How Much Does It Cost to Install a Picture Window?

National Average Range:
$734 - $1,335

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Updated: January 18, 2024

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Picture windows offer a better view of the world, allow more natural light to flood your home, and provide warmth and food for your green leafy friends.  Picture windows also improve curb appeal and increase your home’s value. In fact, according to Today’s Homeowner’s 2023 ROI Remodel Report, replacing your windows brings as much as a 95 percent return on your investment, depending on a few factors.

To replace an existing picture window with a new, more energy-efficient model, prepare to spend an average of $734 to $1,335 for materials and labor.

But, to add a picture window where there wasn’t one previously would cost more. In this article, we examine what adding or replacing a picture window costs, the factors that affect that cost, and other things to consider before beginning this home improvement project.

Costs to install a picture window

National average cost


Average range

$734 to $1,335





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Factors that influence picture window installation cost

Picture windows come in many sizes. They’re also made of several materials, such as vinyl, wood, or metal. These large fixed windows also come in various styles to complement your home. For instance, different glass options protect your furnishings and provide multiple levels of energy efficiency. Some window brands even support their higher costs by creating better quality products, having more attentive customer service, and offering extended warranty periods. All of these things affect window prices and project costs.


Larger windows are more expensive, of course. If your home is surrounded by beautiful tall trees and lush green grass, you'll likely want the most expansive view you can afford. Larger picture windows are more expensive, though. Windows are typically priced by the square foot. So, whether you want a 3’x4’ or 3.5’x4’ window, they would fall in the same price range. Below are the price ranges for the most popular sizes of picture windows. 

Cost of a picture window by popular sizes

Size of the window

Window cost range

12 to 23 square feet

$418 to $760

24 to 32 square feet

$487 to $886

33 to 44 square feet

$580 to $1,056

45 to 55 square feet

$1,421 to $2,585

*Final price depends on materials, glass, and labor costs.


Homeowners choose window frame material based on what best complements their home and the window style they’re installing. Some choose window materials for their ease of maintenance, too. For instance, vinyl windows are low-maintenance, whereas wood needs regular treatment to look vibrant. However, you can paint wood when you want a color change, but you cannot change the color of vinyl. 

Here are price ranges for picture windows based on the most popular materials. 

Cost of a picture window by popular materials


Window cost range

Vinyl window

$387 to $703

Aluminum window

$171 to $312

Wood window

$827 to $1,504

*Final price depends on the type of glass, window size, and labor costs.


Picture windows come in different shapes and styles to best complement the home's architectural period. Even a fixed round or hexagonal window falls into the picture window category. This list of the most popular styles of decorative windows will help you choose the perfect one for your home. These costs are for the window only; decorative trim packages and installation are extra.

Cost of a decorative window by shape


Window cost range


$152 to $2,207


$79 to $2,109


$445 to $3,062

Type of glass

The type of glass you choose for your window could increase the cost. Including the following options will increase the total cost for the window alone.

  • Single-pane - This is your least expensive option with just one layer of glass. However, a single pane of glass is discouraged in areas with extreme temperatures because it’s also the least energy-efficient.
  • Multi-pane - Energy-conscious homeowners will choose a double-pane or triple-pane window. The multiple layers of glass provide more insulation from extreme temperatures than a single pane. The layers also provide more sound blocking from exterior noises like traffic.
  • Laminated glass - Laminated glass is a safer option in areas of strong-force winds. It also withstands high impact. Families with ball players may want to choose this for their picture window.
  • Low-E coating - This glass will reduce sunlight and UV rays in the home. It will protect your furnishes from deterioration and minimizes energy loss.
  • Argon or krypton gas-filled panes - The most expensive option, gas-filled panes provide the best insulation option.

Other factors

A few additional factors influence the cost of a picture window. 

New vs. replacement

Replacing an existing picture window in an older home is one thing, but putting one where there wasn’t one previously is a bigger task. First, the contractor must consult an engineer to ensure the wall supports the opening. Then, a framer must create a place for the window to sit. All of this will add to the cost of the project.

Hiring an engineer for your project could cost $1,692 to $3,079.

A framing contractor will charge an additional $66 to $121 per hour to do this work.

Location of the window

Second-story windows are trickier because of their height. Installing scaffolding and the added safety precautions the building professional uses will add to the cost.


The cost of windows varies by brand. Though most brands offer a wide selection of sizes, styles, and materials, they price their products based on quality, their level of customer service, and the length of the warranty periods. Brands like Jeld-Wen, Simonton, and Marvin offer budget-friendly and mid-range options. But you can rely on Harvey and Renewal by Andersen for your luxury home. 


Replacing existing windows with ENERGY STAR-certified ones lowers energy costs by up to 13 percent. But to meet ENERGY STAR standards, the windows require upgraded features like Low-E glass and multiple gas-filled panes that are more expensive.

Pricing tiers for installing a picture window

When pricing your picture window installation, you want the best you can afford. To help you with your budget, we’ve divided the cost of installing a picture window into three tiers.

Budget-friendly installation

The average cost of a budget-friendly picture window ranges from $271 to $491. The most economical way to replace your window is to do it yourself. However, we don’t recommend DIY window installation unless you’re skilled in that trade. Instead, choose a less expensive material if you find the average price for a large picture window prohibitive. The best way to stay within a strict budget is to select a standard-sized aluminum single-pane window.

Mid-range installation

The average cost of a mid-range picture window ranges from $249 to $547. Hire a professional to install your aluminum or vinyl frame picture window, and you fall into the mid-range pricing tier. You can purchase a larger double-pane window for this budget range and upgrade to a better brand.

High-end installation

The average cost of a high-end picture window ranges from $938 to $3,260. Luxury homes demand high-end installations with higher price tags. In this pricing tier, you can afford a wood window frame or a custom-built window or deviate from standard sizes. Top-tier brands like Renewal by Andersen are also in your price range.

Pros and cons of picture windows

  • + No moving parts mean less wear and tear on the window
  • + They last longer than windows that open and close
  • + Allows more natural light
  • + They provide a better view of the outside
  • - Because they don’t open, you lose air circulation in moderate weather
  • - Homeowners in extreme climates may find large windows uncomfortable
  • - Increased sun allows UV rays to damage furnishings unless using Low-E glass
  • - Without insulated glass, picture windows are less efficient and could negatively impact your energy bills
  • - When adding all the energy-saving features, a picture window is more costly

If you’re replacing an existing picture window, you’re probably already aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having one in your living room. But if you’re considering adding a new one to your home, you may be comparing the type of window options – several double-hung windows or casement windows side by side, a bay window, or a bow window. Of course, you want the most energy-efficient windows you can afford. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of picture windows before you decide.

Can I DIY a picture window installation?

A skilled homeowner may be tempted to replace an existing picture window, but we don’t recommend it. With the slightest mistake, your window could leak, crack, or otherwise not perform as it should. And hiring someone to come and fix your error down the line would negate the savings you had by DIYing the job.

Paying for your new picture window 

A new picture window can cost a few thousand dollars, and taking out a home improvement loan for such a small project doesn’t sound wise. But, if the job needs doing and you’re short on funds, here are a few short-term options.

  • Tap into your HELOC: Many homeowners open a home equity line of credit for these types of projects. Borrowing against it for a picture window should be straightforward. If you don’t already have a HELOC, talk with a lender about setting one up.
  • Use a credit card: While not the wisest move, a credit card will do the job in an emergency. If you can pay it off in short order, using a credit card beats doing without when a ball goes through the window in January.
  • Ask about financing: Many tradespeople offer to finance for a certain level of job. It never hurts to ask if they have a payment plan option. 

Ways to save money on a picture window 

Most people are more conscious of the expenditure when paying cash. Here are a few tips to save you on the budget.

  • Go big. The best way to save on a picture window installation is to include it in a much bigger job. Larger jobs have a higher return than small ones and are more attractive to contractors. If you need help getting a contractor to return your calls, this is an excellent way to remedy that situation. Are you on track to install new windows throughout your home, remodel the room the picture window is in, or even add a room addition? You may spend more money now, but the long-term savings when you combine several small projects is real.
  • Choose a less expensive product. Wood windows are costly. If you don’t need to match the picture window with the rest of your home, choosing another material is one way to save.
  • Shop around. Leave no stone unturned when looking for a deal. In addition to comparing retail prices, haunt the salvage and reseller stores for old windows that are reusable or overage from new construction projects.

Other considerations

A few other items to consider when installing a new picture window in your home include

  • Geographic location –  All costs associated with any home improvement project vary by region of the country. Typically, you'll pay more in urban areas than in smaller cities and rural areas. Before setting a budget, check with a local professional.
  • Site-prep – If you’re adding a picture window rather than replacing one, the exterior wall of your home will need to be opened up to create the space. This extra work will add to the cost. 
  • Permitting and fees – Building permits will add costs to your budget. Most contractors add these fees to their charges and will do the paperwork for you. But if you’re doing it yourself, check with the local building official before you begin. 
  • Warranties – Some window manufacturers have higher prices because they offer more attractive warranties. Compare warranties when shopping to ensure you choose the right window for you. 

Let the light shine

The 2022 Remodeling Impact Report gives window replacement a Joy Score of 9.6. So experience that joy and a whole lot of sun when you replace your picture window.

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