How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Door?

National Average Range:
$100 - $500
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Doors are important parts of the home, providing safety and security, dividing rooms, and separating spaces. The average home can have multiple doors of various styles and sizes, including exterior exit and entry and interior doors between rooms. They can last for years, but problems can arise, such as faulty hinges, broken panels, and water damage.

The national average cost of door repairs is between $100 and $500, with most homeowners spending about $250 on door frame repairs. However, prices can be much higher or lower, depending on the problem and extent of the damage. This project’s low cost is $50 to repair faulty handles. The high cost is $800 to repair a door with severe water damage.

Door Repair Cost

Cost to Fix a Door
National average cost$250
Average range$100-$500

Door Repair Cost by Project Range

Fixing a faulty handle
Average Cost
Repairing a door frame
Repairing a water-damaged door

Door Repair Cost by Type

There are various types, ranging from interior to exterior, security, storm, and garage doors. The type can impact the repair cost because some types are more expensive and problematic to fix than others. The table below shows common types and average costs to fix each.

Cost to Repair an Interior, Exterior, Storm, Security, or Garage Door

Cost to Repair an Interior, Exterior, Storm, Security, or Garage Door

TypeAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Interior$75 - $250
Exterior$100 - $275
Storm$100 - $300
Security$100 - $300
Garage$100 - $300

Interior Door Repair Cost

The average cost of interior door repairs ranges from $75 to $250. They are the cheapest to fix because you do not have to worry about protecting them against the elements. Common issues affecting this type include faulty hinges 1 and handles, cracks and holes, and damaged latches and locks.

Exterior Door Repair Cost

Homeowners pay between $100 and $275 for exterior door repairs. They need to be stronger and more resistant than interior ones because they are exposed to sun, rain, snow, and changing temperatures. Issues affecting these include dents, cracks, panel damage, and problems with locks and doorbells.

Storm Door Repair Cost

Professional storm door 2 repairs cost between $100 and $300. They are built to withstand stormy conditions, providing an extra layer of protection for your home. However, they can degrade in various ways. Issues can arise with their hinges, panels, locks, and latches. They may need patching, adjusting, or replacing components.

Security Door Repair Price

To repair a security door, expect to pay from $100 to $300. They are built to last as long as possible and designed with strength to withstand knocks and impacts. However, issues can still arise with certain parts, such as the locks, latches, panels, and windows.

Garage Door Repair Cost

The average cost of garage door repairs is between $100 and $300. They are different from others because they usually have more components, such as sensors 3, springs, cables, and opener systems. Common repairs include fixing broken cables and springs or replacing the motor.

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Door Repair Cost by Material

They can be made from a range of materials, including glass, wood, and metal. The cost of your repairs is influenced by the material because some are cheaper and simpler to work with than others. The table below shows a range of materials and average repair costs for a standard 36”x80” door.

Cost to Repair a Door by Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Composite, Solid Wood, Solid Core, Glass, Iron...

Cost to Repair a Door by Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Composite, Solid Wood, Solid Core, Glass, Iron...

MaterialAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Hollow Core$75 - $250
MDF$75 - $250
Vinyl$85 - $275
Aluminum$85 - $275
Composite$90 - $285
Solid Steel$100 - $300
Solid Wood$100 - $300
Solid Core$100 - $300
Glass$150 - $400
Fiberglass$200 - $500
Iron$250 - $750

Hollow Core Door Repair Cost

Hollow core door repairs average $75 to $250. They are some of the cheapest to buy and repair. They are lightweight, designed with MDF or wooden shells and hollow space inside. Common issues include water damage, cracks, and holes from impacts and accidents, so they may need patching and sanding 4.

MDF Door Repair Cost

The average cost of MDF door repairs is between $75 and $250. MDF is another inexpensive material. They are relatively tough but may get scratched or have holes and cracks. They may require sanding, painting, and patching, depending on the damage. Parts may also need to be replaced like the handle or hinges.

Vinyl Door Repair Price

The average cost of vinyl 5 door repairs ranges from $85 to $275. They come in a range of colors and styles and stand up well to moisture and different temperatures. They work well in bathrooms and similar spaces. Common issues include cracks, holes, and damaged hardware like rollers, handles, and hinges, which may need repairing or replacing.

Aluminum Door Repair Cost

If your aluminum door is broken, expect to pay between $85 and $275 to fix it. They are often used on the outside but can also be used inside the home. One of the main issues is that they dent easily, so dents and damages may need to be sanded and filled. There is also a risk of damaged hardware, such as rollers and handles.

Composite Door Repair Cost

Repairing a composite door costs between $90 and $285. They are made with a mixture of materials, including MDF, wood, and plastic. Different issues can affect them, including water damage, dents, scratches, and fading. They may require painting, patching, sanding, and refinishing.

Solid Steel Door Repair Cost

Homeowners pay between $100 and $300 for solid steel door repairs. Steel is one of the toughest materials you can use, and thet are less likely to dent than aluminum ones. However, they can still have dents and other damage, and hardware like handles and hinges can get damaged from the weight.

Solid Wood Door Repair Cost

To fix a solid wood door, expect to pay between $100 and $300. They look very attractive and can be made of different woods, such as oak and ash. One of the main risks is rot because water can do a lot of damage. They can also be easily scratched and stained.

Solid Core Door Repair Cost

The average cost of solid core door repairs is between $100 and $300. They are made with different materials, including wood, vinyl, and MDF. Some even have metal layers. Because of the mixture of materials, they can have various problems like scratches, dents, holes, and frame damage. They may need patching, painting, and refinishing.

Glass Door Repair Cost

Homeowners pay between $150 and $400 to repair a glass door. They are favored by many homeowners due to their elegant appearance, but the glass can crack or chip from impacts and accidents. Damaged sections must be filled and repaired to preserve its aesthetic.

Fiberglass Door Repair Cost

The average cost for fiberglass 6 door repairs is between $200 and $500. They are expensive to own and repair, but they are also very strong and offer great insulation. Issues include dents, damaged hardware, and frame damage. Various repair methods may be needed, such as patching and replacing damaged sections.

Iron Metal Door Repair Price

It costs between $250 and $750 to fix an iron metal door. Iron is one of the most expensive materials but also one of the strongest. It is rare for issues to arise with iron panels and sections, but the surrounding components, such as hinges, handles, doorbells, and rollers, may become damaged and need replacement or repair. Repairing the iron is very costly to fix if it gets dented or damaged.

Door Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Many problems can occur with your door, and various parts may get damaged or broken. The cost of your repair depends on the repair type you need because some problems and parts are easier to fix than others. The table below shows common repairs and average prices for each.

Cost to Repair a Door Roller, Handle, Screen, Latch, Lock, Jamb, Window, Frame, or Doorbell

Cost to Repair a Door Roller, Handle, Screen, Latch, Lock, Jamb, Window, Frame, or Doorbell

Type of RepairAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Roller$50 - $100
Handle$50 - $100
Screen$50 - $125
Latch$50 - $125
Lock$50 - $200
Jamb$75 - $200
Window$75 - $300
Frame$100 - $250
Doorbell$150 - $250

Sliding Glass Door Roller Repair Cost

The average cost of sliding glass door roller repairs ranges from $50 to $100. This is one of the cheapest and simplest repairs, and it can be completed quickly in most cases. You must repair the rollers if it is misaligned or does not open and close properly. Usually, a professional simply adjusts the rollers to realign them with the track.

Door Handle Repair Price

Handle repair costs between $50 and $100. Various issues can arise with handles. For example, the handles can crack or become damaged, or they might get jammed and become difficult to turn. Often, professionals must inspect a handle to see what is wrong and then make the necessary adjustments, such as tightening screws or altering fittings.

Door Screen Repair Cost

Homeowners pay $50 to $125 for door screen repairs. Screens can get torn or punctured from accidents, so you may need to patch the damaged areas. Repair workers can use simple mesh materials to patch damaged sections of your screens or reattach loose screens.

Door Latch Repair Price

To repair a latch, expect to pay between $50 and $125. Latches help with security, but they can become damaged from impacts, accidents, or general wear. It might not close correctly, and your home’s security may be at risk if your latch is broken, so it is important to adjust or refit the latch to make it secure.

Door Lock Repair Cost

To repair your lock, expect to pay between $50 and $200, depending on the lock and the repair. Usually, you need to call a professional locksmith if a lock breaks or is damaged, which can be an elaborate process.

Door Jamb Repair Cost

The average cost of jamb repairs is $75 to $200. The jamb is the part supporting the door, providing structure and security. It can suffer from the same damages as other parts of the frame, such as cracks, rot, and broken sections that may need to be patched or reinforced.

Door Window Repair Price

Expect to pay between $75 and $300 to repair a door window. Some types feature window panes, and various problems can arise with these windows, such as cracks and damages to the glass and problems with the frame. Common repairs include patching frame damages, caulking the window, and filling small cracks.

Door Frame Repair Cost

The average cost of frame repair is between $100 and $250. The price depends on the extent of the damage. In some cases, frames may only have a few small cracks or one minor damaged area, so the repairs can be inexpensive. However, the price rises when the damage is more extensive. Repairs to frames usually include tightening hinges, sanding rough patches, and caulking the frame.

Doorbell Repair Cost

Doorbell repairs range from $150 to $250. Various problems can arise with your doorbell, and one of the most common issues is that the bell stops ringing or makes no sound. This is usually a wiring issue, and an electrician can rewire your bell.

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Door Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

In some cases, you may need to replace certain parts if the damage to your door is serious and extensive. Replacement costs vary wildly because some parts are much cheaper and simpler to install than others. The table below shows common replacement parts and average prices for each.

Cost to Replace a Door Roller, Latch, Handle, Lock, Hinge, Jamb, Track, Doorbell, Frame, or Panel

Cost to Replace a Door Roller, Latch, Handle, Lock, Hinge, Jamb, Track, Doorbell, Frame, or Panel

ReplacementAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Roller$75 - $125
Latch$75 - $150
Handle$75 - $175
Lock$75 - $200
Hinge$100 - $200
Jamb$125 - $250
Track$150 - $300
Doorbell$150 - $350
Frame$150 - $400
Panel$200 - $600

Cost to Replace Rollers on a Sliding Glass Door

Replacing sliding glass door rollers costs between $75 and $125. If the rollers are damaged, cracked, or broken, you need to replace them. This job should not take too long, but the door usually must be taken out of the frame to fit the new rollers before repositioning in the frame and track.

Door Latch Replacement Cost

Homeowners pay $75 to $150 to replace a latch. This usually includes removal of the old latch. You may need to fit a new latch if yours has broken or fallen off. Latches add security, providing protection on top of the locks.

Door Handle Replacement Cost

The cost for handle replacement averages $75 to $175. The price mostly depends on the handle type. You can find inexpensive and simple handles with low costs or elaborate handles with fancy designs for higher prices. Handles may need to be replaced if they are too damaged to be repaired or if you want to refresh how they look.

Door Lock Replacement Cost

Replacing a lock costs between $75 and $200. The cost mostly depends on the lock type. There are basic locks with relatively low material costs, expensive and elaborate locks, and smart lock systems. Replace broken locks as soon as possible to maintain home security.

Door Hinge Replacement Cost

The average cost to have a hinge replaced ranges from $100 to $200. They are designed to last for years but can be damaged from accidents or wear. To replace a hinge, the door must be removed from its frame, and the hinge unscrewed before fitting a new one.

Door Jamb Replacement Cost

Homeowners pay between $125 and $250 for door jamb replacements. The price depends on the jamb type and size. In some cases, only the head jamb needs replacing. In other situations, the head and side jambs need replacing, leading to a higher cost.

Sliding Door Track Replacement Price

Replacing a sliding door track costs between $150 and $300. This can be a time-consuming job because the door must be removed before the old track can be removed and the new one installed. New tracks may be needed if the old ones are cracked or damaged, preventing the rollers from moving.

Doorbell Replacement Cost

Homeowners pay between $150 and $350 to replace a doorbell. The price depends on the type and style because some are much more advanced and elaborate than others. For example, a smart doorbell with advanced features like a camera costs more than a simpler model.

Door Frame Replacement Cost

The average cost of frame replacement is between $150 and $400. The price mostly depends on the frame size and material. The cost should include the removal and disposal of the old frame. You may need to have your frame replaced if the existing one is seriously cracked, damaged, or rotten.

Door Panel Replacement Cost

Panel replacements cost from $200 to $600. The price depends on the panel’s size and material. Larger and more elaborate panels usually cost more. Exterior door panels often cost more than interior panels because they must be stronger to resist the elements.

Cost to Fix a Door by Problem

Many problems can occur with them. You might have to deal with a door that squeaks when you open or close it, or you may notice cracks, dents, water damage, or rot in the panels and frames. Different problems have different solutions, with varying costs. The table below shows common problems and average prices to repair them.

Cost to Repair a Door by Problem: Scratch, Stuck, Squeaky, Sagging, Water Coming In, Dent, Hole...

Cost to Repair a Door by Problem: Scratch, Stuck, Squeaky, Sagging, Water Coming In, Dent, Hole...

ProblemAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Scratch$50 - $125
Stuck$50 - $150
Squeaky$50 - $200
Sagging$75 - $500
Water Coming In$100 - $250
Crack$100 - $300
Rotted Frame$100 - $350
Dent$100 - $450
Water Damage$100 - $800
Kicked In$150 - $600
Hole$150 - $600

Door Scratch Repair Price

The average cost for door scratch repairs is between $50 and $125. The price mostly depends on the scratch size and scale. Scratches often occur in wooden doors. They can also occur naturally as part of general wear and tear. Scratches may be sanded or patched.

Fix a Stuck Door

If you have a stuck door, expect to pay $50 to $150 to professionally fix it. There can be many causes of this problem, from a broken handle to issues with the frame and hinges. A repair worker must inspect it and try a few things, such as oiling the hinges or adjusting the handle.

Fix a Squeaky Door Cost

Homeowners pay between $50 and $200 to fix a squeaky door. This is usually a simple fix because the squeak typically comes from old hinges that must be oiled. However, it can be more complicated and costly if the hinges are damaged or the sliding door needs new rollers or tracks.

Fix a Sagging Door

Repairing a sagging door costs $75 to $500, depending on the problem. In some cases, sagging is caused by faulty hinges, which can be repaired or replaced quickly and easily. In other cases, the sagging might be an issue with the frame or jamb, requiring sanding or reinforcing.

Stop Water From Coming in Under a Door

When water is coming in under a door, expect to pay between $100 and $250 to have it fixed. This problem is usually caused because it is anchored incorrectly. Usually, caulk 7 or sealant is applied to the threshold to prevent water from leaking in. Weatherproofing sweeps or strips might also need to be installed.

Fix a Cracked Door

The average cost of fixing a cracked door is between $100 and $300, depending on the crack size and depth. Naturally, larger and deeper cracks usually cost more to fix and take longer to repair. The usual repair method is to fill them with putty or resin, sand the top to blend in, and potentially paint the repaired section for a neat appearance.

Rotted Door Frame Repair Cost

Expect to pay between $100 and $350 for rotted frame repairs. Rot can appear in wooden frames exposed to high amounts of moisture without proper sealing and protection. If the rot spreads, serious damage can be done to the frame’s interior. Rotted sections must be carved out and replaced, or the entire frame might need to be replaced.

Dented Door Repair Cost

Homeowners pay from $100 to $450 to repair a dented door. Dents usually occur in metal doors and may appear in a garage door if a car or heavy object collides with it. Usually, a professional repair worker sands the dented area and uses a special filler material to patch before priming and painting it.

Water-Damaged Door

The cost of fixing a water-damaged door ranges from $100 to $800. Water can do much damage, weakening the frames and causing rot in wooden sections. Depending on the extent, certain rotted parts might need to be carved out and replaced, or water-stained sections may need sanding and cleaning.

Cost to Fix a Kicked-In Door

Homeowners pay $150 to $600 to fix a kicked-in door, depending on the damage. Various parts may be broken if yours has been kicked in, including the panels, window, latch, and frame. Various forms of repair may be needed to fix or replace these components.

Fix a Hole in a Door

Expect to pay $150 to $600 to fix a hole in a door, depending on the material, hole size, and type. A small hole in an interior wooden door can be patched quickly and cheaply, but a large hole in a garage or exterior door may require a full panel replacement, which can be much more expensive and time-consuming.

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Door Repair Cost by Solution

Depending on the problem, a range of solutions or repair methods may be used to fix it. For example, a door might need rescreening if the screen is damaged, painting if the colors have faded, or sealing to prevent water damage. The table below shows different solutions and the average costs of each.

Cost to Rescreen, Adjust, Paint, Seal, Refinish, or Restore a Door

Cost to Rescreen, Adjust, Paint, Seal, Refinish, or Restore a Door

SolutionAverage Cost (Labor Included)
Rescreen$50 - $175
Adjust$50 - $200
Paint$75 - $350
Seal$100 - $300
Refinish$100 - $400
Restoration$150 - $500

Rescreening a Door Price

Rescreening a door costs between $50 and $175. This process involves fitting new screens to existing doors. You may need to rescreen it if the screen is torn or punctured. To do this, a repairman must remove the damaged screen from the frame and fit a new screen.

Door Adjusting Price

For professional door adjustment, expect to pay between $50 and $200. Adjustment involves repositioning and adjusting so that they fit perfectly in the frames and open and close with ease. You may need to request adjusting if it feels stuck, stiff, misaligned, or makes strange sounds when you open and close it.

Cost to Paint Doors

The average cost to have doors painted professionally ranges from $75 to $350, depending on the size and type. Interior door painting is usually much cheaper than exterior painting because they require special paints and sealants to protect them against the elements. Painting is a good way to give them a fresh look and breathe new life into old panels and parts.

Door Sealing Price

Door sealing costs between $100 and $300. Certain types cost more to seal than others. For example, sealing an interior door to help with noise-proofing can be done quickly and cheaply, whereas sealing an exterior or storm door to keep water out costs more due to additional materials and labor. Sealing is helpful to protect spaces, preventing air and water from passing through the gaps and protecting it against water damage.

Door Refinishing Cost

Homeowners pay between $100 and $400 for door refinishing. The cost depends on various factors, such as the size and type and the amount of refinishing. Refinishing is carried out on older doors that look worn or faded. The process typically involves sanding and painting it to make it fresh and clean.

Door Restoration Cost

The average cost of door restoration is between $150 and $500. The total cost depends mostly on the type and level of restoration required. Restoration is designed to restore a door to its former beauty, fixing scratches, holes, cracks, and marks. The process can also include sanding, painting, and staining.

Labor Costs to Repair a Door

The labor costs for repairing doors range from $45 to $75 per hour. Some repair workers charge by the hour, while others have set fees for certain jobs. You may also have to bring in different workers, depending on the issue. If you have a problem with an electric doorbell, you need an electrician. For lock problems, you may need a locksmith. For general repairs, carpenters and handymen are the best to contact. You may need to pay a call-out fee of around $50 to have a repair worker visit your property. You may also need to pay extra if the worker has to travel a long distance.

Entry Wooden Door to a Traditional House

Emergency Door Repair

If you need emergency door repairs, you may have to pay an extra $50 to $150. This extra cost is because repair companies and workers may have to adjust their schedules and delay other bookings to visit your home and fix it urgently. Emergency repairs are needed in various situations like if water is seeping in or an exterior door has been kicked in or refuses to close.

Repair vs Replace a Door

In some cases, you may hesitate between fixing and replacing your door. The main factor to consider is cost. On average, it costs between $400 and $2,900 for an interior door replacement and $600 and $2,000 for exterior ones, depending on the size and material. So if the cost of your repairs is very high or similar to the estimated cost of a replacement, it might be best to have a new one fitted. You might also choose to replace it if the existing one is old, worn, or damaged.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Door Removal Cost

The cost of door removal ranges from $75 to $250. The cost depends on the type and size that must be removed. Removing a large garage or exterior sliding door costs more than getting rid of a small and simple interior one. The price should also cover the disposal of the old one.

Door Insulation Price

The average cost of insulation is between $100 and $300 per door. You can save money by buying your own materials and doing some or all the work, but it is best to work with a professional if you want the best results. Insulation can protect doors and homes against the elements, providing a barrier against cold weather and rain.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Ask for different quotes. The cost of repairs varies depending on the worker you hire. Contact multiple contractors for several quotes if you want the best value.
  • License. Always check the licensing status of the workers you hire and make sure to work with professional, licensed contractors at all times to avoid unnecessary risks and problems.
  • Permit. You do not usually need a permit for these repairs. However, a permit might be necessary if you make changes to the frame or entry and exit points. Speak with your local building authority to learn more.
  • Warranty. They may be covered by a manufacturer or home warranty, depending on when they were purchased and fitted. Check the warranty policy to see if you can make a claim.
  • Size. Larger doors typically cost more to fix, and bigger problems, such as cracks and holes, also cost more to repair because of the extra materials and work.


  • Can you repair a damaged door?

In most cases, yes, you can repair doors with various damages, such as cracks, holes, and dents.

  • How do you repair an interior door?

It depends on the damage. Cracks and holes can be patched, while damaged hardware may need adjusting or replacing.

  • How much does it cost to fix a hole in a door?

Fixing a hole in a door costs $150 to $600, depending on the hole size and material.

  • How do you fill a damaged wood door?

If a wooden door has holes or cracks, a special resin or filling material can fill the damaged areas and then be sanded to blend in with the door.

  • How do I fix a crack in my front door?

Cracks can usually be patched or filled, sanded, stained, or painted to be less visible.

  • How do you fix a water-damaged wood door?

It depends on the extent of the damage. If rot has set in, rotted sections usually must be cut out and replaced.

  • How do you refurbish a wooden front door?

Old wooden front doors can be sanded, stained, painted, and have minor repairs carried out, such as filling in holes and cracks.

Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
See full cheat sheet.
glossary term picture Hinge 1 Hinges: A type of joint that attaches two items together but allows one of them to swing back and forth, such as a door attached to a door frame
glossary term picture Storm Door 2 Storm door: An additional door, installed outside an exterior access door, that provides insulation and damage protection during inclement weather
glossary term picture Sensor 3 Sensors: Device that responds to a physical event or change in the environment by emitting an output signal
glossary term picture Sanding 4 Sanding: Process of removing the top surface of a material, such as wood, using sandpaper and/or a specialized sanding machine (for large surface areas)
glossary term picture Vinyl 5 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
glossary term picture Fiberglass 6 Fiberglass: Plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers. The fibers may be mixed randomly throughout the plastic, or come in the form of a flat sheet, or be woven into a fabric
glossary term picture Caulking 7 Caulk: A chemical sealant used to fill in and seal gaps where two materials join, for example, the tub and tile, to create a watertight and airtight seal. The term "caulking" is also used to refer to the process of applying this type of sealant

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