How Much Does It Cost to Install a Glass Block Window?

Average range: $400-$600
Average Cost
(standard wavy glass block bathroom window, installed)

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Glass block windows have been used for decades to provide an insulating privacy window or wall to let light in. They come in many styles, sizes, and colors and are available in single blocks or readymade windows.

Prices vary based on size, material, style, and location. On average, glass block window installations cost between $400 and $600, with most homeowners paying $500 to install a standard wavy glass block bathroom window. However, prices can be as low as $180 for a 25” x 25” clear glass block window in the bathroom and as high as $3,000 to install a large frosted glass block wall for your shower.

Cost to Install a Glass Block Window

Glass Block Window Prices
National average cost$500
Average range$400-$600
Minimum cost$180
Maximum cost$3,000

Glass Block Window Installation Cost by Project Range

25” x 25” clear glass block basement window, installed
Average Cost
Standard wavy glass block bathroom window, installed
A new frosted glass shower wall, installed

Glass Block Window Price by Size

Glass blocks can be purchased individually or as a pre-made window. The size depends on your budget and where you place the window. Here are some common sizes:

Glass Block Window Price by Size

Glass Block Window Price by Size

Window SizeAverage Cost (Material Only)
25” x 25”$60 - $300
31” x 31”$65 - $350
36” x 36”$85 - $475
48” x 48”$155 - $840

Glass Block 25” x 25” Window

The average 25” x 25” windows cost $60 to $300. Smaller windows can be extremely beneficial for common places that need natural light and security. They are most commonly used in bathrooms, garages, and basements.

Glass Block 31” x 31” Window

These slightly larger windows cost between $65 and $350 and are more useful in common areas like kitchens and bedrooms. Depending on the glass - clear vs patterned - you can enjoy either uninterrupted views or optimal privacy and natural light.

36” x 36” Glass Block Window

On average, 36” x 36” glass block windows cost $85 to $475. They are ideal for interior and exterior applications. Whether you want a functional window in your living room, a privacy window for your bathroom, or a unique partition between rooms, these expansive windows are a great fit.

48” x 48” Glass Block Window

If you want a window that makes a statement, a large 48” x 48” window is perfect. These big glass block windows cost between $155 and $840. They can take up a lot of space on your walls, allowing for maximum natural light and aesthetics. You can also use them as an interior focal point.

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Glass Block Cost by Material

These windows can be made from various materials offering different aesthetic and functional benefits. Depending on where you place your new glass block windows, decide which material will work best:

Glass Block Cost by Material

Glass Block Cost by Material

MaterialAverage Cost (Per Block)
Clear Glass$10 - $50
Colored Glass$25 - $75
Acrylic$30 - $95

Clear Glass Block Price

On average, clear glass block windows cost $10 to $50 per glass block. They are made from a mixture of limestone 1, soda ash, sand, and cullet. This mixture is heated to extreme temperatures, melted, and poured into shaping molds. They have been a popular choice for basements and bathrooms, but homeowners are also adding them to bedrooms and living rooms. They offer superior thermal insulation, making them a great choice for exterior walls. However, they do not offer natural ventilation because they are tightly sealed.

Colored Glass Block Prices

Colored glass block prices cost around $25 to $75 per block. They are created like clear glass blocks but offer a more unique and personalized look. These blocks bring sunlight in your room while still maintaining privacy, making them a great choice for bathrooms and other spaces on the first floor. It can be harder to see out of these windows, so there is limited visibility.

Acrylic Glass Block Prices

Acrylic glass blocks range between $30 and $95 per block on average and are dependable for light-weight block situations. Since these plastic-based blocks are not as heavy as glass blocks, they can be used as a regular ventilated window. You can enjoy the unique look of block windows while still bringing in fresh air. This also makes them a safe choice for shower wall partitions and other interior applications. Acrylic blocks are normally sold loose and installed on the spot.

Glass Blocks Price by Assembly Type

There are a few ways to create glass block windows and walls, which can impact cost, appearance, and durability. Each assembly has advantages and drawbacks, so be mindful of your needs. Before deciding, ask yourself where you plan to place the window, how large it is, and if the exterior climate will affect it:

Glass Blocks Price by Assembly Type

Glass Blocks Price by Assembly Type

Assembly TypeAverage Cost (Material Only)
Mortar$30 - $320
Silicone$40 - $350
Vinyl$70 - $500

Mortar Glass Block Price

On average, mortar glass block windows cost between $30 and $320. Mortar 2 used to be the most common material for glass block windows. It offers a traditional look and is water-resistant, making it great for bathrooms and shower doors. While mortar glass blocks are also weather-resistant, they are not as energy efficient as other options. You may see more fluctuation in your energy bills if you use mortar for exterior applications.

Silicone Glass Block Price

Silicone glass block windows range from $40 to $350. Silicone provides a clean and cohesive look for glass block windows. It is also easier to apply and has smaller joints, making it ideal for small spaces that need natural light like basements and kitchens. Silicone glass blocks are almost always the preferred choice for exterior applications. This can be especially true if you live in a hurricane zone because silicone allows movement rather than staying rigid.

Vinyl Glass Block Price

On average, a vinyl glass block window costs between $70 and $500. Vinyl 3 glass block windows are extremely versatile and energy-efficient. They can be used virtually anywhere - either framed or unframed - and offer superior strength. Vinyl stack windows can handle more water, weight, and wind without damaging over time. However, they are the more expensive option of the three because of this. They are also less standardized, so it can be difficult to find the right connection pieces.

Glass Block Cost by Style

No two glass block windows look the same, so it is important to understand the aesthetic you want for your home. Regardless of the configuration you install the blocks in, they are available in many styles and patterns. The right fit depends on where you place your window and your style preferences.

Glass Block Cost by Style

Glass Block Cost by Style

StyleAverage Cost (Per Block)
Clear$5 - $20
Wavy$5 - $25
Alpha$10 - $20
Ice$10 - $30
Diamond$15 - $70
Frosted$20 - $50

Clear Glass Bricks

Clear glass blocks cost approximately $5 to $20 per block and are great for interior partitions and exterior windows. These simplistic designs let in the maximum amount of natural light and do not obstruct the view. For this reason, most people place these in common spaces like the kitchen rather than in basements or bathrooms.

Wavy Glass Block

Wavy blocks are among the most common types used across the country and cost between $5 and $25 each. This is because it lets in beautiful natural light while maintaining privacy. The unique design can also complement any room and are most commonly used in basements.

Alpha Glass Block

Alpha glass blocks range from $10 to $20 per block and feature a large circle in the center of clear glass. These designs offer a unique and sophisticated look to many spaces and are available in different colors. Since they do not reduce visibility, many people install them in common living spaces.

Ice Glass Block

On average, ice glass blocks cost between $10 and $30 per block. They are composed of tight wave patterns that provide more privacy without blocking natural light. For this reason, they are most commonly installed in bathrooms to enhance the space’s look and offer maximum privacy.

Diamond Glass Block

On average, each diamond glass block ranges from $15 to $70. These blocks are also made in tightly woven patterns to provide complete privacy. While they still filter in some light, they block more of it out than other designs. The main difference between this pattern and others is the design is inside the block rather than etched on the surface.

Frosted Glass Bricks

Expect to pay between $20 and $50 per frosted glass block. They are great for privacy and style, making them an excellent choice for bathroom windows, shower walls, and basements. Their texture and color offer a high level of distortion without blocking light from entering your space. Frosted blocks are ideal for interior and exterior applications.

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Glass Block Price by Brand

There are many glass block suppliers across the country, and each has unique benefits in style, durability, and pricing. Be aware of your personal goals before starting your search so that you can find the brand that offers what you need.

Glass Block Price by Brand

Glass Block Price by Brand

BrandAverage Price (Material Only)
Seves$40 - $180
Quality Glass Block and Window$50 - $260
Bormioli Rocco$50 - $270
TAFCO$60 - $280
Clearly Secure$60 - $340

Seves Glass Block Prices

Seves glass block windows cost between $40 and $180. Seves is the world’s leading manufacturer of glass blocks for interior and exterior designs. They combine the traditional art of making glass blocks with modern styles and techniques to enhance energy efficiency and durability.

Quality Glass Block

Quality Glass Block and Window Company is a supplier of wholesale glass blocks. On average, their windows range from $50 to $260. They offer a selection of products for interior and exterior applications, including windows, shower systems, and more. Quality Glass Block offers delivery services and full warranty protection.

Bormioli Rocco Glass Block

Bormioli Rocco specializes in versatile glass blocks for interior design and architecture. On average, they cost between $50 and $270. They offer many diverse finishes, colors, and shapes to match a range of aesthetics. Focusing on glass technology, Bormioli Rocco uses a unique production process and materials for high-quality results.

TAFCO Glass Block Windows

TAFCO glass block window prices range from $60 to $280 on average. TAFCO is a manufacturer of custom windows that sells to other distributors rather than to the public. They have been in business for over 70 years and aim to keep their products simple and effective.

Clearly Secure Glass Block Windows

Clearly Secure offers versatile window solutions with enhanced thermal efficiency, privacy, and noise filtering. Their glass block windows cost approximately $60 to $340.

Glass Block Installation Cost

The labor cost to install glass blocks varies, depending on the project’s size and the blocks. Most installers charge between $30 and $60 per hour for a glass block installation. For smaller jobs like windows, a flat rate of $100 to $300 per window may be used.

To estimate your project’s cost, understand your options. There are two ways to install the blocks. The first uses readymade groupings or windows. In this case, the entire window is lifted into the frame and sealed around the edges. A bathroom window made of standard, wavy glass blocks preset into a window takes around 1 to 2 hours to install. For a single-window like this, the cost of installation and materials is between $400 and $600.

The other option is to use individual blocks, which are installed in a brick-and-mortar style. Each block is given a special adhesive with a caulk 4 gun to meet the adjacent blocks. A shower block wall made of individual wavy glass blocks creating a curve to accommodate two sides and reaching the ceiling takes 1 to 2 days to complete. It costs roughly $1,500 to $3,000 for installation and materials.

Glass Block Window Replacement Cost

It can be difficult to remove glass block window frames. There is a chance you may have to demolish and rebuild the frame because they are so airtight. However, you can remove single blocks if parts of the window need to be replaced. This can be especially helpful if you just want to add a vent. When it comes to taking out the entire window, things become more complex. On average, a contractor charges between $30 and $60 an hour, and replacing the entire glass block window can take 1 to 4 hours.

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Glass Block Installation Cost by Location

Glass blocks are incredibly versatile and can be used in many locations and spaces around the home. Glass blocks are sold in two ways: in loose blocks of varying sizes and shapes installed on-site, or wall or readymade windows that can be installed at once.

Glass Block Installation Cost by Location

Glass Block Installation Cost by Location

LocationAverage Cost (Material + Installation)
Basement Window$400 - $600
Bathroom Window$400 - $600
Bar Front$800 - $2,000
Wall$1,000 - $2,500
Shower Wall$1,500 - $3,000

Glass Block Basement Windows Cost

Glass block basement windows cost between $400 and $600 on average. Glass block windows are great for basements because they are waterproof and offer enhanced privacy. Glass blocks become a part of the wall when installed, which keeps your space safe from leaks and drafts. However, these do not comply with most building codes about egress windows, so you will need an alternative escape route in an emergency.

Glass Block Bathroom Window

Glass block bathroom windows range from $400 to $600. However, most people want a vent for their bathroom windows, which costs another $30 to $120. Installing glass block windows in your bathroom is a great way to let natural light into your space without compromising privacy. On the downside, glass blocks are not naturally ventilated, which can cause your bathroom to warm up faster and feel stuffy.

Glass Block Bar

A glass block bar adds class and style to your home. There are plenty of designs, including some that are straight across and others with 90-degree, 45-degree, and radius curves. Glass blocks are a great choice for bars, but they can be more expensive than other materials. The average glass block bar that is about 40” - or five blocks - high costs approximately $800 to $2,000.

Glass Block Wall Price

A typical glass block wall that is 10 blocks high and 8-10 blocks wide ranges in price from $1,000 to $2,500. While glass block walls used to be confined mostly to bathrooms, they add a unique look to any room. These versatile designs are easy to clean and extremely difficult to break, making them a great alternative to a regular wall or partition. However, blocks are extremely heavy, meaning installation can take longer.

Glass Block Shower Wall Cost

Glass block shower walls offer a consistent aesthetic that matches any bathroom. This generally costs between $1,500 and $3,000 on average. These versatile designs are easy to clean and offer both waterproof and noise-resistant capabilities. On the downside, these walls do not offer as much privacy. While they are not fully transparent, one can still see outlines and shapes through them. It is recommended to install a glass block shower wall at least 80 inches high for a standard 8-foot tall room from floor to ceiling so that water cannot escape.

Replacing a Window With Glass Block

Swapping regular windows for glass blocks can benefit your home’s style, privacy, and durability. When making the switch, the first step is to measure the window opening, including the ¼” to ½” gap on all sides for the mortar. This measurement is smaller for silicone blocks. On average, a contractor charges between $100 and $300 per glass block window for installation plus $150 to $500 to remove the old window.

Glass block shower and glass block window in a bathroom

Benefits of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are great for interior and exterior applications in style and durability. They offer great privacy through translucent blocks that let in light without revealing what is on the other side. They also offer better security because it is much more difficult to break into than a regular window, and they provide increased energy efficiency. To top it off, they are extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere.

However, this window offers no natural ventilation and can be more expensive to install. They are also much heavier than regular designs, so you need a solid base to keep the window steady. Since these windows are used for privacy, they reduce visibility from the inside out. This makes them perfect for bathrooms but perhaps not as the main window in your living room.

Glass Block Energy Efficiency

Glass block windows enhance your home’s energy efficiency because they are airtight, which ensures your home will not lose or gain heat from drafty openings. They offer similar insulation to double-pane windows and go a step further with an airtight seal. Some even feature low-E glass to block more heat from warming your space. In addition to ensuring your space is more comfortable, this can save on heating and cooling bills.

Glass Tiles vs Glass Blocks

Do not confuse glass tiles with glass blocks. A glass block is a large brick measuring up to 8-inches square and 3-inches thick. A glass tile may range in size from a mosaic to 18-inches square but is usually less than ⅜-inch thick. Glass blocks can form free-standing structures or insulating windows, while glass tiles are made for covering another substrate, such as drywall. Glass tiles can cover the interior of shower walls or fit as a kitchen backsplash, but they cannot create a wall or window like glass blocks.

Glass Block vs Vinyl Basement Windows

When compared to vinyl frames, glass block windows offer more energy efficiency and durability. This is because they offer an airtight seal that cannot be penetrated by any weather. But vinyl windows come out on top in ventilation. Since these windows are so secure against the outside elements, they do not provide any form of ventilation. Since most glass block windows are inoperable, check your local codes to be sure you have the right amount of egress windows.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Glass Block Lighting Cost

You can light up your glass block walls with an LED ribbon between the rows of blocks. Depending on where your window is, this can be a great way to liven up a workspace or add mood lighting. This adds approximately $50 to $300 to the project’s cost, depending on the window size and how many lights you want to add.

Glass Block Vent Cost

Since glass block windows are naturally tightly sealed and allow no ventilation, you may want a window with a vent. This can be particularly necessary if your window is being installed in a bathroom or any small space that could benefit from fresh air. On average, glass block windows with vents cost between $75 and $250.

You can also add a vent to your existing window by cutting through the mortar or silicone and removing a couple of the blocks. Measure the vent’s size beforehand so that you know exactly how many blocks to take out. From there, apply mortar around the vent and put it in. If you hire a contractor, expect to pay approximately $30 to $60 an hour, with the project taking about 1 to 2 hours total.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Glass blocks cannot create load-bearing walls 5 because the glass is not strong enough to support the structure’s weight.
  • If you live in a hot area, keep in mind that glass blocks allow heat to build up, particularly if they are not vented.
  • Glass blocks are considered environmentally friendly and energy-efficient because they do not allow air transfer and are made from renewable sources.
  • Glass block windows and exterior walls can be covered with all-season greenery, including tall shrubs or trees. This enhances your aesthetics and provides extra privacy. On average, it costs between $50 and $100 per tree.
  • Glass blocks require very little maintenance. Like any glass surface, keep it clean with a squeegee or glass cleaner and lint-free cloth. The adhesive between the blocks is not impacted by typical glass cleaners, so maintaining a glass block wall or window is not difficult.


  • How much does glass block window installation cost?

For a typical bathroom window installation with a vent, expect to pay around $500 on average. This includes the material and labor costs needed to install the readymade window. While you can technically install your glass block window yourself, it is recommended to leave it to a professional.

  • Are glass block windows expensive?

Glass block windows vary in cost, but they are comparable to other replacement windows. For the most part, these windows are more expensive than standard windows. On average, it costs between $150 and $300 to install an average 25” x 25” glass block window.

  • Do glass block windows insulate?

Yes, glass block windows are considered energy-efficient and insulate because they do not allow air transfer. Each block has an air gap inside, formed when the two halves of the block are fused. This space provides an extra layer of insulation that you miss out on with an average glass window.

  • Are glass block windows waterproof?

Yes, glass block windows are completely sealed and waterproof. ​This makes them ideal for bathrooms and basements. Whether you use mortar, silicone, or vinyl for your windows, they are virtually waterproof. However, you may run into problems with silicone glass blocks if they are not properly installed.

  • Are glass block windows hurricane-proof?

This depends largely on the window and glass type. Some companies manufacture security glass, which can withstand hurricane-force winds.​ On average, silicone windows are better for inclement weather because they are more flexible and fluid. This allows the window to move with high winds rather than standing rigidly against them.​

  • What is the R-value of glass block windows?

Glass block windows have an R-value similar to that of thermal windows - between 1.75 and 1.96.​​ Glass block windows provide an airtight seal, which keeps homes insulated all year. This makes them a good choice for exterior windows - especially if you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates drastically from season to season.

  • What kind of mortar do glass blocks need?

Glass block windows require a special premixed mortar similar to the substance used to lay bricks, but it is not the same. This specific mixture is designed for glass block window installations and consists of cement, sand, and other chemicals that bond to the glass blocks and keep them in place.

Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
See full cheat sheet.
glossary term picture Limestone 1 Limestone: A type of sedimentary rock, made up of mostly calcite and aragonite
glossary term picture Mortar 2 Mortar: A mixture of Portland cement or lime or a combination of both, sand, and water used to bind bricks, stones, and concrete masonry units together
glossary term picture Vinyl 3 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
glossary term picture Caulking 4 Caulk: A chemical sealant used to fill in and seal gaps where two materials join, for example, the tub and tile, to create a watertight and airtight seal. The term "caulking" is also used to refer to the process of applying this type of sealant
5 Load-bearing walls: A wall that supports the weight of the house, transferring it to the foundation

Cost to install a glass block window varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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