem, plus materials.

Freestanding and portable dishwashers take less time to repair, averaging about an hour. Built-in models can be more convoluted, depending on the problem, and take closer to two hours.

Special Features

Dishwashers come in many shapes and sizes and can be fully personalized with your choice of high-tech features. There are plenty of customizations you can make so that you can have the perfect fit for your home. Here are some popular additions:

Cost of Dishwasher Special Features by Type: Hard Food Disposer, Automatic Temperature Control, Leak Sensor, Fingerprint-Resistant, Bottle Wash... (mobile)

Special FeatureAverage Unit Price
Hard Food Disposer$330 - $1,650
Automatic Temperature Control$350 - $1,800
Leak Sensor$450 - $1,500
Fingerprint-Resistant$500 - $1,700
Bottle Wash$550 - $1,600
Third Rack$600 - $1,700
WiFi-Compatible$650 - $1,900

Hard Food Disposer

Hard food disposers use a chopper to disintegrate food particles, so they do not recirculate. These models are virtually maintenance-free, but many are noisy compared to dishwashers with a filtration system. Dishwashers with a hard food disposer cost anywhere from $330 to $1,650.

Automatic Temperature Control

The automatic temperature control feature balances your dishwasher’s water temperature to stay at the optimal cleaning temperature. This ensures the detergent dissolves properly so that your dishes are clean every time. These models cost anywhere between $350 and $1,800.

Leak Sensor

Leaks in your dishwasher start as minor inconveniences but quickly turn into expensive problems if not immediately addressed. With a leak sensor dishwasher, you can find the source of escaped water and fix it. These models feature a moisture sensor below the unit that alerts you if a problem occurred. Additionally, it cancels the cycle and pumps out the water to mitigate the damage. Leak sensor dishwashers cost approximately $450 to $1,500.


These models feature high-quality finishes that do not track fingerprints from every-day use. This dishwasher looks its best no matter how many people use it. Some common fingerprint-resistant finishes include slate and stainless steel. These models cost between $500 to $1,700.

Bottle Wash

These models are built with jets in the upper rack that direct water and detergent inside containers with narrow openings. This is useful if you clean baby bottles, wine flutes, and travel mugs often. This feature can add approximately 20 minutes onto your wash cycle time, and dishwashers with this feature cost $550 to $1,600.

Third Rack

Dishwashers with a third rack wash more dishes, silverware, and other cooking utensils at the same time. On top of providing more space, this rack cleans your flatware thoroughly because they are not pushed close in the silverware basket. These designs are becoming more commonplace and are not far out of the average price range. For a third rack dishwasher, expect to pay between $600 and $1,700.


In 2019, kitchen remodeling trends included updating old appliances for more modern, tech-savvy models. Smart dishwashers are making every-day chores simple by integrating WiFi for voice control and smartphone control capabilities. You can start and stop wash cycles, monitor performance, and check cycle status from your phone. You can also monitor energy use and receive alerts if there is a leak detected. WiFi-compatible dishwashers cost between $650 and $1,900.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Drip Pan

Drip pans ($15-20) are pans beneath dishwashers to catch drips. These are considered a safety precaution against future water damage due to small leaks that can grow over time.

Installing the drip pan is easy because it sits about 1” back from the toe kick. All you have to do is measure and set in place. A bead of epoxy 3 is placed underneath the pan before it is screwed or taped to the floor to ensure that it is secure.

Custom Panel Dishwasher Installation

If you want to panel the front of your dishwasher to look like your cabinets, hire someone to perform this service. These custom panel models cost between $600 and $1,300 on average, not including the cost of creating and installing the panel. Compared to stainless steel or similar models, custom panel models cost an extra $100 to install.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • An air gap prevents wastewater from re-entering the dishwasher and contaminating clean water. Dishwasher air gap installation costs $5-$30, and it is done before installing the new dishwasher. Not all dishwashers require this, so consult your appliance manual to be sure. Also, these additions are sometimes required in many locations, so check with your local plumbers or the plumbing codes to see what works best for you.
  • Some dishwashers have a built-in garbage disposal that uses a chopper to disintegrate food particles and keep drain pipes clear. These models are maintenance-free but louder when operating. Dishwashers with filtration systems trap food in a filter at the bottom of the dishwasher. This system involves manually cleaning about once a month. On average, dishwashers with hard food disposal cost between $330 and $1,700. Models with a filtration system are more expensive, about $350 to $2,000.
  • Dishwashers can be categorized based on the noise they make when they are running. A dishwasher with an average sound rating costs between $350 and $1,000 on average. Quiet dishwashers are priced higher at an average range of $400 to $1,200. The quietest models, also known as whisper dishwashers, cost between $700 and $1,900.
  • An extra-large dishwasher is less common in average households, but it can be great if you constantly need to wash many dishes. If you install a custom extra-wide model, be prepared to retrofit your cabinets. These models can hold up to 20 place settings at a time. However, it can be difficult to constantly fill this large dishwasher, so you may find yourself running it half-filled.


  • How long does it take to install a dishwasher?

On average, it takes about 1 hour to install a new dishwasher if it is sized correctly and you do not need extra plumbing or carpentry work. If you replace your current one, expect to spend an additional hour removing your existing dishwasher.

  • Do you need a plumber to install a dishwasher?

While you can install a dishwasher on your own, it is expected to take an extra hour or two than if you were to call a professional. The installation involves a lot of technical work, leaving room for error with DIY projects.

  • Do you need an air gap for a dishwasher?

An air gap is a fitting mounted above your sink to prevent contaminated water from re-entering your dishwasher. They are useful and required by plumbing codes in many areas. Check with your local plumber to see what works best for you.

  • Can you put a dishwasher next to a refrigerator?

Yes, but we do not recommend this. Your dishwasher gets hot and humid when in use, and your refrigerator works to stay cold. Putting these next to each other makes your appliances work harder, which reflects on your utility bill. Additionally, this may hamper your refrigerator’s ability to mitigate condensation and cause issues down the road.

  • Does a dishwasher connect to hot or cold water?

Dishwashers only use hot water for cleaning. This paired with the heat cycle sanitizes your dishware. Dishwashers do not have cold or warm cycles like a washing machine.

  • What is the average life of a dishwasher?

On average, modern dishwashers last between 6 and 10 years. There are a few signs to signal replacement, including a failing motor, pump, or heating element.