How much does it cost to purchase a home warranty in Florida?

National Average Range:
$400 - $750

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Updated: August 18, 2022

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Home warranties can be great to invest in, particularly if you have just built a home, remodeled, or invested in new appliances or HVAC equipment. A home warranty covers expenses from unexpected repairs, giving you peace of mind and keeping costs down. You can have a home warranty in Florida for many home parts and types and pay for them over various periods.

The state average cost for a home warranty in Florida is $400 to $750 a year, with most homeowners paying $550 for a combined system and appliance plan. This project’s low cost is $300 for a combined 2-year service plan on a new house. The high cost is $1,000 for platinum-level coverage on all systems and appliances in an existing house.

Cost of Home Warranty in Florida

Home Warranty Florida Price
National average cost$550
Average range$400-$750

Home Warranty Florida Price by Time Period

The most common home warranty plans are contracts covering 1 year. These costs can be paid as a one-time payment or in monthly installments, depending on your plan type and contract.

In addition, a new home may get a warranty on its structure, which can last up to 10 years. This is different from a typical home warranty with different costs. It also covers different things like the structure and foundation rather than the appliances and systems. Your costs for each period vary depending on your contract plan and company. Below are the average costs in Florida for the various home warranty periods.

Home warranty cost in Florida by time period: per month, per year, and 10 years (mobile)

Time PeriodCost
Per Month$30 - $75
Per Year$420 - $745
10 Years$500 - $1,500

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Home Warranty Plans in Florida Cost

There are many systems and areas in your Florida home, and any of these systems may be eligible for a home warranty. But not all home warranties are the same. Most cover a specific area, and you may need to combine plans to get full coverage.

Home warranties typically fall into a few categories. These include roofing, appliances, systems, extended warranties, basic protection plans, and total protection plans. So, a roofing warranty covers your roof but nothing else. An appliance protection plan covers your refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer, while a systems protection plan covers your HVAC systems and plumbing or electrical, depending on the plan and company. Appliances can be impacted by salt air, which would also cause them to break frequently, which is why these are more costly. Some companies may limit a plan to specific areas, while others are more generous. Most system plans also cover anything hardwired into your home, including a ceiling fan, doorbell, and dishwasher.

Extended warranties are slightly different. These are for your appliances and sometimes your HVAC components. They take the standard warranty that comes with the appliance, which may be anywhere from 1 to 6 years, and extend it for more time. Basic plans are considered entry-level and may have varying packages covering different parts. The higher the package level, the more components it covers. A total protection plan covers all areas, including appliances and systems. Like the basic plan, varying levels can help add to other components, which may be helpful in Florida, such as your pool and pool systems. Below are the average costs per month and year for the various home warranty plans in Florida.

Home warranty cost per month or year in Florida by plan: roofing, extended warranty, appliance protection plan… (mobile)

PlanCost per MonthCost per Year
Roofing$30 - $45$350 - $500
Extended Warranty$30 - $50$350 - $600
Appliance Protection Plan$30 - $75$350 - $900
Systems Protection Plan$35 - $80$400 - $960
Basic Protection Plan$40 - $50$450 - $600
Total Protection Plan$50 - $80$550 - $960

Home Warranty Prices in Florida by Type of House

Your home type and size may also impact the cost of your home warranty. In some cases, a warranty may be based on size because larger homes have more appliances and larger systems. For this reason, smaller spaces like mobile homes and condos likely have lower costs than a single-family home or duplex. Condos are common in Florida, and while they come in a range of sizes, you often have fewer systems belonging only to you, so costs can be lower. Duplexes are less common, but your costs are higher because you cover two residences.

Modular homes and apartment buildings also have different costs. A modular home can get the same home warranties as a single-family home. However, they can also get a structural warranty good for up to 10 years. This is because it is built indoors in a controlled environment, often using computer-aided technology and additional material.

Small apartment buildings of up to 4 units are generally eligible for home warranty plans, covering all units. Larger buildings may need separate plans for individual units, and you may need to look into custom plans with your preferred company to see what may be available.

Below are the average costs per year for the various plans available in Florida for different home types, except modular homes, which gives the cost for 10 years.

Home warranty cost for a mobile home, condo, single-family house, modular, duplex, and apartment in Florida (mobile)

HouseAverage Cost
Mobile Home$350 - $600/year
Condo$350 - $600/year
Single-Family House$420 - $745/year
Modular$500 - $1,500/10 years
Duplex$600 - $1,200/year
Apartment (Up to 4 Units)$1,000 - $1,500/year

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Cost of Home Warranty Companies in Florida

Many reputable home warranty companies offer plans in Florida. Most offer a range of plans and costs to consider. Some offer total home warranty packages in levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum that may offer different services, such as a Bronze plan offering appliances, a Silver plan offering systems, and a Gold or Platinum plan offering a combination. Not all companies offer the same plan or level of plan, so you may need to shop around.
Most companies that offer plans in Florida include the ability to add coverage for areas, such as pools, wells, well pumps, guest houses, and other outdoor features that come with living in a hot climate. Always double-check these additional options and if they are available before committing to a company or plan because they are not always included in total house packages but must be added separately. Below are the various home warranty companies that offer coverage in Florida and their average costs per month.

Home warranty monthly cost in Florida by company: AAA, 2-10 Home Buyers, First American, HomeServe, Cinch... (mobile)

CompanyCost per Month
AAA$25 - $50
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty$25 - $70
First American$30 - $45
HomeServe$30 - $60
American Home Shield$30 - $75
Old Republic Home Protection$35 - $60
Cinch$35 - $70
Select$35 - $60
America's First Choice$40 - $55
Choice$40 - $55
Fidelity National$70 - $85

Home Warranty Deductible in Florida

Most home warranty plans have deductibles or service call fees that increase your plan’s cost. Deductibles work like deductibles from insurance companies. You need to pay up to a set amount out of pocket before the warranty comes in. These deductibles range based on the plan but are generally between $100 and $150 per repair. Some companies call this a service fee. In this case, you may be given a range of fees, and the higher the fee, the better the rest of your coverage. Each plan may have a different method for charging deductibles or fees, but you generally pay a fee for every call out before the repair or replacement. This fee may be equal to the cost of the repair for some minor repairs, but for very large issues, you are still saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on that repair.

Home Warranty Additional Coverage

In addition to the standard plans, most companies offer additional coverage for specific areas around or in your home. These can include pools, electronics, HVAC maintenance, or a guest house. Many of these may be an important consideration in Florida. For example, homes located on the west coast in areas like Naples and Fort Myers may see damage from the salt in the air to things like appliances and electronics. Getting electronic coverage added to your appliance plan can help. Most Florida homes also have HVAC systems that get heavy use. Adding maintenance to your plan can help cover this cost. Because pools, guest houses, outdoor kitchens, and plumbing are very popular in Florida, you may want to add coverage for these. With frequent hurricanes and hail in Florida, getting coverage for roof leaks can also be an important feature. Most add-ons are priced per year but may be grouped into your monthly fee, depending on the company. Below are the average costs per year for the most common add-ons in Florida.

Cost per year of additional coverages to a home warranty in Florida: HVAC maintenance, electronics, well pump, slab leaks, roof leaks... (mobile)

Add-OnCost per Year
HVAC Maintenance$25 - $30
Electronics$25 - $30
Well Pump$75 - $125
Slab Leaks$75 - $125
External Plumbing$75 - $125
Roof Leaks$75 - $150
Outdoor Kitchen$100 - $150
Pool and Spa$150 - $250
Guest Units$275 - $325

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Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Warranty for home sellers. You can sometimes purchase a home warranty when you sell a home. This can make the home more attractive to buyers and offer them peace of mind.
  • Timing. Home warranties should be purchased before there are problems with the home. Existing issues are not covered.
  • Inspections. Many companies may schedule an inspection of your home before offering a plan. This is to locate pre-existing issues that may not be covered.
  • Inventory. Before choosing a plan, take the time to inventory your home and list the areas you want to cover the most. Determining your top priority can help you choose the right plan.
  • Regulations. Florida has regulations on home warranty companies. You can look up a plan to make sure it is covered by the Office of Insurance Regulations before you commit.
  • Workmanship guarantee. The labor from your repair technician is generally covered for 90 to 180 days after a repair to ensure you are not paying additional service fees on your home warranty plan. This is known as a workmanship guarantee.
  • Size. Your home’s square footage does not directly impact your plan’s cost. However, larger homes have more appliances and systems than smaller homes, increasing the need for more coverage.
  • Coverage limits. Most home warranties have coverage limits. These can include a cap on how much they pay out per year, with luxury plans having a higher cap. They can also exclude past repairs, so if a problem continuously occurs, it may no longer be covered. Speak to your warranty provider about what their plan limits are.
  • Location. The city or area you live in may impact the cost of your plan. Some larger cities like Jacksonville may have higher costs than other areas.


  • Who pays for a home warranty, buyers or sellers in Florida?

This depends on the situation. A seller may purchase a home warranty, which transfers to the buyer. Or a buyer can purchase their own plan after closing.

  • Is a home warranty required in Florida?

No, having one is a good idea, but it is not required by state law.

  • How long does a builder have to warranty a house in Florida?

According to state law, a builder needs to warranty a home for 3 years in Florida.