How much does it cost to install wool carpet?

National Average Range:
$2,000 - $4,000

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Updated: August 18, 2022

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Carpeting is popular for its warmth, comfort, and softness. While carpeting is available in a range of fibers and materials, wool carpet is one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable. It is made of 100% natural fibers that are naturally stain-resistant, highly durable, and eco-friendly. Wool is also a good insulator, making this material beneficial for rooms in a cold climate.

Like all carpets, wool comes in several types, styles, and colors, which have a wide range of associated costs. The national average cost to install wool carpet is $2,000 to $4,000, with most people spending around $3,000 for 200 sq.ft. of wool carpet in a cut and loop pile installed with a fiber cushion pad. This project’s low cost is $1,200 for 200 sq.ft. of wool Berber carpet installed on a urethane foam pad. The high cost is $5,200 for 200 sq.ft. of luxury velvet-textured wool carpet treated for additional stain resistance with a rubber pad.

Wool Carpet Price

Cost of Wool Carpeting
National average cost$3,000
Average range$2,000-$4,000

Wool Carpet Cost per Square Foot

Like all carpet materials, wool comes in a wide range of costs based on the fiber and style. Wool carpeting costs between $5 and $26 a sq.ft. for the material or $6 to $28 a sq.ft. fully installed. While this is a big range, most people pay between $10 and $20 a sq.ft. installed for wool carpeting. The length of the carpet fibers, how many fibers there are per inch, and whether the carpet has been treated impact the final cost.

Material and Total Cost to Install 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 300, 500, 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, or 2,000 Sq.Ft. of Wool Carpet (mobile)

Room SizeAverage Costs (Materials Only)Average Costs (Installed)
100 sq.ft. (10’ x 10’)$500 - $2,600$600 - $2,800
120 sq.ft. (10’ x 12’)$600 - $3,120$720 - $3,360
150 sq.ft. (10’ x 15’)$750 - $3,900$900 - $4,200
180 sq. ft. (12’ x 15’)$900 - $4,680$1,080 - $5,040
200 sq.ft. (10’ x 20’)$1,000 - $5,200$1,200 - $5,600
300 sq.ft. (10’ x 30’)$1,500 - $7,800$1,800 - $8,400
500 sq.ft. (20’ x 25’)$2,500 - $13,000$3,000 - $14,000
1,000 sq.ft. (20’ x 50’)$5,000 - $26,000$6,000 - $28,000
1,200 sq.ft. (20’ x 60’)$6,000 - $31,200$7,200 - $33,600
1,500 sq.ft. (30’ x 50’)$7,500 - $39,000$9,000 - $42,000
2,000 sq.ft. (40’ x 50’)$10,000 - $52,000$12,000 - $56,000

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Cost of Wool Carpet per Square Yard

Carpeting is frequently priced by the square yard and installed by the square foot. Many companies provide the price for the square yard and foot, while some only price it by the yard. There are 9 square feet in a square yard. This makes the cost of wool carpeting between $45 and $234 a square yard for the material and $54 to $252 a square yard installed.

Wool Carpet Price by Type

Like other materials, wool carpet can be found in many types and styles. The various styles each have price points, maintenance, pros, and cons. Some types have a thicker and longer fiber, while others have a shorter fiber. The more fibers and decorative the pattern, the more costly the carpet. Below are the various types that wool is available in with average costs.

Material and Total Cost per Sq.Ft. to Install Berber, Level Loop, Plush, Cut and Loop, Saxony, Multi-Level, Velvet, or Shag Wool Carpet (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)Average Costs per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Berber$5 - $8$6 - $10
Level Loop$6 - $10$7 - $12
Plush$10 - $15$11 - $17
Cut and Loop$10 - $15$11 - $17
Saxony$12 - $15$13 - $17
Multi-Level$15 - $20$16 - $22
Velvet$15 - $26$16 - $28
Shag$15 - $26$16 - $28

Wool Berber Carpet

The cost of wool Berber carpet is $5 to $8 a sq.ft. The cost of this carpet installed averages $6 to $10 a sq.ft. Berber is a short carpet fiber that may be looped or cut. It is one of the most common types. It comes in many designs and is generally more durable than other types. The fibers hold better long-term because they are short. This type is ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways. Some very dense Berbers can also make a good choice for children’s rooms.

Wool Level Loop

The cost of wool level-loop carpet ranges from $6 to $10 a sq.ft. The cost of this type of carpet installed is $7 to $12 a sq.ft. Level-loop carpet is made with multiple twisted and uncut fibers. This means the fibers form multiple loops across the surface. The level loops mean they are one length for a uniform appearance. This is also a fairly long-wearing carpet. It is a little longer than a Berber, so it is good for medium-to-high traffic areas like children’s rooms, playrooms, and living rooms. It is slightly softer to the touch than Berber but still dense and easy to care for.

Wool Plush Carpet

The cost of wool plush carpet averages $10 to $15 a sq.ft. The cost to install this ranges from $11 to $17 a sq.ft. Wool plush or textured plush carpets are versatile and whole-house carpeting. This carpet hides footprints and wear marks well but is thicker and softer than a Berber or level loop. These are usually cut fibers with a textured end. This texture hides wear with a softer and plusher feel. If you want the same carpet throughout several rooms, this is a good choice because it holds well and is soft.

Wool Cut and Loop

The cost of wool cut and loop carpet is $10 to $15 a sq.ft. The cost of this carpet installed averages $11 to $17 a sq.ft. Cut and loop carpets are frequently used for the patterns they create. Different sections are cut or left in their looped pattern. This creates a subtle pattern across the carpet while using only one color. This is a more decorative-looking type, with areas of varying texture and height. It does not wear like some others, so it is more frequently used in low-to-moderate traffic areas. It is recommended for a living room or other lower-use space.

Wool Saxony Carpet

The cost of wool Saxony carpet ranges from $12 to $15 a sq.ft. The cost of this carpet installed averages $13 to $17 a sq.ft. Saxony is one of the most common types and is easily recognized. It has one-length cut loops. This makes the carpeting comfortable and durable while not being as decorative as some types. It is a fairly common wool carpeting. It is not as durable as a Berber or level loop but holds better long-term than a longer shag carpet. It is recommended for bedrooms.

Multi-Level Loop

The cost of wool multi-level loop carpeting is $15 to $20 a sq.ft. The cost installed is between $16 and $22 a sq.ft. Multi-level loop carpeting is made from uncut loops. The loops are at different heights to create unique patterns. Because the loops are uncut, they hold better than those with cut loops. This makes a good choice for family rooms and other moderate-use areas where you may want a carpet with pattern and texture.

Wool Velvet Carpet

The cost of wool velvet carpet averages $15 to $26 a sq.ft. The cost installed is $16 to $28 a sq.ft. Velvet carpet is exceptionally plush, smooth, and soft underfoot. Its fibers are mid-height and densely packed. The tops are not textured, creating a smoother feeling to the carpet, like velvet. This is another popular texture because the wool holds well with it, unlike some other materials. It is recommended for moderate traffic areas, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Wool Shag Carpet

The cost of wool shag carpet ranges from $15 to $26 a sq.ft. The cost for this carpet installed averages $16 to $28 a sq.ft. This type has very long-cut fibers. This makes them thick and dense with movement and texture. Wool holds up very well as a shag carpet because the fibers do not fray as much as some less expensive or synthetic fibers. Shag shows footprints and does not hold as well between vacuumings as some other types. It does well in areas where people want to spend time on the carpet, such as bedrooms and family rooms.

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Wool Carpet Price by Brand

There are many reputable wool carpet manufacturers. Some may specialize in certain things, such as having a natural jute backing or enhanced stain resistance. Others have specific patterns or colors that make one a better fit for your project than another. Below are some of the more popular brands and their average costs.

Material and Total Cost per Sq.Ft. to Install Mohawk, Karastan, Earth Weave, J Mish, Nature's Carpet, Masland, or Stanton Wool Carpet (mobile)

BrandAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)Average Costs per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Mohawk$5 - $8$6 - $10
Karastan$5 - $11$6 - $13
Earth Weave$7 - $12$8 - $14
J Mish$8 - $10$9 - $12
Nature’s Carpet$10 - $15$11 - $17
Masland$12 - $20$13 - $22
Stanton$15 - $26$16 - $28

Mohawk Wool Carpet

The cost of Mohawk wool carpet averages $5 to $8 a sq.ft. The cost of this material installed is $6 to $10 a sq.ft. Mohawk is the manufacturer of a wide range of flooring products. They are considered a mid-range seller of different flooring materials with a limited range of wool carpeting. This includes their SmartStrand line, which has been treated for extra stain resistance and durability. Mohawk is readily available and can be found at multiple retailers.

Karastan Wool Carpet

The cost of Karastan wool carpeting ranges from $5 to $11 a sq.ft. The cost of this material installed averages $6 to $13 a sq.ft. Karastan is owned by Mohawk. They are considered a higher-quality line of Mohawk products. They also sell the SmartStrand line of carpeting. This has been treated for extra stain resistance and durability. Karastan has a much wider range of wool styles and colors than its parent company.

Earth Weave Wool Carpet

The cost of Earth Weave wool carpet is $7 to $12 a sq.ft. Installed, this material ranges from $8 to $14 a sq.ft. Earth Weave makes wall-to-wall wool carpeting and a wide range of wool area rugs. They have several types, including cut pile and Berber. They have cotton backing on their carpets, and all their rugs and carpets are made with non-toxic chemicals and dyes. Most of their colors are in the natural spectrum.

J Mish

The cost of J Mish wool carpet is between $8 and $10 a sq.ft. The cost of this material installed is $9 to $12 a sq.ft. J Mish makes carpets from 100% New Zealand wool. They also offer 100% wool carpet pads. These pads are made from a mixture of new and recycled wool. They have a range of textures, including velvet, plush, cut pile, and Berber. They have a range of commercial and residential carpeting, and their rugs are extremely durable.

Nature’s Carpet

The cost of Nature’s Carpet wool averages $10 to $15 a sq.ft. The cost of this material installed ranges from $11 to $17 a sq.ft. Nature’s Carpet makes a range of untreated 100% wool carpets. Their wool comes from New Zealand, and they offer several lines of cut carpets and loop patterns. They use 100% natural backings and do not use chemicals to manufacture or color their carpets. They make felt pads to install with their wool carpets, which are also not treated with chemicals.

Masland Wool Carpet

The cost of Masland wool carpeting averages $12 to $20 a sq.ft. The cost of this material installed is $13 to $22 a sq.ft. Masland is a Pennsylvania-based company that makes traditional broadloom carpets. They work mostly with wool and nylon and offer carpets in a range of colors and patterns. They are considered to be a high-end manufacturer of wool carpeting. They only use wool that comes from farms that use strict humane sheep raising and shearing practices.

Stanton Wool Carpet

The cost of Stanton wool carpets is $15 to $26 a sq.ft. The cost of this material installed ranges from $16 to $28 a sq.ft. Stanton is considered an extremely high-end line. They are sold exclusively through brick-and-mortar retailers. Costs vary by location because there are no online sales, and cost comparison can be difficult. Stanton makes a wide range of wool carpets in many patterns and colors.

Labor Costs to Install Wool Carpet

The cost to install wool carpet averages $1 to $2 a sq.ft. or $9 to $18 a square yard. This is similar to installing other materials. Wool is not easier or more difficult to install than other carpets and installs in the same way. A carpet pad is put down, and the carpet is stretched and tacked to the room’s edges. Vibration is often used to stretch the carpet into place for a tight and seamless fit.

Labor costs can increase when replacing old carpet that must be torn out. Removing or replacing baseboards increases costs. Everything should be removed from the walls because of the vibration. Costs may increase if the installer has to do this for you.

Pros and Cons of Wool Carpet

Wool is one of the few natural fibers used in carpeting. Wool is sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. It is a fairly good insulator with an R-value of up to 3.8 per inch. This can make your home more comfortable and create an attractive and sustainable floor.

Wool carpets are soft and come in many colors and styles. Many are not treated with chemicals and are non-toxic. Wool is also fairly flame-retardant, tending to char rather than burn.

However, this material can stain and absorb spills and liquids. It is also susceptible to moths, termites, and other insects that may feed on the carpet. It is also more costly than most other types and may not be as long-lasting or durable.

Close Up of Wool Carpet


Wool carpets are fairly easy to care for and maintain. The wool fibers mean that dirt and solid types of soil tend to stay on the edges of the fiber, making them easy to clean. Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove everyday soil.

Wool absorbs liquids, meaning it can stain. The finer the wool quality, the more it absorbs liquids and stains. Clean stains by blotting with a cloth as soon as the spill is noticed. This keeps the liquid from penetrating deeper and staining the carpet.

Use a cleaner made for wool for mild-to-moderate stains. Follow the directions on the cleaner for how long to leave on the stain. You may need professional carpet cleaning to remove deep stains.

Cover your wool carpet in areas where liquid soil or mud may be tracked into the home to prevent staining.

Wool vs Nylon Carpet

While wool is a durable but luxury carpet type, a more affordable alternative may be nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that resists fraying and damage better than wool. It can be easily crushed, so it works well as a Berber or short-pile carpet, much like wool does. Nylon stains at about the same rate as wool. It is also recommended to steam clean the nylon yearly to maintain its appearance. Wool does not need to be steamed unless it is heavily soiled. Nylon and wool come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Nylon contains plastics and chemicals, making it less sustainable and harder to dispose of than wool because it is not biodegradable.

Nylon is much less expensive than wool. A high-end nylon costs about as much as a low-range wool.

Comparison of the Cost per Sq.Ft. of Nylon or Wool Carpet (mobile)

TypeAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)
Nylon$2 - $8
Wool$5 - $26

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Wool Carpet Runners for Stairs

If you have wool carpeting in your home, you may want to extend this material to your stairs. You can have the same wall-to-wall wool installed on your stairs or use a runner. The average cost of a wool runner installed ranges from $1,530 to $1,630 for an installed 22-linear-foot wool runner.

Handmade Woolen Carpet

You may want to consider a handmade woolen carpet if you want a true work of art for your home. Handmade carpets are often made on broadlooms without backing but may also have jute or cotton backings. They can take several months to produce and cost considerably more than machine-made carpets. Expect costs to range from $25 to $75 a sq.ft.

Radiant Heating

You can also install radiant heat beneath your carpet. Keep in mind that wool is a good insulator. You may need to factor this into the amount of radiant tubing or wiring you use to warm the room through the wool. Radiant heating costs $10 to $25 a sq.ft.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Allergies. Wool is natural and frequently does not contain toxins or chemicals. However, avoid using this carpet in your home if you are allergic to wool.
  • DIY. Wool carpet should be installed by a professional. It must be stretched and tacked properly to ensure a long-lasting installation.
  • Threshold. Each time your carpet abuts another room with a different flooring material or an exterior door, you need a threshold to facilitate the change from one area to the next.
  • Flame retardance. Wool is naturally flame-retardant. It does not burn unless exposed to very high heat and only chars.
  • Moisture. Wool absorbs moisture from the air on humid days. On dry days, it releases this moisture back into the air. This can make your home more comfortable year-round.


  • Which is a better carpet, wool or nylon?

While wool is more expensive, it tends to last longer with less maintenance than nylon. It also resists soil better and contains no chemicals to offgas.

  • How much does wool carpet cost?

This depends on the type of wool carpet. Costs range from $5 to $26 a sq.ft.

  • How long do wool carpets last?

Expect a wool carpet to last 20 to 25 years. They are one of the longest-wearing carpets available.

  • How often should you vacuum wool carpet?

The carpet should be vacuumed as needed. For low-traffic areas, this may be once a week. For high-traffic areas, it may need it more often.

  • Is wool carpet easy to clean?

Yes, wool fibers tend to let go of dirt and soil easily to stay clean longer. They can absorb liquids, so mop up spills as soon as they happen to avoid stains.