How much does it cost to replace double-pane windows?

National Average Range:
$4,500 - $10,000

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Updated: December 13, 2023

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Windows can be one of the biggest sources of energy loss in a home. A leaky window can let heat escape in the cold months and let air conditioning out in the summer. This makes replacement windows one of the more effective ways of managing energy costs. You can help improve your home’s energy efficiency more by making those replacement windows double-paned, meaning they have two panes of glass.

Double-pane windows are available in all sizes and styles. You can also increase your energy efficiency more with double-pane windows treated with special coatings or filled with gas. This means there is a wide range of costs associated with double-pane window replacements.

The national average cost to replace 10 double-paned windows is $4,500 to $10,000, with most homeowners paying around $7,500 for 10 installed vinyl double-pane, double-hung windows with a low-E coating. This project’s low cost is $3,500 for 10 installed vinyl double-pane, single-hung windows. The high cost is $15,000 to replace 10 double-paned wood sliding windows with low-E coating and argon gas.

Double-Pane Window Replacement Cost

Dual-Pane Window Replacement Cost
National average cost$7,500
Average range$4,500-$10,000

Average Cost of Double-Pane Window Replacement by Size

Like all windows, double-pane windows come in various shapes and sizes. Generally, you can group them into small, medium, and large. Examples of small windows could be fixed decorative, small single-hung or double-hung kitchen, transoms, and basement windows. Medium ones are most casements, standard single and double-hung windows, and some smaller sliders. Large ones encompass most sliding, picture, bay, and other large decorative options.

Most homes have a mixture of window sizes. The average home has 20 or more windows. They come in several sizes to match the needs of the different rooms. The following costs are for general sizes of double-pane windows and installed costs.

Material and Total Cost to Install Small, Medium, and Large Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

SizeAverage Costs (Material Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Small$150 - $500$300 - $750
Medium$250 - $1,600$400 - $1,850
Large$400 - $4,000$650 - $4,500

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Double-Pane Window Replacement Cost by Frame Material

Another big factor influencing cost is your frame’s material. They can have a wide range of frames. Some, such as vinyl, are low maintenance but not very durable. Others like wood are very durable and insulating but require maintenance, including scraping and painting.

Metal frames like steel and aluminum are not the best insulators, but you can find some frames with an insulating core. This helps create a thermal break and prevent some air transfer. Check if your aluminum or steel-framed window has an insulating core for this benefit.

Fiberglass window frames are considered one of the best materials. They are naturally insulating and fairly low maintenance. Newer fiberglass window frames are also designed to mimic wood but without the care.

Each material has different costs, looks, maintenance, and insulating properties. Below are the average costs for double-pane windows of various materials.

Material and Total Cost to Install Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, and Steel Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

Frame MaterialAverage Costs (Material Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Vinyl$150 - $1,200$300 - $1,450
Aluminum$200 - $1,200$350 - $1,450
Fiberglass$300 - $2,000$450 - $2,500
Wood$300 - $3,000$450 - $3,500
Steel$500 - $5,000$650 - $5,500

Double-Pane Window Replacement Cost by Type

Windows come in many types and styles. They can be operational, such as casement, sash, and sliding, or purely decorative like a picture window. Single and double-hung styles are the most common in many homes, but it is also very common to have a mixture of types. This may include a small sash window above a kitchen sink and a large sliding window on the opposite wall of the kitchen. You can also have a casement window in the living room and double-hung throughout the house. Or, you can have a large picture or bay window in the front of the home and a mixture of single and double-hung everywhere else.

Each window comes in different dimensions and materials. When replacing them, it is most common to replace the existing window with one of the same size and type. You can change size or type in many cases, but this dramatically increases costs because it may require changes to the wall, exterior siding, or framing.

Below are the average costs for some of the most common windows found with double-paned glass and their installed costs.

Material and Total Cost to Install Casement, Single-Hung, Picture, Sliding, Double-Hung, and Bay Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs (Material Only)Average Cost (Installed)
Casement$150 - $600$300 - $850
Single-Hung$150 - $2,500$300 - $2,750
Picture$200 - $650$400 - $950
Sliding$250 - $2,250$400 - $2,500
Double-Hung$250 - $3,000$400 - $3,250
Bay$480 - $1,920$780 - $2,920

​​Dual-Pane Window Replacement Cost by Brand

Double-paned glass windows are one of the most common types. They are more energy efficient and have a moderate cost compared to some other types. Therefore, most reputable window companies make and install all kinds of double-pane options.

Some companies specialize in a specific frame type. For example, Feldco and Alside make vinyl frame products. Others like Pella, Andersen, and Marvin carry a range of frame materials. Pella, Andersen, and Marvin are also well-known for offering custom replacement options. If you have an older home or an unusually shaped or sized window, these companies can help you replace it with a custom fit. Many of these companies have budget lines of products available and higher-quality and cost lines. Each also has varying warranties, but all are known for having good customer service and long-lasting and durable windows. Below are the average costs for their double-pane windows and the costs for them installed.

Material and Total Cost to Install Feldco, Alside, Pella, Andersen, and Marvin Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs (Material Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Feldco$150 - $1,200$300 - $1,450
Alside$150 - $1,500$300 - $1,750
Pella$150 - $3,000$300 - $3,500
Andersen$250 - $3,000$400 - $3,500
Marvin$250 - $4,000$400 - $4,000

Labor Costs to Replace Double-Pane Windows

The labor cost to replace a double-pane window varies depending on the window size and type. Most replacement double-pane windows fall between $150 and $250 per window to remove the old window, dispose of it, and install the new one. However, your installation costs can approach $500 for the replacement of some large picture and bay windows. This can also be true if you are changing sizes or types.

The replacement cost per window could decrease if you have multiple units replaced at once. With most homes having roughly 20 windows, it makes sense that replacing some eventually leads to replacing all. By doing the maximum number you can afford at once, you can lower the project’s overall cost. Below are the average labor costs to replace double-pane windows by the number of units you replace.

Labor Cost per Window to Replace 1-4, 5-9, 10-19, and 20+ Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

QuantityLabor Cost per Window
1 - 4 Windows$150 - $250
5 - 9 Windows$140 - $240
10 - 19 Windows$100 - $200
20+ Windows$80 - $180

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Cost to Replace All Double-Pane Windows in a House

Most homes have 20 or more windows, with 22 being the average. However, some homes have as few as 15 and others with 30 or more. In addition, most homes have different styles throughout the home, leading to different costs for the window installations.

Because it can be more cost-effective to replace multiple windows rather than doing them piecemeal, and because upgrading to double-pane in every room can help with your energy efficiency, you may choose to replace all of them at one time. The costs for this range depending on the exact number and type you have and the window frame material. Below is the average cost to replace the windows in your home based on some of the most common amounts.

Cost to Replace 15, 20, 25, and 30 Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

QuantityAverage Cost (Installed)
15 Windows$6,750 - $15,000
20 Windows$8,400 - $19,000
25 Windows$10,500 - $23,750
30 Windows$12,600 - $28,500

Double-Pane Window Add-Ons

A double-pane window means there are two panes of glass with a small gap. This gap holds air, helping increase insulation and decrease thermal transfer through the window. This makes them more energy-efficient than single-pane ones.

However, you can increase your windows’ efficiency more by adding coatings to your double-pane window, such as low-E, which can help deflect UV rays and heat. Spectrally selective glass can do the same, along with helping more heat bounce off your window, making it a good idea for homes in hot climates.

While dual-pane windows have a gap between them that is normally filled with air, you can also fill this gap with other gasses. Gasses like argon and krypton make your glass better at insulating. This can help make yours even more efficient. Below are the average costs of the various additions you can make to your double-pane windows and their costs installed.

Material and Total Cost to Install Double-Pane Window Add-Ons: Low-E Coating, Spectrally Selective Coating, Argon Filled, and Krypton Filled (mobile)

AdditionAverage Costs (Material Only)Average Costs (Installed)
Low-E Coating$200 - $3,000$350 - $3,250
Spectrally Selective Coating$350 - $3,000$500 - $3,250
Argon Filled$375 - $3,000$525 - $3,250
Krypton Filled$450 - $4,000$600 - $4,250

Pros and Cons

Double-pane windows have become one of the more common types of replacement windows. They help prevent thermal transfer at the glass of your window by creating a small insulating barrier of air between the panes. This meansthey are more energy-efficient and can help reduce your energy bills.

Double-pane windows can be paired with other energy-improving solutions, such as filling the space with insulating gas. They come in all window types and can be installed in any home.

The air gap between the two panes is very important for them to continue insulating. If the seal around the panes is broken, they cannot insulate as they did before. So, you need to ensure them are installed properly and properly maintained. Cracks in the glass or loosening of the panes negates their insulating properties. While double-pane glass is more expensive than single-pane, it is not safer and does not offer benefits beyond extra efficiency.

Modern Kitchen With Large Double-Pane Windows

Single vs Double-Pane Windows

Most windows today are available in single-pane and double-pane versions. A single-pane window uses one pane of glass. Regardless of thickness or glass type, glass on its own is a poor insulator. So, having a single pane of glass in your windows means you lose some heat from your home in the winter months or gain heat from the sun through the glass in the summer months.

Double-pane windows use two panes of glass with a gap between them. The glass is still a poor insulator, but the air between the two panes does a much better job at preventing thermal transfer. This makes double-pane glass better at helping you create an energy-efficient and comfortable home.

Double-pane windows are more expensive than single-pane ones, and adding things like special coatings or gas to the windows makes them more costly. Below are the average costs for a double-pane versus a single pane-window.

Comparison of the Cost per Window to Install Single and Double-Pane Windows (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs per Window (Installed)
Single-Pane$250 - $1,530
Double-Pane$300 - $1,580

Triple vs Double-Pane Windows

Another window type that helps make your home more energy-efficient is the triple-pane window. Like double-pane windows, triple panes use air trapped between the glass to create a thermal break and prevent heat from moving through. In a triple-pane window, three panes of glass create two pockets of air, so you have twice the insulating air of a double-pane window. However, this does not mean it is twice as effective. Triple-pane windows insulate about 20% better than double-pane ones.

For homes in moderate climates, this may not be enough to offset the higher cost of the windows. However, triple-pane glass may increase your energy-efficiency enough to offset the cost of the windows for homes in very cold climates.

Both types are much better at insulating than single-pane windows. Both can also be enhanced with gas between the panes or special coatings to increase their efficiency. Triple-pane ones tend to cost more than double-panes. Below are the average costs for each window type installed.

Comparison of the Cost per Window to Install Double and Triple-Pane Windows (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs per Window (Installed)
Double-Pane$300 - $1,540
Triple-Pane$550 - $3,290

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Window Treatments Installation

Replacing your windows is also a good time to replace your window treatments. Window treatments are drapes, curtains, and shades, which can offer privacy, light blocking, and interior decoration. Window treatments cost $100 to $800 per window, including the hardware, material, and installation.

Window Screen Installations

Window screens help keep insects and debris out when your windows are open. Many people replace them with their windows to update everything together. The average cost of window screen installation is $70 to $200.

Hurricane Shutters

If you live in an area with storms and high winds, you may want to protect your new windows by installing hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters are pulled over your windows at the time of a storm and protect them from damage. They cost $2,500 to $8,000 to install 20 windows in your home.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Permits. In most areas, you need a permit before replacing your windows. Check with your local municipality for more information about what may be required.
  • Warranties. Most windows come with a warranty for the window and installation. Low-cost models generally have a warranty of 3 to 5 years, but good-quality options typically have a warranty of 15 to 20 years.
  • Resale value. Replacement windows generally have a resale value of between 67% and 68%, depending on the window frame, with vinyl windows having a slightly higher ROI than wood ones. This varies by area and window type.


  • How long do double-pane windows last?

Properly installed and maintained, you can expect your double-pane windows to last about 20 years or more before they may need repairs or replacement.

  • Is triple pane better than double pane?

Triple-pane windows can insulate about 20% better than double-pane. They are also more expensive, so they are typically only recommended for very cold climates where the extra insulating value offsets the higher cost.

  • Can you remove moisture between double-pane windows?

Moisture between double-pane windows means the seal has broken. In this case, they are no longer insulating how they should. You may be able to have them repaired, but you need to have them looked at by a professional.

  • Do double-pane windows break easily?

They do not break more easily than other windows. If you are concerned about their durability, upgrade to laminated or tempered glass.

  • Can a stone break a double-glazed window?

Potentially, if it were thrown hard enough. If you are concerned about the durability of your window glass, upgrade it to laminated or tempered glass.