How much does it cost to add a bedroom?

National Average Range:
$20,000 - $120,000

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Updated: January 9, 2023

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Adding an extra bedroom to your home offers many benefits. It provides much-needed space for a growing family, offers a private retreat for guests, or serves as a home office or study. Bedrooms are generally located away from the main living areas of the house, making them quieter and more peaceful. If you ever decide to sell your home, an extra bedroom boosts its value. When you build a bedroom, you can convert an existing room or area in your home or build a whole new room. Your choice impacts the time it takes to build it and the project cost.

The national average cost to add a bedroom to a home is $20,000 to $120,000. Most homeowners spend around $50,000 for a 250 sq.ft. bedroom addition on the first floor. This project’s low cost is $8,000 to create a 100 sq.ft. guest bedroom conversion in a previously insulated and drywalled space. On the high end, homeowners can spend $180,000 for a 400 sq.ft. luxury master suite with a custom closet, lounge area, and a fireplace.

Bedroom Addition Prices

Cost to Add a Bedroom
National average cost$50,000
Average range$20,000-$120,000

Average Cost to Add a Bedroom by Size

A bedroom conversion costs $80 to $400 per sq.ft., depending on the space. A new bedroom addition costs $150 to $250 per sq.ft. Both methods are valid ways of getting the space you need, but they have different attributes and price points. A room that can be easily converted into a bedroom is typically an empty space that can be furnished with a bed, dresser, and other essential pieces of furniture. Converting a space may be cheaper in some cases because you do not need to create a crawl space or slab foundation or worry about exterior finish work. However, there are additional issues to consider, and things like basement and attic conversions have their own costs. This is because many require stairs and roofline modifications to incorporate the windows necessary for a bedroom.

Home additions are a popular way to add extra space without moving to a new house. However, it has some cost considerations. Before starting the construction, you would first need to obtain the necessary permits from the local government. Afterward, the walls and ceiling will need to be framed, and then drywall will need to be hung and finished. The floor will need to be laid, and then any final touches, such as painting, trim work, and wiring, will need to be completed. Once that is done, the bedroom will be ready for use. The table below shows the average cost to add a bedroom based on its size and the method to add it.

Cost to convert and add a 100, 132, 144, 150, 169, 200, 224, 250, 300, and 400 sq.ft. bedroom (mobile)

SizeCost to ConvertCost to Add
100 sq.ft.$8,000 - $40,000$15,000 - $25,000
132 sq.ft$10,560 - $52,800$19,800 - $33,000
144 sq.ft.$11,520 - $57,600$21,600 - $36,000
150 sq.ft.$12,000 - $60,000$22,500 - $37,500
169 sq.ft.$13,520 - $67,600$25,350 - $42,250
200 sq.ft.$16,000 - $80,000$30,000 - $50,000
224 sq.ft.$17,920 - $89,600$33,600 - $56,000
250 sq.ft.$20,000 - $100,000$37,500 - $62,500
300 sq.ft.$24,000 - $120,000$45,000 - $75,000
400 sq.ft.$32,000 - $160,000$60,000 - $100,000

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Cost to Add a Bedroom by Type

Based on the type of bedroom you want to add, the costs range between $8,000 and $160,000 when you convert a bedroom and $15,000 to $100,000 when you add a bedroom. When planning a home addition or conversion, one of the first questions to answer is what type of room to add. There are many factors to consider, including your family’s needs, the layout of your home, and your personal preferences. Bedrooms have different amenities and are used for various purposes, affecting their cost. The costs below are based on the average size of each room type. They could be different, depending on the room size and location.

Cost to convert and add a guest bedroom, standard bedroom, master bedroom, and master suite (mobile)

TypeCost to ConvertCost to Add
Guest Bedroom
(100 - 200 sq.ft.)
$8,000 - $80,000$15,000 - $50,000
Standard Bedroom
(132 - 144 sq.ft)
$10,560 - $57,600$19,800 - $36,000
Master Bedroom
(224 - 300 sq.ft.)
$17,920 - $120,000$33,600 - $75,000
Master Suite
(300 - 400 sq.ft)
$24,000 - $160,000$45,000 - $100,000

Guest Bedroom Addition

The average cost of a guest bedroom addition ranges from $8,000 to $80,000 for an existing space conversion. For a new build addition, the costs average $15,000 to $50,000. Guest bedrooms have a range of sizes, so anywhere between 100 sq.ft. to 200 sq.ft. of space can be used. Smaller rooms fit only a bed and storage area. However, the size may be closer to the one of a master bedroom for more comfort. Many people adding a guest bedroom do so to allow guests to stay beyond a single night or two. This addition size can often be done as a conversion or new space.

Standard Bedroom Addition

A regular bedroom addition costs $10,560 to $57,600 for an existing space conversion. The costs for a new build addition are $19,800 to $36,000. This is for a room addition of 132 sq.ft. to 144 sq.ft., which is an average-sized bedroom for children and teenagers or for gaining additional space. These costs assume the room has at least one full-sized window and a standard-sized closet. Rooms of this size can often be conversions from unused space, so they can easily be carved out of basements, attics, and dining rooms.

Master Bedroom Addition

The master bedroom addition cost ranges from $17,920 to $120,000 for an existing space conversion. A new build addition costs $33,600 to $75,000. The average master bedroom is between 224 sq.ft. and 300 sq.ft. These prices are for the addition only and do not include the price of an ensuite bathroom. Master bedrooms are frequently added as conversions of existing spaces, such as lofts, attics, and garages. They can also be part of larger new space additions.

Average Cost of a Master Suite Addition

The average cost of a master suite addition is $24,000 to $160,000 for an existing space conversion. A new build addition costs between $45,000 and $100,000. Master suite additions typically start at around 300 sq.ft. to 400 sq.ft. but can be much larger. A master suite consists of a master bedroom and master bathroom, and can have other amenities like walk-in closets, dressing areas, and sitting areas. They also have common additions like fireplaces, balconies, and doors direct to the outdoors, increasing costs.

Average Cost to Add a Bedroom by Location

A new bedroom can be added to the home in many areas and ways. The addition cost ranges between $4,000 and $80,000, depending on the location. You can build onto your home through a small bump out or full-scale addition. A small bump out is simpler to do, while full-scale additions have some other cost considerations, including where you build out and how the new area connects with the home. Once you have a general idea of the layout of the new room, you need to obtain the necessary permits from your local planning department. Once that is done, you can start work on the construction. Below are the average costs to add an average-sized room based on the location in your home.

LocationAverage Cost
Bump Out$4,000 - $9,000
Build an Addition$40,000 - $60,000
Above a Garage$60,000 - $80,000

Bedroom Bump Out

The cost of a bedroom bump out is $4,000 to $9,000. A bump out is not a new room addition. Instead, it increases the size of your current space. So, the bedroom extension cost is what you will spend to enlarge the room size in a bump out. This can be done to convert to a master bedroom, make space for a new walk-in closet, or make a small room into a much larger and more comfortable guest room. A bump out can also take a room currently too small to be considered a bedroom and make it fit the legal definition of a bedroom by increasing the usable square footage. Bump outs can run the entire width of the room but rarely extend past 2 to 3 feet in depth. In most cases, the square footage gained by a bump out is around 45 sq.ft., which can often be enough to make a small bedroom feel much more comfortable or allow you to fit a larger bed into the space.

Build a Bedroom Addition

The cost to build a bedroom addition is $40,000 to $60,000. This assumes a first-floor addition on a slab foundation. If you plan the addition on a second floor or want to extend your basement beneath the new addition, your costs can be much higher. In every addition, the exterior should be finished to match the home, including the siding and roofing. The interior should also flow with the home, having the same details like moldings and door styles. You also need to extend your HVAC to the new space or give it a separate HVAC system to be considered a bedroom.

Add a Bedroom Above a Garage

The cost to add a bedroom above a garage averages $60,000 to $80,000. Adding a bedroom above an existing garage is essentially a second-story addition. The current garage roof must be removed, and the second story framed out above it. This means an entirely new roof must be added, along with new siding, stairs, HVAC for the area, and insulation in the garage to lower energy costs. Depending on the garage’s location, this can sometimes be connected to the main home, which has additional considerations and expenses. Other times, you may want to add an exterior staircase to the room above as an added egress.

Cost to Convert a Room Into a Bedroom by Location

If you convert a room, the cost to add a bedroom to a house ranges between $10,000 and $90,000. Converting an empty room into a bedroom creates an additional sleeping space or provides extra storage for clothing and other personal items. Though all rooms in a house serve a purpose, some are more versatile than others, so the conversion will be easier for them. However, most homeowners convert the living room, garage, bathroom, basement, loft, or attic into a bedroom.

Living room conversions are fairly simple and straightforward. They already meet the legal definition of a bedroom with the right size, egress, and HVAC. Converting a garage into a bedroom is common. The cost depends on what may need to be done to your garage. Often, the doors must be removed and replaced with solid walls, insulation, and exterior siding. A window and any missing HVAC have to be added. Converting a bathroom into a bedroom is less common because it requires tearing out everything down to the studs and capping off the water and toilet waste pipes. A window has to be added if necessary. Basements, lofts, and attics have similar conversion requirements and considerations impacting the final costs. The space must be waterproofed before it can be finished, the walls insulated, and an egress window or door must be added. Things like stairs and HVAC extensions may also be required, which increases the average cost of bedroom addition. In addition, the finished ceiling must be at least 7 feet in height. The table below shows the average cost of adding a bedroom to a house.

Cost to convert a living room, garage, bathroom, basement, loft, and attic into a bedroom (mobile)

LocationAverage Cost
Living Room$10,000 - $15,000
Garage$10,000 - $20,000
Bathroom$10,000 - $20,000
Basement$20,000 - $30,000
Loft$20,000 - $70,000
Attic$30,000 - $90,000

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Bedroom Addition Cost Breakdown

Additions, like most major projects, often involve multiple steps and professionals. Each addition has a set of costs, depending on where they are. For example, a new build addition includes framing and a new roof, while most conversions do not. Bedroom additions with bathrooms may also require plumbing, while additions without bathrooms do not. Below are some of the average costs associated with a bedroom addition. Keep in mind that your project may not require all these, depending on its location and parameters.

ProjectCost to Add a Room
Planning and Drawing10% - 17% of final costs
Insulation$0.65 - $7.50/sq.ft.
Siding$1 - $12/sq.ft.
Drywall$1.50 - $3.50/sq.ft.
Painting$1.50 - $4/sq.ft.
Roofing$2 - $3/sq.ft.
Plumbing$2 - $6/sq.ft.
Electricity$3 - $10/sq.ft
Flooring$3 - $20/sq.ft.
Framing$15 - $25/sq.ft.
Closet and Storage$17 - $50/sq.ft.
Foundation$6 - $15/linear foot
HVAC$35 - $55/linear foot
Windows and Doors$350 - $1,500/each

When homeowners consider converting a room into a bedroom, several cost factors must be considered because not every room requires the same things. One conversion may require you to extend the HVAC, while another may have HVAC and does not require this. Things like furnishings, closets, carpeting or flooring, and other installations that may be needed are also major factors in the overall cost. Below are some of the most important cost factors for converting a room into a bedroom. By considering them, homeowners can create a budget and plan for their bedroom conversion project.

ProjectCost to Convert a Room
Planning and Drawing$500 - $2,000
Insulation$0.65 - $7.50/sq.ft.
Drywall$1.50 - $3.50/sq.ft.
Electricity$3 - $10/sq.ft
Painting$1.50 - $4/sq.ft.
Plumbing$2 - $6/sq.ft.
Flooring$3 - $20/sq.ft.
Closet and Storage$17 - $50/sq.ft.
HVAC$35 - $55/linear foot
Windows and Doors$350 - $1,500/each

Splitting One Bedroom Into Two Cost

The average cost to split a single bedroom into two bedrooms falls between $4,000 and $6,500. Many people find that they need an extra bedroom but do not have the square footage to add one to their home. In such cases, it is often possible to split a larger room into two smaller ones. This can be accomplished in a few different ways. One option is to install a temporary wall, such as a curtain or hanging sheet. Another is to use furniture to create distinct areas within the room. For instance, you might place a dresser or bookcase in the middle of the room to divide it into two halves. The process includes framing and drywalling the new wall between the two rooms, putting up a small closet with bifold doors, wiring the new wall with outlets, and putting in a separate light source for one of the rooms. If you want larger custom closets or more specialized lighting, your costs are higher.

Modern Bedroom With a Bed, Nightstand Lamp, and Wooden Closet

Add-Ons Costs

Depending on what you want to add, the cost of different bedroom add-ons ranges between $200 and $20,000. You can add several things to improve your bedroom’s functionality, comfort, or design. For instance, in cool climates, adding radiant floor heating can be an alternative to extending your existing HVAC while making the room more comfortable. Built-in shelves and custom closets provide additional storage space in the bedroom and can be designed to match its interior. You can add a TV for additional entertainment. If you have a master suite, you may consider adding a fireplace to add warmth and ambiance in the room and provide a focal point. If the rest of your home has details like crown moldings, consider adding them to your room. The table below shows the average costs of different add-ons for a bedroom.

TypeTotal Cost to Add
Moldings$200 - $240
TV$1,600 - $6,300
Air Conditioner$2,000 - $9,000
Built-in Shelves$2,500 - $5,000
Custom Closet$2,500 - $5,000
Radiant Flooring$2,500 - $7,500
Fireplace$3,000 - $20,000

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Average Cost to Decorate a Bedroom

The average cost to decorate a bedroom ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on several factors. Your costs are higher if you choose new furnishings, rugs, drapes, shelves, and accessories but they will be lower if you keep your existing furniture and only update soft furnishings. Moreover, all types of bedroom furnishings have a range of prices based on style, material, and quality. You can purchase fewer items and spend more or purchase more things and spend less, depending on your goals.

Add Bathroom to Bedroom

The cost to add a bathroom to a room ranges between $5,000 and $45,000, depending on its size and design. Adding a bathroom can be a great way to make the bedroom more functional and increase the value of your home. Some bathroom additions will be simple if the room is next to an old and unused room with all installations in place. However, if you add a completely new bathroom or remodel a room, several factors must be considered, including cost, plumbing, and electrical work.

Interior Designer

The cost to hire an interior designer ranges between $1,000 and $3,000 for a bedroom. An interior designer helps you select the perfect furniture and accessories to create a stylish and functional space. They determine what style of bedroom suits your needs and taste and offer suggestions for furniture and décor. In addition, an interior designer gets discounts on furniture and other items, saving you money in the long run.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Construction. The construction phase of an addition can create a lot of dust. Consider storing items or covering them to keep them clean.
  • Sitting area. It is common to include a sitting area in a master suite. This space usually requires about 15 sq.ft. to itself.
  • Closet organizers. DIY closet organizers can save money over creating a custom closet. Options include open shelving units, rods, boxes, and bins.
  • Bed placement. Consider the bed placement in the room when you plan. In some cultures, sleeping with your feet toward a door is considered a bad idea, while some may prefer not to sleep beside a window.
  • Windows. If a room does not have a window, it cannot be considered a bedroom in the legal sense, but you can sleep there. If you want the space to be considered a legal bedroom, you must add at least one egress window.
  • Skylights. If your home is directly beside another, consider using skylights to get natural light into the room. Nearby homes block natural light, and privacy curtains block more.
  • Noise reduction. If you live in a noisy area, consider sound-absorbing panels on the walls or ceilings to keep the room quieter.


  • What is considered a legal bedroom?

A legal bedroom must be a minimum of 70 sq.ft., have ceilings at least 7 feet in height, and have more than one egress.

  • Is adding a bedroom a good investment?

Yes, adding a bedroom is considered a good investment. The exact amount you recoup at the time of resale varies by region, type, location, and construction method.

  • How long does it take to add a bedroom to a house?

The answer depends on several factors, including the size of the room, the existing layout of your home, and the type of construction you are planning. Building an addition onto an existing structure takes longer than simply converting an existing room into a bedroom. In general, you can expect the project to take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

  • Is it cheaper to add up or out on a house?

In general, it is cheaper to extend the house by adding up than adding out on to an existing house. To add to a house by going up, contractors have to use advanced machinery, tools, and equipment to reach the higher floors. The roof would have to be removed and added again, which is a labor and time-intensive feat that impacts the overall project cost.

  • How far can you bump out a room?

Most jurisdictions limit how far you can extend a room. This is typically governed by the setback requirements, which dictate how close you can build to the property line. In many cases, you are allowed to extend a room up to the setback limit. However, this varies depending on the property's zoning and the extension's purpose. If you are unsure of the requirements in your area, check with your local building department before starting any work.