How much does it cost to install or replace sash windows?

National Average Range:
$250 - $3,000

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Updated: December 13, 2023

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One of the most popular types of window styles in the U.S. is the sash or hung sash window. A sash is a framed piece of glass with two stiles and two rails. Technically, sash windows have two sashes with one on top and one below. If the sash moves, it is called a hung sash, while a sash that does not move is a fixed sash. In the U.S., these are referred to as single-hung windows if only one sash moves and double-hung if both sashes move.

Sash windows come in many sizes, materials, and glazing types, which affect the total cost of a new window installation. The national average cost for installing a sash window is $250 to $3,000, with most people paying around $826 for a double-pane, double-hung wood sash window, fully installed.

Sash Window Costs

Sash Window Replacement Costs
National average cost$826
Average range$250-$3,000​

Sash Window Cost by Type

Sash windows are broken down into three types - single-hung, double-hung, and Venetian sash. Double-hung windows are the most common. Venetian sash windows are triple-box windows where the lower central sash opens, while the other sashes are fixed.

Each window has a range of costs, depending on factors like size, glazing, and material.

Window Sash Replacement Cost Chart (mobile)

Window TypeAverage Cost (Window only)
Single-hung$175 - $2,800
Double-hung$250 - $3,000
Venetian$300 - $4,000

Single-hung Windows

Single-hung windows consist of a fixed sash on top and a hung sash below, which slides up and down. They are less expensive than other sash windows and are most often installed on the ground floor of a building because they offer less flexibility in cleaning. They cost between $90 and $2,800 on average.

Double-hung Windows

Double-hung windows are among the most popular styles of sash windows in the U.S. They consist of two sash windows that slide up and down individually, making them easier to clean and providing more versatility in airflow. They cost between $250 and $3,000 on average.

Venetian Windows

Venetian sash windows are not very common in the U.S. but may be custom ordered. They consist of a single-hung window with a one-over-one window on either side. Both of the one-over-one windows are fixed and do not move. Essentially, a Venetian sash window has 6 sashes, but only one of them moves. They cost between $700 and $4,000.

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Sash Window Prices by Size

Sash windows may be custom made in nearly any size. They come in standard sizes from 24 - 48 inches in width and 36 - 72 inches in height. The window size varies slightly from these standard measurements, depending on whether you are replacing the frame, the entire window and sill, or just the sash.

Because its frame material and glazing type drive most of the window cost, there is a wide price range for each window size. Below are some of the most common sash window sizes and their average cost ranges:

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Window Sash  Chart (mobile)

Window SizeAverage Cost (Window only)
24” x 38”$150 - $2,000
30” x 28”$165 - $2,000
32” x 54”$200 - $2,500
36” x 36”$200 - $2,500
48” x 60”$300 - $3,000

Window Panes

Sash windows are most commonly installed in a one-over-one configuration, which means that each sash has one pane of glass. However, there are sash windows in both single and double-hung configurations with multiple panes of glass, particularly for some older homes and specific architectures like farmhouses, which use a two-over-two style.

Having multiple panes of glass is more difficult to insulate and make energy-efficient, however. Most companies today give you the illusion of multiple panes, while only using a single sheet of glass or two or three sheets layered together. Thin strips of material are used to create the look of multiple panes. They may be installed inside or outside the window or even between two panes of glass. Because this is merely cosmetic, it does not add much to the window cost unless you purchase a custom window made with actual separate panes of glass that is made to order for your home. In this case, you pay a fee set by the manufacturer.

If you are looking for windows with different panes, describe the window by the number of panes on top over the number on the bottom, such as an 8 over 12 for a very large, historic window frame.

Sash Window Prices by Material

The biggest driving factor behind the cost of your window is the frame. Frame materials vary from inexpensive to very expensive, and there are some levels of overlap between materials, depending on quality. Each material also has different considerations for insulating properties, durability, and maintenance.

Double Hung Replacement Windows Prices (mobile)

Window Frame MaterialAverage Cost (Window only)
Vinyl$150 - $600
Aluminum$215 - $1,000
Composite$225 - $1,400
Wood$240 - $2,000
Fiberglass$280 - $1,600

Vinyl Sash Windows

Vinyl sash windows are among the least expensive options. Vinyl is often used on the exterior of many windows because it is lower in maintenance than wood. Vinyl does not need to be painted, so it stays looking good longer. However, vinyl is impacted by temperature changes. It warps and softens in hot weather and becomes brittle and cracks in cold weather. It is also a poor insulator on its own. Vinyl windows cost around $90 and $600 each on average.

Aluminum Sash Windows

Aluminum windows are a very niche item, found mostly in warmer climates. This is because they do not tend to do a very good job of insulating in a cold climate and may become cold to the touch. Aluminum may be used on the exterior of a window frame or wrap over a wood core to make it a better insulator. Aluminum is fairly low maintenance but requires painting periodically to look its best. Aluminum windows average between $215 and $1,000.

Composite Sash Windows

Composite windows are becoming more common. They may need to be custom ordered, rather than simply found off the shelf. They are better insulators than vinyl and aluminum but lower in maintenance than wood. However, they have issues with moisture if not installed properly. They cost between $225 and $1,400 on average.

Wooden Sash Windows

Wooden framed windows are very popular in historic homes. Wood is a good insulator and comes in many species, so it has a wide range of costs from inexpensive to custom windows that are very expensive. Wood requires a lot of maintenance both inside and out and requires periodic painting and checking for rot. Expect to pay around $240 to $2,000 on average.

Fiberglass Sash Windows

Fiberglass windows are another choice that is considered low maintenance and attractive with the appearance of wood. Fiberglass is not quite as good at insulating as wood but often does a better job than aluminum or vinyl. It may be painted and ordered in custom sizes. They cost between $280 and $1,600 on average.

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Sash Window Prices by Brand

Different brands may have different price structures, depending on the material and features. Below is a list of popular brands and their average costs for single-hung windows:

Double Hung Window Replacement Cost (mobile)

Window BrandAverage Cost (Window only)
Pella$90 - $1,000
Jeld-Wen$175 - $1,000
Anderson$215 - $2,100
Simonton$250 - $850
Milgard$300 - $1,200

Sash Window Glass Costs by Type

The glass you have installed in your windows also has a big impact on the total project cost. Glass is coated in a variety of ways to reduce glare and improve energy efficiency. It may also be single, double, or triple pane and even be filled with gas for better insulation. In some cases, it is possible to layer properties together to get a window that meets your specific needs, such as having a double-pane window with argon gas and a reflective coating.

Sash Window Glass Replacement (mobile)

Glass TypeAverage Costs (Window only)
Single-pane$100 - $400
Double-pane$150 - $600
Reflective coating$225 - $550
Low-E coating$350 - $840
Spectrally selective coating$350 - $850
Argon gas$375 - $850
Triple-pane$400 - $950

Single-pane Glass

Single-pane glass is a single sheet of glass for each sash. It may have a coating or be plain. These windows cost between $90 and $400 on average.

Double-pane Glass

Double-pane glass is two layers of glass with or without gas between them in each sash. This offers more resistance for energy transfer, so they are more efficient. Expect to pay between $150 and $600 on average.

Reflective Coating

Have a reflective coating put on your glass if you live in a hot climate. This stops some of the sun’s heat from entering your home during the hotter days of the year. This costs between $225 and $550.

Low-e Coating

Low-E coating blocks some of the light from the sun and also UV rays that fade your furnishings. This is a thin layer of metal coating added to the windows. Prices range between $350 and $840 on average.

Spectrally Selective Coating

Spectrally selective coatings are a good choice for very hot climates because they reflect heat and UV rays and also stop 40% to 70% of heat transfer into your home from the windows. This coating costs around $350 to $850 on average.

Argon Gas

Argon gas is used between window panes to insulate the glass. This stops heat transfer both in and out of your home, making your windows more efficient. This is added to double or triple-pane glass and costs between $375 and $850 on average.

Triple-pane Glass

Triple-pane glass means there are three panes of glass in each sash, one on top of the other. This makes a thicker window with less energy transfer. These windows cost between $400 and $950 on average.

Sash Window Replacement Cost

There are a few ways to replace a sash window, depending on the material, how old it is, and your goals. If you want to increase the efficiency and have the most variety of styles and materials to choose from, go with a full-frame replacement. This has labor costs starting at around $125 a window for a small, single-hung window and up to $500 for some larger double-hung windows. When choosing a new material, this is likely your option as well.

If your sill is in good shape and you only want to change out the window, you have two other options. You may choose a frame and sash insert, which goes inside your existing full-frame and sill. This reduces your current window size by about 1 inch around. It is a little pricier, between $150 and $600 per window to install. Or, it is possible to just replace the sash and not the rest of the window. This is the most likely option if you only need glass or glass and the sash around it. This is the least expensive option for replacement, starting at around $75 a window in labor costs.

Most people find they end up paying about $300 in labor on average to replace a double-hung wooden sash window, out of the $875 total.

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Sash Window Glass Replacement Cost

In most instances, if you need a new pane of glass, it makes the most sense to replace the entire sash rather than just the glass. This is the easiest and fastest installation. Costs are between $50 and $300 on average to replace the glass, keeping the existing window intact.

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Factors Affecting the Cost to Replace Sash Windows

Several factors influence the cost of your window replacement. These include the window size and style, frame material, and glass type. The type of replacement you opt for - full-frame, insert, or sash - also makes a big impact on the total installation cost.

Location in your home also plays a role. Inserts may be done inside, but full-frame replacements may require exterior work, making second-floor installations more expensive. And, if your window is not a perfect fit and steps need to be taken to fit it properly, this raises the total cost.

How Much Do Double-glazed Sash Windows Cost?

The most common window type is a double-hung, double-glazed window, meaning both sections move and both have two panes of glass. The cost of a double-glazed wooden sash window is around $575.

Sash Window Repair Costs

If your window is rotting, the wood is softening, or you have an old sash window with a broken cord, the most common repair method is to replace the window. In other cases, you may simply replace the sash to repair the window, which means that the sash and glass are replaced while the frame remains intact. Most sash windows only need to be caulked if they have drafts or air transfers.

If you have a very old home with original wooden sash windows, you may want them restored. This is because old sash windows use a rope and pulley, while newer windows use a spring mechanism. Older sash window restoration costs are usually quoted on a case-by-case basis and have a very wide range of prices, depending on what needs to be done. If the window needs to be taken apart, expect repairs to cost more than a new window, which is why it is not normally done unless for historical purposes. If this is the case, expect to pay as much as $1,000 in costs.

On the other end, vinyl sash window repair is rarely carried out because the vinyl may not be repaired. If this is the case, you need a new window.

Sash Window Styles

The vast majority of sash windows are rectangular or square. However, it is possible to find single-hung sash windows with a different shape on top. This includes curved, arched, and gothic-style windows. These are often custom made to match your home’s specifications and are not always available in every material or glass type.

Casement vs Sash Windows

Another fairly common type of window in the U.S. is the casement window. Casements are long, thin windows that open outward usually by a crank, although some are opened and shut by hand. Sash windows slide up and down, usually with a mechanized spring.

Casement windows tend to be tighter and more energy-efficient because it is one single glass pane rather than overlapping panes. However, they are more difficult to open and close and more expensive. A casement window’s average cost is around $1,400, as opposed to a sash window of $875.

Single-hung vs Double-hung Windows

Sash windows are most commonly installed in either single-hung or double-hung varieties. In a single-hung window, the top sash stays fixed while the bottom sash moves up and down. In a double-hung window, both sashes slide up and down.

Single-hung windows are more simple, often more energy efficient because there is less chance of a gap at the top pane. They are less expensive in general, with average costs starting at $150. Double-hung windows offer more options for ventilation and are easier to clean because you can slide them up and down as needed. Their average costs begin at $250.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Energy-efficient Glass

Glass itself is not a good insulator, so if you live in a hot or cold climate, you may want to opt for glass with some type of coating - Low-E, spectrally selective, or reflective. Double or triple panes or argon-filled are also options. Energy-efficient glass has costs starting at $150 for double pane.

Old Window Removal

Not all replacement windows remove the entire window - some only remove the sash. Often the cost to remove a sash window is included in the labor. In some instances, however, there may be a nominal charge for disposal of around $20 a window.

Curved Sash Windows

Some single-hung sash windows are custom made with a curved top. These are not available in all materials and have costs starting at around $500 per window for basic glass.

Sash Window Insulation

If you have an old sash window with the original weights, insulate it by removing the sash from the frame and adding a sash window seal by pressing an insulating strip around the interior before reinstalling the sash. The insulation costs around $10 - $15 a roll.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Single-hung windows are more difficult to clean because you can only open and close the lower sash. For this reason, they are more likely to be installed on the ground floor where they are accessed from outside.
  • Barn sash windows are small, fixed pane windows for sheds, barns, and other small buildings. They do not open but are often made of individual panes. They are usually very inexpensive, with costs starting at $35.
  • If you have an older, historic window, you may sometimes need to repair the cords when they break. These windows use ropes and pulleys to open, as opposed to newer windows that use springs. To replace a sash window cord, you need to remove the sashes from the window, then thread and anchor a new rope.
  • A slider window is considered a single-hung or double-hung window that has been turned sideways. They slide horizontally on a track.


  • Are sash windows more expensive?

No, they are generally less expensive than sliders or casements.

  • Are sash windows safe?

Yes, newer sash windows include a safety feature that stops them from opening more than 4 inches when engaged.

  • Are sash windows easy to break into?

No, they have a safety feature that stops them from opening more than 4 inches when engaged.;

  • What is the difference between casement and sash windows?

Casement windows crank or swing outward, while sash windows slide up and down.

  • Can you put double glazing in sash windows?

Yes, you may have any type of glazing in a sash window.