How much does it cost to build a villa?

National Average Range:
$111,000 - $150,000

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Updated: August 17, 2022

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If you are considering moving to a gated community or building a smaller, more affordable home, villas make a great, low-cost housing option. Villas are frequently built-in communities, particularly in areas like Florida and other typical retirement areas. They come in several styles and a range of sizes that allow for affordable customization.

The variations in the type of style and size result in a range of costs, and the national average cost to build is between $111,000 and $150,000. Most homeowners find that they spend around $125,000 on a 1,000 sq.ft. two-bedroom semi-detached villa. At the lowest cost, it is possible to build an 800 sq.ft. one-bedroom attached villa with basic materials for $80,000. At the highest cost, you could also build a 1,200 sq.ft. detached villa with luxury materials for $226,800.

Cost to Build a Villa

Villa Construction Cost
National average cost$125,000
Average range$111,000-$150,000

What Is a Villa Home?

The word “villa” has many meanings when it comes to homes. In Europe, a villa is a large, luxury home often used for vacations or getaways. A villa home in the U.S. describes a small home that may be attached, semi-detached, or fully detached. They are often built in clusters or communities, usually one-story high, and are affordable to build and purchase.

Semi-detached villas are sometimes zoned as duplexes, but the difference between a duplex and a villa is one person usually owns the duplex, with one side rented out. In contrast, in a villa, there is a separate owner for each unit. Villas are often considered closer to townhouses or condos, and there are many similarities between these. Villas often have an HOA or a governing association, and the owner is responsible for both the interior and exterior of their unit.

Villas are sometimes called courtyard homes, and they are often confused with patio homes, which are garden villas.

How Big Is a Villa?

Technically, you can build a villa in any size, with some ranging up to 2,000 sq.ft. The average size is closer to 1,000 sq.ft., with many being 1,200 sq.ft. Many older villas are smaller and usually average closer to 800 sq.ft. Like other homes that have increased in size over the years, so has the villa, although they typically remain smaller than normal single-family homes.

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Cost to Build Villa by Type

Villas can be built in three different ways - semi-detached, attached, and detached. While the costs to build each are similar, there are a few differences in costs per square foot to consider. Some of these are regional because build costs vary. Villas are usually built in communities or low-population areas, lowering their building costs to below suburban or urban homes.

Villa Construction Cost Chart

Villa TypeAverage Cost per Square Foot
Semi-Detached$100 - $150/sq.ft.
Attached$111 - $125/sq.ft.
Detached$150 - $189/sq.ft.

Semi-Detached Villa

The semi-detached villa features two villas sharing a wall. They can be zoned like a duplex, making permitting and selling of the home easier. While these are more closely related to twin-packs or condexes, they have very similar costs to build. It costs around $100 to $150/sq.ft., depending on the location and building materials.

Attached Villa

An attached villa is closer to a townhouse in terms of arrangement and costs to build, with groups of four to six sharing walls. The difference is that a villa is usually a single-story home, while townhouses are generally two-story homes. The cost to build this villa is lower, mostly because it is much easier to build in groups like this than to build single structures. The average cost range is $111 to $125, depending on the location and materials.

Detached Villa

A detached villa more closely resembles a small single-family home. It is built as part of a larger community and yet has an HOA. This is a single-story home designed to be affordable. Because it is stand-alone, it has higher costs per square foot because all sides must be finished per unit. The costs approach $150 to $189 a square foot, depending on the region and materials used.

Villa Construction Cost Breakdown

Every villa construction project is different due to the construction costs in your area and the materials you choose. It is possible to get a general breakdown of costs that can give you an idea of where your money goes during construction:

Villa vs Condo

Villas and condos have much in common. They are both governed by an association and share amenities, such as clubhouses and pools. The biggest difference is that you are responsible for both the interior and exterior upkeep of your property in a villa. You are only responsible for the interior upkeep in a condo, while the condo association handles the rest.

Villa vs Townhouse

Villas and townhouses have much in common, particularly when the villas are attached. They are both individually owned units and have shared amenities, with the owner being responsible for the unit’s interior and exterior. But townhouses are usually at least two stories tall, while villas are single-story units. Townhouses are always built attached, while villas may be attached, detached, or semi-detached.

Villa vs Bungalow

Both villas and bungalows are small single-family homes. The biggest differences are that bungalows are always detached and not usually part of a community or HOA. Bungalows have several styles, but most stem from the Arts and Crafts movement in some way, giving them a specific look. Bungalows may have 1½ stories and sometimes 2 stories. Villas can take on any appearance, are one-story properties, and may be attached.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs


Landscaping and gardens are important parts of any community home, including villas. Professional landscaping and adding a garden to your property has a cost of roughly $75 an hour, plus the cost of plants.

Swimming Pool

Most villas are part of a community that has a swimming pool for communal use. When building a villa outside of a community, you may want to add one to your property. The average swimming pool costs $50,000 to build.

Interior Designer

Interior designers make the most of the layout inside your villa. Villas tend to be smaller than other homes, and interior designers help plan the best way to arrange them. The average cost to hire an interior designer is $75 to $450 an hour.


Most villas do not have garages, but you can add one if you choose. The average cost of an attached garage is $35,000 while building a detached garage is around $52,830.

Additional Considerations

  • Most villas are governed by HOAs, which may dictate things like the home’s exterior appearance and style. You may pay a fee per year to the association to live there.
  • The insurance and maintenance level of your villa depend on the HOA running the community.
  • Villas are often located in neighborhoods or communities that provide resort-style amenities, such as clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, and golf. This provides the feeling of being on vacation while living at home.


  • What makes a house a villa?

Villas are attached, semi-detached, or detached homes with each unit owned by one individual. They are one-story high, typically smaller than the average single-family home, and are governed by an HOA.

  • How many floors does a villa have?

Villas are single-story homes.

  • How much area is required to build a villa?

This varies by region, villa size, and whether it is attached, detached, or semi-detached. Some plans and areas require more space than others.