How much does it cost to childproof a house?

National Average Range:
$500 - $2,500

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Childproofing, also known as baby proofing, is the process of making an environment or object safe for children. This process protects children from common household hazards or injuries, including burns, bumps, bruises, falling furniture, cleaning products, and even fatality. Many rooms, furniture pieces, and items in your home can be harmful to your curious, wandering child. Therefore, these items should be made child-friendly. Childproofing takes time. You want to ensure that your measures are in place before things get hectic once the baby arrives. Extra care should be taken when the baby starts to crawl at around six to ten months.

The national average childproofing cost is between $500 and $2,500. Most homeowners pay around $1,500 for childproofing using gates, locks, furniture anchors, electrical and anti-scald protection, window and door protection. At the low end of the spectrum, you will pay around $250 for gates, locks, and outlet covers for the home. At the high end, you may pay up to $10,000 for childproofing measures, including gates, locks, furniture anchors, alarms, electrical and anti-scald, window and door protection, pool fence, pool cover, pool alarm, and video monitoring.

Childproofing Prices

Childproofing cost
National average cost$1,500
Average range$500 - $2,500

Childproofing Cost by Room

The cost of childproofing rooms in your home differs depending on the area. The cost averages between $25 and $8,000. Every home and every family are different, so your childproofing needs differ as well. However, several general areas should be childproofed in nearly every home, including the stairs, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and pool, for those who own one. These rooms pose several hazardous risks to children and are the main areas of enthusiasm for exploration.

Putting some sensible childproofing measures in place protects your child from the most common injuries. Below you can find some of the common rooms in a home that require childproofing attention and their respective costs. An explanation of some of the basic childproofing steps that can be done to secure a safe place in your home for your curious little one.

Childproofing the Stairs, Bedroom, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen and Swimming Pool Cost (mobile)

AreaCost (Materials and Labor)
Stairs$25 - $130
Bathroom$45 - $135
Bedroom$64 - $222
Kitchen$100 - $300
Swimming pool$250 - $10,000

Childproofing Stairs

One of the most common locations in the home where children injure themselves by falling is on the stairs. Fortunately, childproofing the stairs can be quite simple. The best solution to prevent your child from climbing up and down the stairs is a gate. A baby gate is often expandable and extremely portable. They require two flat surfaces to press against, such as the banister 5 and the wall. This type of childproofing product is a moderately priced tool and averages in price between $25 and $130.

Childproofing Bathroom

With all of the beauty products, water, chemicals, and other hazardous items in a bathroom, your curious child can quickly get into serious trouble. To protect your child from serious injury, you should consider some of these ideas for childproofing your bathroom. Childproofing a bathroom can cost a homeowner anywhere between $45 and $135.

One of the first steps of childproofing your bathroom is by guarding the entrance. To keep your children out of the bathroom, add a childproof cover to the doorknob. These door knob covers easily slip on the door knob and prevent children from turning them. However, adults can easily open the door when needed. These covers are inexpensive and very important in childproofing the bathroom, averaging between $4 and $15.

Locking the toilet is another important step in childproofing a bathroom. The toilet poses a drowning hazard if a little one peers over the toilet bowl and falls in. A toilet lock secures the lid shut, preventing your toddler from lifting it. These locks can be completely deactivated when the lock is not needed or when company comes to visit. Toilet locks retail for $7 to $25.

When finished with electrical hazards such as a blow-dryer or curling iron, it is important to put it away. These electrical devices can shock children if they stick their fingers inside. Medicine, cleaning products, chemicals, and other hazardous items should be kept high in a locked cabinet where kids can’t access. Whether the cabinets in the bathroom are low to the ground or high up, it is always a good idea to install cabinet locks to ensure that products do not accidentally get into the hands of your child. Locks latches average in price between $9 and $40.

Bathtime can be a fun time for a child but doesn’t come without any dangers. A few things can protect your child while in the bath. The first tip is to place a non-slip rubber mat in the bathtub and a non-slip bath mat on the floor next to the tub to prevent falls ($10 to $15). Second, set the water heater temperature to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warm enough for baths, but not so scalding hot that it could harm a child’s skin. You can also purchase an anti-scalding device for faucets that stop the water when it gets too hot for approximately $15 to $40.

Childproofing Bedroom

Childproofing a child’s bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Children spend most of their time playing on their own or in their cribs unsupervised in their bedroom. There must be childproofing measures put in place. Childproofing a bedroom can cost a homeowner anywhere from $64 to $222.

One of the first steps in childproofing a bedroom is to make sure the furniture is secure and will not fall on your child. If your child becomes curious and starts to climb up a dresser or bookcase, there is the potential hazard of it falling on top of them. All furniture in the bedroom should be secured to the wall using anchors or straps. The cost of furniture anchors averages between $11 and $20. In addition to securing your furniture to the wall, all sharp edges on the furniture or bed corners should be guarded using corner guards to prevent risk for a head or eye injury or nasty bruise. They can be purchased for a price anywhere between $7 and $17.

Outlet covers are one of the most affordable childproofing devices you can buy for $3 to $15. Many outlets in a bedroom are the perfect height for exploring toddlers. These pose a risk of electrical shock as children become curious and insert their fingers or toys into the slot. These outlet covers should not be overlooked.

Another scary thing that can happen in a child’s room is the possibility of them climbing out of a window. Toddlers are very unpredictable. If they see something, they might try to get outside. Window guards are one of the best methods of preventing this from happening. They are protectors that are installed on any size window that make it hard for young kids to open but easy for adults at the same time. The cost for window guards averages between $25 and $90. In addition to window guards, you might consider cord wraps. These devices secure blinds cords to keep them out of the hands of children. Cords pose the potential risk of choking, and cord wraps prevent that. They retail at a cost between $9 and $40.

Finally, drawer locks are another great investment for childproofing a bedroom. Once your child can move around, there is a chance of them getting into the drawers. This can pose a safety hazard to children as there might be small items there that they can choke on or medications that can be poisonous. Children also don’t get the concept of pinched fingers, so there is always the possibility of that. Drawer locks mount 2 inside the drawer and can be temporarily deactivated if need be. The average cost for magnetic drawer locks is between $9 and $40.

Childproofing Kitchen

For children, the kitchen can be a fascinating place. Adults are putting items up on the counter, cooking different foods, and items are going in and out of the cupboards. This fascination draws their interest in wanting to also be able to participate, but without the proper measures in place, it can be dangerous for a child. Kitchens are full of hot surfaces, sharp objects, and other objects that can pose a danger to a child. Childproofing the kitchen can leave you without fear for your child’s health and safety and give them the freedom to explore and learn. The cost for childproofing a kitchen depends on the appliances and objects present but can cost a homeowner anywhere between $100 and $300.

One of the first childproofing steps for your kitchen is the oven and stove. Of all the other appliances, the oven and stove can lead 3 to the most serious of injuries. The first part of childproofing the oven/stove is purchasing an oven lock for $9 to $23. An oven lock prevents your child from opening the door and sustaining a bad burn. Their universal design makes it easy for adults to release the lock to open the oven when necessary. To prevent children from turning on the stove, you should invest in some knob covers that cost from $8 to $15. These covers fit on top of the knobs. When a child reaches for them and tries to turn them, they will not turn. An alternate item that should be childproofed is your oven drawer. This sits close to the ground and is easily in reach of children. Oven drawers can be warmed to store food and can cause a burn if hot. An oven drawer can be childproofed using a lock or latch. This childproofing item costs $8 to $20. Finally, a few free childproofing tips can assist in keeping the oven/stove child-friendly. If you are using the front burners, turn the handles of the pots away from the front so that children cannot reach up and pull them down. It is a good idea to use the back burners when possible if you have mobile children around. Next, never leave the stove unattended. Even turning your back for a minute can lead 3 to a terrible outcome.

The next step in childproofing your kitchen is the refrigerator. Refrigerators have some hidden hazards to children and should be secured shut if you have wandering children around. If your child can open the fridge on their own and enjoys going through its contents, you should consider a lock/latch to keep the door shut. Refrigerator locks and latches range in price between $8 and $23 and should be installed high where a child cannot reach them. In addition to a fridge lock, it is a good idea to invest in a fridge anchor. While most parents think the refrigerator is very large and won’t move, this is false. If a child tries to climb up the shelves, it can topple over. A fridge anchor secures it to the wall to prevent a disastrous fall. Furniture anchors can be purchased at any local hardware store for an average cost of $11 to $20.

The kitchen cupboards and drawers are home to many hazardous objects to a child, including knives, heavy pots, cleaning products, and many other items, and should be off limits to children. The easiest way to keep them off limits is by locking them. Childproofing locks should be sturdy to withstand pulling hands but easy enough to open up for adults. These locks range in price between $9 and $40. Cabinets are another gateway to fascinating things to children that should be kept off limits. If you have cabinets in the kitchen, they should be secured using sliding locks. Sliding locks range in price between $9 and $40. If you don’t want to opt into a full lock system, then another easy option is to use velcro strips at a cost of $7 to $15. It is important to secure your revolving lazy susan cabinet. Revolving cabinets are fascinating to children but house many important and hazardous items to children. Lazy susan locks average in price between $12 and $28.

Another important appliance that should be childproofed is your dishwasher. The best way to do so is by purchasing a multi-functional lock to secure it shut. Dishwasher locks cost $9 to $40. A couple of free child-friendly tips is to avoid placing sharp objects and detergent in the dishwasher until you are ready to run it. If your child has a habit of pressing the buttons, then secure a piece of cardboard on top of the buttons to restrict their access. Finally, most dishwashers have a child lock feature that can be activated by pressing certain buttons.

The last object present in most kitchens that pose safety issues to roaming children is the kitchen table. The kitchen table is a great place for a family to gather for dinner and should be child-proofed for a stress-free gathering. A kitchen table is at a perfect height for children to bump into and risk a black eye or head injury. Some valuable childproofing tools for a kitchen table are foam pipe insulation wrap at the cost of $12 to $20 or corner guards costing from $7 to $17.

Childproof Swimming Pool

When the summer months come around, swimming becomes one of the main summer family activities. Drowning is one of the most common deaths of young children in the United States. It is very tragic because the likelihood of drowning can be prevented with a few simple childproofing steps. If you have a pool, the cost of childproofing increases tremendously and can cost you anywhere from $250 to $10,000.

A fence is one of the best childproofing methods for your pool area. Unlike covers, fences are always there. You don’t have to worry about them being left off. Even with a cover, a fence should be installed to keep the pool off limits. A fence must be at least four to six feet high with gaps no larger than three inches for children to get through. All furniture and objects that children are capable of climbing should be kept away from the fence. To ensure that the gate is not left open by accident, a self-closing or a self-latching gate can be the best option. Pool fencing can be a big investment for homeowners. However, it provides peace of mind knowing your child cannot access the pool area without supervision. The national average range for pool fence installation is between $3,000 to $10,000, with most homeowners paying around $6,500, for a 100-linear-foot metal pool fence.

Another popular method for childproofing the swimming pool is investing in a pool cover. Pool covers act as a barrier to keep kids out of the pool. It attaches securely in place and can withstand the weight of water and even children without sagging. The pool cover should be removed while using to eliminate any chances of someone being trapped underneath. Depending on the type of pool cover, they range in price between $1,200 and $3,600, depending on the pool’s shape and size.

Finally, a pool alarm is another tool used in childproofing a swimming pool. Alarms detect when a heavy object, such as a person or child, falls into the water. It sets off the alarm to notify you. Another type of alarm for the pool shoots a light beam around the perimeter. If the beam isn’t working, a sound activates. An alarm can be a great alternate great method, but they require regular testing and can set off false alarms. The average cost for a pool alarm is $250 to $500.

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Childproofing Prices by Product

Childproofing products are designed to help put safety measures in place for children, ranging anywhere in price from $3 to $150. These products help put harmful items on lockdown and steering kids away from staircases, small objects, and things they need to avoid. Below, we list the most popular types of childproofing products and their respective cost range and explain each.

 Childproofing Outlet Cover, Door Knob Covers, Toilet Seat Locks, Corner Guards, Blind Cord Wraps, Latches...Prices  (mobile)

Childproofing ProductCost (Materials Only)
Outlet Cover$3 - $15
Door Knob Covers$4 - $15
Toilet Seat Locks$6 - $25
Corner Guards$7 - $17
Blind Cord Wraps$9 - $16
Latches$9 - $16
Drawers Locks$9 - $40
Childproofing Locks$9 - $40
Deadbolt$10 - $32
Power Strip Covers$10 - $40
Furniture Anchors$11 - $20
Lazy Susan Lock$12 - $28
Door Lock$12 - $40
Railing Guards$16 - $40
Window Guards$25 - $90
Safety Gate$25 - $130
Fencing$25 - $150

Outlet Cover

Outlet covers are one of the most affordable childproofing devices that you can buy for $3 to $15 and should not be overlooked. Outlets are low to the ground and in reaching distance of crawling and exploring toddlers. They are irresistible to children and a common spot for kids to insert their fingers or anything else into the slots, leading to electrical shock. As the name implies, they are covers inserted right into the outlet to prevent anything from entering.

Childproof Door Knob

Childproofing a door knob prevents children from opening doors to off-access rooms or locking doors without an adult present. To prevent any of these issues, you can purchase a childproof door knob cover, commonly made of plastic. Knob covers function by preventing the knobs from turning. These knob covers are also conveniently used on the knobs of stoves to prevent children from turning them. Door knob covers are inexpensive and a very important childproofing tool, averaging between $4 and $15.

Childproof Toilet Seat

Toilets pose a risk of drowning to children or becoming a toddler's favorite waterpark. A toilet seat lock secures the lid to keep the toddlers out and keep your peace of mind. Three main types of toilet seat locks are available, including hinges, safety straps, and swing locks. Toilet seat locks are inexpensive and worth the purchase. They average between $6 and $25.

Childproofing Corner Guards

You don’t realize how many sharp edges exist in your home until you become a parent. Children are the perfect height for those sharp-edged tables, desks, and countertops that most of us have in our homes. Therefore, they pose a big risk for an ugly bruise or a head or eye injury. Corner guards are a great investment that offers a soft gel cushion for maximum protection against any of these injuries. They can be purchased for a price of anywhere between $7 and $17.

Baby Proofing Blind Cord Wraps

Another childproofing safety device on the market is cord wraps for blinds. These retractable devices are made to neatly secure blind cords out of reach of children. In a matter of seconds, a curious toddler can wrap a loose dangling cord around their neck. For that reason, any parent should invest in a cord wrap device. Cord wraps retail at a cost between $9 and $16.

Childproof Latches

Safety is always a major concern when you have a little toddler running around. Childproofing is one of the easiest ways to minimize potential hazards. One common tool to assist with that is childproof latches. Childproof latches serve multi-purpose functions and can be installed on doors, cupboards, toilets, drawers, lazy susans, refrigerators, and on many other hazardous places and appliances in the home. A latch is often installed using an adhesive that can stick to any surface. The average latch price is between $9 and $16.

Childproof Drawers

Once your child begins to move around and get into everything they get their hands on, securing drawers shut is necessary. From pinched fingers to sharp knives and poisonous substances, there are many ways for children to hurt themselves. It is also common for children to use drawers as a ladder to make their way up to the counter and other higher levels, posing even more risk for injury. The most popular method of childproofing drawers is using magnetic locks. The locking mechanism is mounted inside the drawer and will not unlock unless you have the magnetic key. When you want to open the drawer, the key can be held in front and opened with the other hand. It is also easy to deactivate the locks temporarily for special occasions or when you need access in the kitchen. The average cost for magnetic drawer locks is between $9 and $40.

Childproofing Locks

Safety locks for your cabinets, doors, cupboards, and fridges help prevent kids from getting into things that can cause poisoning or injury. You want to make sure the locks are sturdy enough to withstand pulling and prying hands but are easy enough to install and open up for adults. Locks are among the least expensive childproofing products and range in price between $9 and $40.

Childproof Deadbolt

Interior doors, exterior doors, and sliding doors should be childproofed to ensure the safety of your children. A deadbolt is a door-securing device that prevents a child from opening a door that they shouldn’t or pinching their fingers in a sliding door. It should be installed above the door handle to ensure that children cannot reach the latch and unlock the door if they were to stand on a chair. You can expect to pay around $10 to $32 for a childproof deadbolt.

Power Strip Childproof

Power strip covers are designed to keep outlets and plugs covered and securely away from children. Power strips are a huge hazard to children as they can experience electrical shock by shoving their fingers, toys, or other items into the live power bar. These covers can be adjusted for a custom fit depending on how many plugs the bar has. They often come in clear see-through design so that there is visibility of the power indicator. Power bar covers can be used for floor or wall-mounted styles. The average cost is between $10 and $40.

Childproof Furniture Anchors

As your child starts to get older and becomes eager to explore around your home, you want to make sure that they can do so safely. The furniture around the house poses falling hazards for children when aggressively pulling or climbing on it. The easiest solution to this risk is to install furniture anchors. Furniture anchors are a durable, advanced option for securing furniture pieces and tend to come in either a wire form or a strap form. Most new furniture currently sold comes with the devices included. Furniture anchors can be purchased at any local hardware store for an average cost of $11 to $20.

Baby Proof Lazy Susan

Lazy susan cabinet locks are a good way to secure your revolving cabinets. It keeps your curious toddlers out of corner cabinets without handles. This product eliminates injury due to pots and pans, canned goods, or other hazardous items that might be stored inside. Lazy susan locks average in price between $12 and $28.

Childproof Door

If you want to keep children out of certain rooms in your home or keep them from locking themselves in rooms, then you should opt into purchasing a door lever lock. These lever locks are designed to fit most handles and feature a really simple peel and stick installation. They offer strong adhesives, so there is no way for a child to remove them. They also work to childproof sliding doors. When you no longer need the door locked, it can simply be removed. Door lever locks average in price between $12 and $40.

Childproof Railings

Any opening in a railing or banister poses a safety hazard to children. A child can easily stick his/her head or part of their body through the opening and fall to the ground below or injure themselves by getting stuck. To prevent this from happening, a railing guard is necessary to childproof any railings or banisters that can pose a risk to children. Rail guards are made from mesh, plastic, or other sturdy materials that can be tied to the side of the railing that blocks a child from being able to access the holes in the railing. The average cost for a childproof railing guard is between $16 and $40.

Childproof Window Guards

Window guards are a grille-type protector that can be installed with screws on any type and size of window. They are one of the best options for childproofing windows as they are hard to open for young kids but easy to open for adults at the same time. The downside of this option is the aesthetic, but the peace of mind is worth the appearance. The cost for window guards averages between $25 and $90.

Childproofing Gate

When your child begins to crawl and explore, it is time to invest in a safety gate. Safety gates keep children out of areas in your home wherever potential hazards may be present. Some common locations include the top of stairs, at the bottom of stairs, and in between rooms. When purchasing safety gates for your home, you must consider several things: size of the gate, features, and safety. This type of childproofing product is a moderately priced tool and averages in price between $25 and $130.

Childproofing Fencing

Setting physical boundaries is important for your child’s protection in their early stages of walking and crawling. Putting up a fence offers security and peace of mind. Choosing a fence with no rails or toeholds in posts is important to keep them from climbing. The average cost for a childproof fence is between $25 and $150.

Childproofing Prices by Appliance

The cost of childproofing some common appliances in your home average between $8 and $58. While most parents know to childproof the outlets and lock the cabinets, the appliances we rely on every day are often overlooked and forgotten. Appliances such as the oven or the fridge can cause a huge safety hazard for children due to the potential risks of choking, burning, bruises, or multiple other injuries. Therefore, for prevention from injury and your peace of mind, these appliances should be childproofed. The chart below illustrates some common costs to childproof appliances.

Childproofing Fridge and Oven Prices (mobile)

ApplianceCost (Materials Only)
Fridge$8 - $23
Oven$25 - $58

Childproof Fridge

Some items in your refrigerator can be harmful to children. Suppose your child can pull your fridge open on their own. If this is the case, you should consider installing a fridge latch to keep them away from choking hazards such as grapes, breakable wine bottles, or even refrigerated medications. In case they manage to get into the refrigerator, these hazardous items should be stored on the top shelf. Refrigerator locks/latches range in price between $8 and $23.

Depending on the style of your refrigerator, you may have to secure your door with multiple latches. If it is a side-by-side refrigerator, then two latches are needed on both doors. If it is a traditional style refrigerator with one door on top and a freezer below, then one latch will be required for the fridge and one for the freezer. If you have a refrigerator with side-by-side doors on top and refrigerator drawers on the bottom, you will need three latches to properly secure the doors closed.

Childproof Oven

For young children, the oven can be a compelling appliance. They see parents opening and closing the doors, turning knobs, and putting stuff in and out. They yearn to see and participate. This means that your child’s curiosity and your sometimes undivided attention make it extremely important to childproof the oven. Childproofing the oven can be completed for a total price of $25 to $58.

One of the most important tools in childproofing the oven is a door lock. A door lock prevents children from opening the oven door and sustaining injuries such as burns or bumps. These locks feature a squeeze tab lock making it easy for adults to release. Oven door locks are made of heat-resistant plastic and come in many colors blending in with home decor. They come with an adhesive mount making them easy to install and a universal design that works on most ovens. Oven door locks range in price between $9 and $23.

Childproof Furniture

Much of the furniture in your home poses a risk to your curious tot. Childproofing is a big job, but it can be quite inexpensive and time-consuming. Some pieces of furniture on the market can be bought directly that are safe for little ones. Others provide options to childproof your furniture piece. The chart below highlights some common furniture pieces in a home that require childproofing attention and their respective costs.

Childproof Table, Coffee Table, Cabinets, Cupboards, Dresser, Bookshelf, Bed Frame, TV Stand... (mobile)

FurnitureCost (Materials Only)
Table$7 - $20
Coffee Table$7 - $20
Cabinets$7 - $40
Cupboards$9 - $40
Dresser$9 - $40
Bookshelf$10 - $20
Bed Frame$12 - $30
Tv Stand$16 - $57
Sofa$30 - $60

Childproof Table

Similar to coffee tables, many other tables in your home pose a risk to children. Common household tables include a console table, dining room table, or a side table. If they bump into them, there is the risk of a black eye or head injury. A foam pipe insulation wrap costs $12 to $20, or corner guards cost $7 to $17. These items can be purchased to childproof tables.

Childproof Coffee Table

Whether made of glass or wood, coffee tables present safety hazards to children running around the house. They have sharp edges and are dense and right at the forehead level of young children. Some parents opt into purchasing kid-friendly coffee tables with round edges to prevent injuries from pointy edges and sharp corners. If this is not your style, you can childproof your coffee table using a foam pipe insulation wrap for $12 to $20 or with corner guards that cost $7 to $17.

Childproof Cabinets

Cabinets are gateways to areas full of fascinating things for your child to explore. Cabinets contain many products, some very dangerous for a child. Cabinets are another area in your home that should be childproofed to prevent a curious toddler from getting inside. Similar to cupboards and drawers, locks can be used to secure the cabinets closed. Specifically, sliding locks are an ideal choice for childproofing cabinets. These locks are in the shape of a U, similar to a large bike rack, and go around two different knobs or handles. Generally, they can be released by pulling on the lock apparatus. These locks help to childproof corner cabinets. Sliding locks range in price between $9 and $40. If you don’t want to opt into a full lock system, then another easy option is to use velcro strips. These strips can be placed on each cabinet door, one at the top and one at the bottom, preventing small hands from pulling the doors open. Velcro strips are inexpensive and range in price between $7 and $15.

Childproof Cupboards

As soon as your little one starts to explore around the home, it is time to childproof the cupboards. Much dangerous stuff is tucked behind your cupboard doors that need to stay off limits for children. Some common harmful cupboard items include personal care products, cleaning products, medicines, trash, cookware, or small or sharp objects. Childproofing your cupboards can be done with the help of locks. Childproofing locks should be sturdy to withstand pulling hands but easy enough to open up for adults. These locks range in price between $9 and $40.

Childproof Dresser

Similar to a bookshelf, a dresser is another piece of furniture that is appealing for children wanting to climb. To prevent them from causing severe injury when falling, they should be childproofed using furniture anchors. Furniture anchors can secure the dresser right onto the wall for $11 to $20. In addition to the dresser itself, children enjoy exploring through the drawers. Drawers can hold dangerous objects or lead to a big mess. The dresser drawers can be childproofed using drawer locks. They can be easily mounted inside the drawer and opened when needed. The average cost for magnetic drawer locks is between $9 and $40.

Childproof Bookshelf

Children who are moving around will tend to pull themselves up on any furniture they can. A bookshelf is one of those appealing pieces of furniture with lots of shelves to climb. Pulling themselves up on a bookshelf can cause the shelf to fall on top of them. For that reason, bookshelves should be childproofed using furniture anchors. These come in wire or strap form and can be secured right to the wall. These items cost from $11 to $20.

If you are a book collector, you want to keep your collection in pristine condition and would hate for anything to happen to your books. To children, books are toys, with lots of pages to be torn out or covers to be chewed. Thus, it is a good idea to move the books up to higher shelves to keep them out of reach. If this is not possible, purchase a few straps that can wrap around the shelf and hold the books in place. Straps to secure your shelving cost around $10 to $15.

Childproof Bed Frame

Platform beds can be very aesthetically pleasing due to their solid surfaces and sharp edges. Unfortunately, when having children around, these qualities can concern parents. Once children start to get up and move around, platform beds can be a huge cause of injury for children. Bumping into the bed frame or a sharp corner can cause bruising, bumps, and even severe head injuries. Since most children spend a lot of time playing in their bedroom, childproofing the bed frame is a must and can be done quite easily and inexpensively. An edge and corner guard protector set is designed to be fitted to any bed frame and secured using a double-sided tape design. They come with a cushion soft-edge so that you don’t have to worry about your child injuring themselves when running around the bedroom. Edge protector sets range in price between $12 and $30.

Childproof TV Stand

While most homeowners with young children purchase straps to secure their TV to the stand or wall, they forget about the safety hazards that a TV stand poses to a child. TV stands have many drawers and open shelving where remotes, cords, and smaller items are stored. These items pose a huge risk to unsupervised children. TV stands have sharp corners that can cause bruises, bumps, or more severe injuries in children if they come in contact with them. For this reason, a TV stand should be childproofed. When purchasing a TV stand, you should consider a baby-friendly stand, one that uses plenty of cabinets and secured shelving. This will keep your items tucked away and inaccessible to children. If this is not possible, then investing in some baby proofing drawer/cupboard locks for $9 to $40 can help keep your items out of a child’s reach. Corner guards that cost $7 to $17 are also a great investment to protect your child from injuring themselves on the corner of the stand. Childproofing your TV stand can be an easy task but comes with great value in protecting your child from what could be a major injury. Childproofing a TV stand averages in cost between $16 and $57.

Childproof Sofa

If you decide that you want to purchase a new sofa before your child arrives, you will want to shop for certain styles and sofa materials that are more child-friendly. As your child grows, they will begin to move and potentially run into your furniture. You want to ensure that your sofa is made of a soft material to prevent injuries. Also, you want to ensure that the couch you select can withstand spills and crumbs. You should opt for a sofa made of a durable fabric that is sturdy and easy to clean. Some of the best materials include leather or microfiber. A darker color may also be the best option to limit the appearance of stains.

If you are not ready to purchase a new sofa, you can opt to purchase a slipcover for your sofa. Slipcovers can be placed on top of the sofa and protect your sofa from spills and stains. When dirty, they can be thrown in the washing machine for a brand new look. Sofa slipcovers average in price between $30 and $60.

If you decide that you want to purchase a new sofa before your child arrives, you will want to shop for certain styles and sofa materials that are more child-friendly. As your child grows, they will begin to move and potentially run into your furniture. You want to ensure that your sofa is made of a soft material to prevent injuries. Also, you want to ensure that the couch you select can withstand spills and crumbs. You should opt for a sofa made of a durable fabric that is sturdy and easy to clean. Some of the best materials include leather or microfiber. A darker color may also be the best option to limit the appearance of stains.

Professional Childproofing Service

Ensuring the safety of your children is one of your most important tasks as a parent. Since you will spend most of your time in your home, creating a safe environment is extremely important. A certified professional childproofing company can be the perfect solution for increasing your home’s overall safety and giving you peace of mind when your child is exploring around the home.

The overall goal of any childproofing service is to locate hazardous items in your home and develop a solution to remove those hazards by installing or providing recommendations. The products that the company recommends will be selected based on your specific home, appliances, and rooms. They are guaranteed to be the most functional and safe. The benefits of hiring a professional service include eliminating the need to guess what childproofing products are necessary and having leading recommendations and installation from professionals in the industry. Professionals can help prevent any injuries that a child is at risk for around the home, which could potentially be fatal.

Working with a certified professional childproofing company starts with a consultation that averages around $200. The consultation involves a complete walkthrough and evaluation of your home to identify potential risks for your child. The expert will provide suggestions on what needs to be done, including free tips and others requiring the purchase of a safety product. The company will provide you with a breakdown involving costs to determine what you want them to do in your home. Consultations typically take around one to two hours, depending on the size of your home.

Most childproofing companies charge by the area in the home being childproofed and the size of the space. The average homeowner will spend around $1,500 to childproof using gates, locks, furniture anchors, electrical and anti-scald protection, window, and door protection for a 1500 sq. ft. home with six rooms. Approximately 60% of the final costs are made up of materials, and the other 40% made up of labor. Installation can take anywhere from three to six hours, all depending on the complexity of the job.

There are multiple childproofing professional companies on the market, but some of the most popular choices include Kiddie Proofers, Childproofers Inc., Babyproofersplus, Wonder Years Babyproofing, Childproofing Experts, and Mr. Handyman.

Childproof Latches on a White Cupboard

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Childproof Devices

Tablets and phones are popular devices for children to help them learn and develop skills when used properly. As a parent, you will need to protect the devices against inappropriate content, unauthorized purchases, and much more. There is the option to download extra security applications on the app store for free or for a fee ranging anywhere from $2 to $15. These apps help restrict access to certain things on your tablet or phone.

Childproofing Computer

It is becoming more common for children to have regular access to the internet. Whether it is accessed through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, children enjoy being online every day. While the internet can be a great thing for learning, it can also cause concern with children. There are many things to consider when giving children access to the computer, specifically how parents can keep their children safe while online. The app store offers some security apps for free or for a fee of $2 to $15. that can aid in putting childproof measures in place on your computer.

Child Monitoring System

In addition to making your home safe for your child, you may also want to invest in a video monitoring system. These systems involve the use of cameras that can be set up in certain parts of your home and allow you to monitor your child from another room using a monitor. They can be easily interchangeable between rooms inside or outside of your home. A basic child monitoring system costs around $150 to $350 for a Wi-Fi setup.

Childproof Paint

With young children roaming around the house, you can expect fingerprints, markers, spills, and stains to appear on the walls without any explanation. The ultimate defence against these marks is a child-friendly paint. Child-friendly paints are washable, high-quality paints. When your children decide to use your wall as a coloring paper, marks can be wiped right off. Child-friendly paints can be purchased at any local hardware store and come in various colors and textures ranging in price between $22 and $60 per can.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Childproofing your home can be a DIY project but can be expensive and time-consuming. Hiring a professional service helps save you time, money, frustration, and damage to your home that can be involved in taking it on as a DIY project.
  • When selecting a childproofing professional company, it is important to make sure that they are certified by the International Association for Child Safety.
  • Computers make it quite easy to childproof and can be done in a few simple steps. For Windows computers, there is an option to set up and customize a child’s account in settings. This option allows you to manage what they view, track activity, and block inappropriate websites. Similar to Windows, Mac offers a “parental control” system allowing you to create an account for your child to use while restricting or allowing certain sites and tracking activity. You can also set up your browser to be child friendly by creating a supervised profile. If your internet runs through a router, you can use services to block content from devices connected to your internet. Finally, set up a password on the computer so that children can only have access while supervised.
  • Some helpful DIY tips in childproofing tablets and phones are to create a restricted profile that grants your child access to only certain apps, browsers, and sites. Next, a passcode should be set on any of these electronic devices to ensure that children don’t have access to them when unauthorized or have the ability to view any profile on the device. Finally, to stop children from accidentally downloading certain apps, it is a good idea to lock the app store. You can enable these settings through parental controls on your devices.


  • How to childproof a house?

The process of childproofing a house begins with an evaluation and walk-through of the main room in a house. A list is then created with what items and tools are needed to keep objects and appliances in your home child-friendly. A professional will then install these tools and items, making the home risk-free for wandering children.

  • What should be childproofed?

Several general areas should be childproofed in nearly every home, including areas such as doors, cabinets, stairways, fireplaces, furniture, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, windows, and outlets. Depending on the furnishings you have, this differs among households.

  • Where should you start baby proofing your house?

You should start baby proofing your house at least three months before your due date. Baby proofing takes time. You want to ensure that your measures are in place before things start to get hectic once the baby arrives and when the baby starts to crawl around six to ten months old.

  • What are the best baby proofing products?

Many baby proofing products are on the market from many different sources. Some of the most common products that are very useful and beneficial in baby proofing include corner guards, knob covers, toilet seat locks, outlet covers, cord wraps, latches, locks, deadbolts, furniture anchors, railings, window guards, fencing, and gates.

  • Where to buy child proof cabinet locks?

Childproof cabinet locks can be purchased at any large department store, hardware store, or even online on Amazon. There are many options on the market.

  • How do I keep my baby from going behind the couch?

One of the best methods for keeping a baby from going behind the couch is putting up a gate or a fence.